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Just curious if any of you have been on, or know someone, who has been on baby aspirin (81mg) in the first part of pregnancy. (BTW, one normal aspirin is 325mg). I have been on a baby aspirin this pregnancy. My family has a history of blood clots, and I have had 3 miscarriages in the past. At any rate, I was only able to be tested for a couple of the clotting factors upon getting pregnant, which came back negative. I have not been able to be tested for the rest at this time because of the pregnancy hormones. My doctor has told me she feels comfortable with me stopping the baby aspirin at this point or continuing with it (once per day) until close to 20 weeks. At first I was all gungho about coming off, and then I got scared wondering if maybe I do have some clotting problem that we can't test for yet. I guess I'm looking for either reassurance or other people's stories if you have any.

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I had 3 miscarriages with "no known cause". I did some research and, when I got pg with ds, began taking a baby asprin every day. I have no idea if it helped or not but I did stay pregnant. I believe I took it for 14 weeks. HTH.
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I've heard that baby aspirin shouldn't be taken during pregnancy. That said, my first pregnancy test with my first baby was negative, but I was having terrible backaches, and baby aspirin is what always helped. So I was taking it for a few weeks, until I finally decided I'd take another pregnancy test because I was having too many symptoms, and sure enough...+ So I stopped taking it right away. My midwife didn't seem worried though, and baby turned out fine. I'd definitely ask your midwife/OB about it though, since everything I read said not to take it while pregnant.

- krista
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I think many women with clotting disorders take baby aspirin during pregnancy. I really don't know the magical stopping point - but do you plan to be tested for any of the clotting factors? If so, when? Maybe you could continue until then - or will the aspirin skew the results?

I understand your concern about coming off of it. I recently came off a med that I had been taking for over a year - and it's a little frightening - not knowing the what-ifs.

Good luck in making your decision.
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I am on baby asprin (due end of August) and have been for my last 3 pregnancies. I had hellp with my daughter so that was the main reason they had for it and then the multiple losses. It is a common treatment and has worked for many woman. I am still not to the stage where I had my first loss so I don't know if it is making a difference in that area yet, but compared the the alternative (another late loss) it is a risk I am willing to take. I was told a minimum of 16 weeks to give the placenta a chance to start working.

good luck

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Don't really remember a big issue with stopping it - in fact, I'm not 100% I *did* stop before birth. For me, discontinuing the progesterone after 13 weeks was MUCH more nerve-wracking!

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They tell you not to take aspirin, especially later in pg, b/c it can cause a failure of the baby's heart valve. This is the valve that switches blood flow to the lungs after birth. My OB told me it was fine to take until late pg, but that he didn't like women to have to worry about when it was safe and when it wasn't, so he generally recommends none at all.
This site is a little intense for my tastes, but it has good info on this.

Not trying to scare you, just telling you that the problems with aspirin and ibuprofen are real, but they are late in pg. I would absolutely stop these before 20 weeks, but if you need them right now to make the pg stick, I would keep taking them for a little while. Sounds like your dr. is taking good care of you.

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Thanks for the comments everyone! I won't be able to be tested for the other clotting factors until after the pregnancy. But I am feeling a bit more confident about going off of it before 20 weeks.
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