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Hello all!

I am scheduled to be induced on August 1st (due date isn't until August 8th or 9th) My OB-GYN is concerned that the baby is going to be large and induced my daughter for the same reason. I had a nasty pitocin induced birth but was able to do it without pain medication last time. I am just trying to gear up and get advice from anyone who may have been successful in getting their labor to start with more natural methods. My dr isn't open to a whole lot....anything would be helpful.

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What is the basis of the concerns for a large baby? Are you measuring large or have a small pelvis or something?

I am very weary about OBs who are induction-happy and are "not open to a whole lot".

IMO labor starts once the babe and mother are ready.
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Mommyof2Bs, how big was baby #1? Did you have a difficult birth?
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Hmmm, pit is nasty stuff, BTDT! I can see why you want to avoid it. How big was your first? If she was smaller than 10lbs, I would tell your dr that you want to wait until your edd BEFORE you consider induction. If he knows you aren't on board to an induced labor, well, it's difficult to force that on you - just don't show up for the induction. make up any reason that works for you (car broke down, no childcare, etc.)

If you really feel compelled to induce, then really none of the natural induction methods work unless your body is ready. Black/blue cohosh, castor oil, acupressure, evening primrose oil, etc.

Steph, wife to C, mama to O :, E , and I :.
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You're doctor can't FORCE you to come in for an induction. I'd think hard about whether you really want to do that again. How big was your baby?

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I was induced with DS due to low amniotic fluid levels-and will be checked for the same problem pretty quickly here. When I was induced, they started me on a pill that was on my cervix (can't remember what it was called) then broke my water. Once my water was broken, the contractions started very very quickly on their own, and I had my epidural about 3 1/2 hours later. I progressed without any pitocin from 2 to 6, and then they added some pitocin to help finish the job. Maybe ask about having your water broken? You could also have your membranes stripped, and maybe your water will break on its' own.

Sorry I'm not more help-good luck to you! I'm jealous and wish I knew a date myself.... Let us know when your little bundle is here.
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don't follow the ob just because they think they know everything. they CAN NOT tell you how big your baby is going to be. they can guestimate but they can't be very accurate.
again i will ask like everyone else how big was your first?

your baby will come out when its ready. i had an 8 lb baby when the father AND i were both born at 6lbs a few onces. i had to have an episiotomy (yes HAD i was going to tear UP....) i was still able to birth that boy just fine!! he was 6-11 (depending on if you go by conception or EDD) days overdue. i didn't measure big or anything like that.

i think you were VERY lucky to have a natural birth with induction...its rare. one intervention usually leads to another.

i agree with everyone who has posted. they can't MAKE you go in for an induction because one ob thinks you just might possibly have a slight chance of having a big baby.

its RARE for a woman's body to make a baby that it can't naturally birth. i would say if your first was just fine, theres no history of yourself, your mother, your grandmother or even on your dp's side of having large babies that they just COULDN"T birth then theres no reason for them to make this assumption based on a "feeling".
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I would wonder too what your dr is basing a "big baby" on. My good friend was under this pressure back in Feb and luckily went into labor on her own before her due date and had a 7 lb pipsqueak. Nothing near the 9 lb + "big baby" that the dr was so concerned about. If you have other health concerns that would play into it, but just for size I'd be leary. I had a pitocin/cytotec induction that lasted oever 24 hrs and it was no fun so I'm all about trying to go naturally when baby and your body are ready.
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my SIL was induced for a "Big Baby" about 10 days early and wouldn't you know that poor child weighed less than 6 pounds and had to spend the first few days in the NICU?!?! Doctors really make me want to scream!! If I were you, I would run...your baby will come when it's ready and don't believe all that nonsense about a baby being too big. If you allow all of those unnecessary interventions, you might not be so lucky this time around with fulfilling your birth plan. Just a thought... Listen to your heart and your baby, you'll know what to do!

Lee Ann ~ SAHM to Carolina(4)uc.jpg, Aurora (2)uc.jpg, and belly.gifwith #3 - due in December!
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I gave birth to a 10 lb. 2 oz. baby boy back in December. He was born at home, no meds, underwater. I pushed him out in 15 minutes and had absolutely no tears or trauma.
A big baby is nothing to be afraid of, and just because your last baby was big doesn't mean this one will be and even if it is, it doesn't mean you can't birth your baby when the time is right.
Do not agree to an induction unless there is an actual indication of something being wrong.
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A doctor cannot force you to do anything. And when you have a proven pelvis, and all he going on is what he "feels", I wouldn't do an induction until you are 2 weeks overdue. Then I would spend days trying the more natural methods.
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Just jumping in from the July DDC...studies have shown that possibily of a large baby is not a reason for induction & it does not improve outcome for mom or baby. In fact, being induced may make it harder for you to have the baby since it will most likely mean you will be stuck in bed with monitoring & an IV & if you are having a large baby then you have a much better chance of delivering naturally if you have freedom of movement & are able use gravity to help push out the baby. Also, as the pp's have said your OB cannot force you to be induced & you are far enough along that he can't drop you either. They need to give you 30 days written notice & you will probbaly give birth before then. It is your body, do not let them make this decision for you. Good luck!!!
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Don't do it!! I would not be induced unless I had to . . . and for no reason would I agree to be induced because my doc thought the baby was large. I'd wait to see if my body could birth the baby.

I was induced twice before because we (docs and me) thought we had to due to medication I have to take when pg. Turns out I can switch to different med at end of pg and not have to be induced . . . which is what I'm doing this time. I had two pitocin births, had to have epidurals, but that was only added medical intervention. Thankfully. But still, pitocin is horrible. You know that already. I'm so excited to go naturally this time because I've heard it's night and day difference from pit.

Your doc does not make the decision. You do. And possibly having a large baby is not a medically necessary reason for induction, imo.

Jen, mom of R (9), T (7), C (5), and E (2) ... my stillheart.gifs

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