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minimunklemama's Avatar minimunklemama 01:29 PM 07-01-2006
so i'm going to make this very long story short but I have been in the hospital since 4am out thursday after much begging.I went in fri pm with contractions,to be honest they weren't too bad but my doctor(whom i LOVE and is more like a midwife)asked me to please just let her check me if they picked up,which they had.after monitoring for a couple of hours I was clock watching as I had my first nephew's christening at 11am the next morning(dh is the godfather)and I was going through my mental to do list,not the most relaxing thing i know but hey I am a mum of two,it never ends: so they let me go at 11pm after checing me(fingertip/thick) and said i had a fever but not too bad.I woke up at 2am in agony but mostly on my lower left side so I didn't really think about it being contractions.then a 3 I was throwing up and shivering so we called the doc,I am screaming at everyone and everything by the time we get there,traffic lights,parking attendant, name it..if they got in the way..oh I felt so bad I was like this at transistion so i thought that the buddha was almost out,not to mention I was grunting through ctx and when they put me on the moitor they were between 130 and 150: my doc was shocked(and relieved) when she checked me and i was only 1cm.anway my fever spiked,they couldn't figure out what was wrong,after 6 shots of brethine they hadn't stopped,just weakened so they gave me steriods(which killed me to do but what can I say,I was petrified for my little babe)they thought maybe i had a amniotic infection,so I had an amnio,nopewasn't that,then I had an stomach was so tender by now that even the monitor wasd making me crawl backwards up the bed .my doc was apologizing the whole time that I was having to go through all these procedures and needles that I we had agreed wouldn't happen(but this was at my birth)still she felt terrible.
anyway they finally found a minute amount of GBS in my fourth urine and concluded that it had gotten in my kidneys and gave me three rounds of antibiotics hich did take the tenderness away but I am still not convinced!!
so...this means an iv at birth with GBS antibiotocs and I am in so much agony from ctx that range from 5mins for hours to 10-15mins that I am such a mess and they are going to let me go when it kicks in properly.i am 33 weeks and two days and I am praying for extra time but also I can't deal with these intnse ctx.
i feel like a bad mum wishing it would just be over
sorry to whine and vent,I know I am so lucky in one respect but it has just taken it's toll on me,
anyone have a baby after steriods and it help?the babe's lung maturity was only a 7 on sat and they need to be soon do the steroids work?
how long will a 33/34 weeeker be in the nicu after steriods?
thanks mamas

CrazyCatLady's Avatar CrazyCatLady 01:34 PM 07-01-2006
I don't know anything about premature babies or steroids. But you and your little one are in my thoughts.
veganf's Avatar veganf 01:53 PM 07-01-2006
Oh I hope he stays in and the contractions let you be for a while. It all sounds very uncomfortable. I too have no idea about lung maturity and steroids. Hopefully someone here will know more soon.
nfbmom's Avatar nfbmom 05:41 PM 07-01-2006
Usually you need two steroid shots 24 hours apart then 48 hours after the first shot, it is effective. At 33/34 weeks it will help a lot and make the difference between a baby that is on CPAP or vent and just oxygen or nothing at all.

My midwife is the type that is a walking dictionary. She can cite studies for everything pg and knows all the statistics for everything (at least it seems she does, she is a walking encyclopedia). Plus she is super natural and knows all about homeopathics. Anyway, she said if it were her needing the steroids, she would do it.
Naughty Dingo's Avatar Naughty Dingo 05:44 PM 07-01-2006
Mama I just saw this. How scary and stessful. I hope that everything settles down and both you and babe can recover and then have another go at it in a better state several weeks from now.

Thinking of you, ND
SummerTwilight's Avatar SummerTwilight 08:49 PM 07-01-2006
Poor mama!!!
I have no idea what difference the steroids make or NICU but what is GBS?
I HOPE you can hang in a few more weeks! Best of luck!
Azreial's Avatar Azreial 10:10 PM 07-01-2006
the steriods shots work very well from everything I've read. I had them at 29? weeks when I was having ptl issues. 2 shots 24hrs apart.
I hope your ctx stop and you get to go home still pg
sprout 1's Avatar sprout 1 11:47 PM 07-01-2006

So sorry this is happening to you. From what I've read, a 34 weeker esp. with steroids has really good chances of being just fine with a very short NICU stay or even none at all. If he stays in for another week he's pretty much in the clear, from what I've read. Hopefully you get some peace from those ctx. soon though!

Summer twilight- GBS= Group B Strep
AmieV's Avatar AmieV 11:48 PM 07-01-2006
The "protocol" is to keep the baby in the hospital until they are term, so a 33 or 34 weeker should only be there 3-4 weeks tops (37 weeks is term). The time in the NICU will just depend on the condition of the baby.

I'm thinking lots of good thoughts for you and your baby!!
2 in August's Avatar 2 in August 12:25 AM 07-02-2006
I know there is a difference between 33 - 35 wks. Just to encourage you though my dd was born at 35 wks. I had no steriod shots and she was perfectly healthy, breathed on her own, only went to the nursery for billi lights.
ColoradoMama's Avatar ColoradoMama 12:55 AM 07-02-2006
Wow - how scary! You are in my thoughts mama - I hope that little Buddha will stay in there for a while, and that you will feel better. {{hugs}}
Lousli's Avatar Lousli 01:25 AM 07-02-2006
Not in your ddc, but I had a 33 weeker after steriod shots. She needed a little oxygen, for about 12 hours, but was on room air completely after that. She mostly needed to learn to suck and breathe at the same time and to maintain her body temp. and grow. She was 4 pounds 1 ounce at birth, and had to be tube fed at first. She was very sleepy and had a really hard time latching, so I let them bottle feed since she wasn't getting much at the breast (we did a before and after weighing on the scale to confirm it). She was just too tired.

Hazel was in the NICU for 23 days and came home weighing less than 5 pounds. It did take her a very long time to learn to nurse, but she's a champ at it now! What they will usually tell you is to expect the baby to come home near his/her due date. Often it is sooner than that, but it is better to surprise a parent with "Yay, you get to go home!" than it is with "Sorry, we have to keep her a little longer..."

Hope your little one stays put and feel free to PM me or come to birth and beyond to check out the preemie/NICU support thread. If your baby is early, the Dr. Sears premature baby book is helpful, as is the book "Preemies". I'll keep good thoughts coming your way!
carolina~mom2be's Avatar carolina~mom2be 01:29 AM 07-02-2006

Stay put little one!!!
NaomiLorelie's Avatar NaomiLorelie 10:18 AM 07-02-2006
Hoping that your buddha stays put a little while longer.
jenmk's Avatar jenmk 12:14 AM 07-04-2006
Hugs, mama. Hope little buddha gets more time on the inside.
taradt's Avatar taradt 04:52 PM 07-04-2006
hope your little one stays in a bit longer.

My DD was born at 34 1/2 weeks, she got the steroids and was on room air within hours after her birth. She did need a 2 week hospital stay until she was able to do all her feedings.