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Jade2561's Avatar Jade2561 03:56 PM 08-25-2006
I have a homemade canvas ring sling. Lovin it - she just slings and nurses all day long.


Aurora's Avatar Aurora 08:55 PM 08-26-2006
I have a Maya Wrap that dd loves but it hurts my back. I just bought a BabyHawk Mei Tai and I LOVE it! It is great on my back and dd is happy in it too.
Quagmire's Avatar Quagmire 04:53 PM 08-30-2006
So at my postpartum checkup I started talking slings with my midwife figuring she'd have BTDT. I told her I was feeling like DD was so very squished and uncomfy when I put her in the sling in a nursing carry, and that her head seemed crooked at a bad angle. So she asked me which side I put DD on... I was confused since my Nojo is just a ring sling and can be used on either shoulder, which I mentioned.

"No," she said, "when the sling is over your left shoulder which side is the baby's head on?"

"The left," I replied.

"Hmm, there's a lot of weight on that side. I always put the baby's head on the opposite side from the sling shoulder."

Suddenly I had one of these moments: Fortunately my midwife is a kind person and didn't laugh too hard at me, though I wouldn't blame her if she went off posting on her midwife chat board about her slingfool of a mom!

And for the record, I tried the sling the "right" way when I got home and DD passed out in .5
Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 05:18 PM 08-30-2006
Wait a minute! I do the same! I put his head on the same side the sling is over my sholder. And I too think his head is in weird angle and he hates it. But I did try to put him on the other side and it did not work either. I could not figure it out at all! At least on the other side could still put him in it.
I am really confused.

I looked at the website where I bought the sling from and I am putting him in exactly as shown there, so I don't think it's wrong. And I don't think you are dummy.
MrsSurplus's Avatar MrsSurplus 08:02 PM 08-30-2006
This link was posted on the SAHM thread...lots of good instructions (I've been putting ds in with head on the ring side also - because of other instructions I saw. This one does it both ways ("cradle hold" and "reverse cradle"). I haven't tried any yet - but can't wait to try tummy-to-tummy.
Quagmire's Avatar Quagmire 10:25 PM 08-30-2006
Originally Posted by Yin Yang
And I don't think you are dummy.
Thanks I was able to get DD comfortable enough to sleep that way a couple of times, but like I said, she was all kinked up. So now I'm pretty curious on which side the other mamas here are wearing their babies when using a cradle hold. Mrs Surplus, that was a really good site - thanks! I bookmarked it and will be studying some more

Another question (sorry for all the newbie jazz): is anyone able to nurse in the sling without supporting the baby with one hand? I'm finding that I'm never able to get the sling tight enough that DD can get latched and stay latched without my holding her back/head. Part of the problem is that I'm not really able to tighten the sling once she's in it (stupid Nojo)... but even when I have someone else help me it's still not working out. Much to the chagrin of my toddler who wants me to lift her here, help her there, etc... I'd really like to be totally hands free if I can.

They should offer classes for this stuff!
fenwickmama's Avatar fenwickmama 11:00 AM 08-31-2006
i have a hotsling, a maya wrap pouch and an OTSBH and always put babe on same side as sling on my shoulder. directions for all 3 say either side will do but i find the pouch too shallow on the side opposite the shoulder i'm wearing on...however, i havent' even attempted to nurse in any of those slings since i think he looks very uncomfortable in them. i have nursed in my Kozy Carrier and in my Moby but just at home since i'm not confident about the discreetness yet.
ColoradoMama's Avatar ColoradoMama 05:08 PM 09-01-2006
Originally Posted by aydensmama
We love my rocking baby sling!!!!!
Crashing in from August DDC! I just had to comment - you're the only other person I know who has one! Aren't they awesome? I carried ds around in ours today and totally LOVED it! I realized last night that my OTSBH is wearing out, so I think I'm going to have to buy another one!
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