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bass chick's Avatar bass chick 07:33 PM 12-02-2005
Is it safe to use heating blankets during pregnancy? I remember hearing something about the electromagnetic field heating blankets / pads can emit and possible dangers to the developing fetus, but I'm not sure if it's safe to use a heating blanket just on my legs, or if I should avoid that too? Anyone know?

Gray's Mommy's Avatar Gray's Mommy 08:56 PM 12-02-2005
I've heard that it isn't safe to use the electic blankets-whether or not you are pregnant. When I need a warm blanket, I throw one in the dryer for a few minutes & that warms me up
Brinda's Avatar Brinda 09:11 PM 12-02-2005
Not heard anything about electromagnetic-thingy, but I haven't done a lot of research. I just not my OB said not to use it because of the heat. Too hot can inhibit fetal growth? But from research you'd have to raise your temp to about 102? I don't know, just in case I turn it on so the bed is warm when I get in, and turn it off when I go to bed.
HaveWool~Will Felt's Avatar HaveWool~Will Felt 10:52 PM 12-02-2005
I am assuming it is the heat issue.
PancakeGoddess's Avatar PancakeGoddess 11:44 PM 12-02-2005
If it is the heat, I'd assume it's no different than a bath - keep your body at a reasonable core temperature. I think using it as Brinda does is really good sense. I wish I had an electric blanket!
Jish's Avatar Jish 01:54 PM 12-03-2005
My bed is so cold that I'm debating using one to heat up the bed before I get into it and shutting it off when I'm getting ready for bed. At least that way the bed is warm when I get in it. I'm just a cold blooded person and it takes forever for me to warm up in those cold sheets in these cold Iowa winters.
midwestmom's Avatar midwestmom 02:10 PM 12-03-2005
I agree with the heat thing. If you are running it all night, your core temp will be elevated for an extended period of time. Not sure about the other theory. I don't have one. I use a corn or rice bag at my feet if needed.