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eleven's Avatar eleven 11:54 PM 07-30-2006

Although we are planning a midwife attended homebirth, I can't help but fantasize about going unassisted. Anyone else?

Katiemare's Avatar Katiemare 11:58 PM 07-30-2006
I fantasize about going UC at home while DH is at work--because he fought me so hard against homebirth. We are hoping to have an alternative birthing room at the hospital (if I don't "risk out" )
Glittergal's Avatar Glittergal 12:16 AM 07-31-2006
We may go unassisted, I'm definitely all for it, especially since last time was so easy. Really my main concerns are baby rescusitation and me bleeding, but I think that is my own paranoia about having seen alot as a midwife. Dh is on board too - we'll see. Our midwife situation went down the tubes about 2 wks ago as it was supposed to be totally covered by insurance but apparently is not. I have a midwife friend "on call" for me, but of course she could very well be catching another baby. We'll see!!!!!!
the_lissa's Avatar the_lissa 01:38 AM 07-31-2006
We might be going unassisted too. We'll see if I feel like callingthe midwives when i am in labour.
crazyeight's Avatar crazyeight 01:55 AM 07-31-2006
i think about it. i have a pool for ds and i think hey i could just get in a do fine. mostly tho its just fantasy. dh doesn't know ANYTHING about birth (well hes read but thats not quite sufficient i don't think) plus he have NO supplies. but its nice to think about.
ColoradoMama's Avatar ColoradoMama 02:07 AM 07-31-2006
You know, I kind of liked not having to worry about the midwife stuff (dd2 had meconium and had to be suctioned and monitored, etc.). I liked letting them do it because I was BEAT, and they were so competent and calm, and I was able to lay in bed and relax and let them do their job. It was nice to have other people take care of me and dd. I have a friend who had a UC birth and was really pleased with it though, so to each her own I guess. Of course, I also LIKED having people around when I was birthing, so that's a difference, too!!!
phoebemommy's Avatar phoebemommy 03:47 AM 07-31-2006
Oh, I totally fantasize about it. I would be so happy if the baby comes before the midwife gets here. I'd be happy for her to come cut the cord and make sure we're both a-okay, but I'd so love to do the whole laboring on my own, or with just DH.
veganf's Avatar veganf 09:11 AM 07-31-2006
I totally wouldn't mind a UC...though I've never had a posterior baby before, so it could be a little more difficult this time if baby doesn't turn around. And last time there was a pretty tight cord around the neck, and I bled a lot for the first few minutes, but then it stopped (though the midwife had the pitocin injection ready in her hand watching closely).
So while I actually like being alone for labor, I do like the security of someone being there right afterwards. Plus, as ColoradoMama said, it's nice not to have to do all that stuff yourself afterwards (my husband isn't good with laundry, cleaning, etc.). And it's comforting to have someone there to do an initial check of the baby to make sure all is well.

Last night I actually experienced my first few contractions (NOT BHs!). I had never felt contractions without already having my water break before. It was neat not to be doubled over in pain, but to feel all those familiar sensations. But after a little while I decided I wasn't ready because it was 10pm and I needed to go to bed, LOL, (too tired to have a baby after little or no sleep...done that twice before). But my husband said, "Let me know when it's time to call Ann." I smiled and said, "Does it look like I need Ann?" which was basically my way of avoiding the query, because I really just wanted to be left alone whether I was really in labor or not (though I did demand that he vacuum the dining room suddenly and clean up the shoes and "stuff" on the kitchen floor...last minute nesting I guess ).

- Krista
SummerTwilight's Avatar SummerTwilight 09:45 AM 07-31-2006
I know UC means unassisted birth but what the heck does it stand for?
veganf's Avatar veganf 09:46 AM 07-31-2006
Unassisted Childbirth
boobyfeeder's Avatar boobyfeeder 10:29 AM 07-31-2006
I *am* going UC. I can't wait, I am so excited about this birth, not just the baby, but the actual BIRTH. I'm really looking forward to it. I have a backup CNM (who is not aware of my plans) in case a transfer becomes necessary, but otherwise, it's all me baby! I can't wait!
2 in August's Avatar 2 in August 01:10 PM 07-31-2006
I would probably not be brave enough to actually do it, but I keep thinking "What if I don't tell anybody I'm in labor? What if I just crawled into the tub in the middle of the night and just had him?" It intrigues me, but I'm nowhere near prepared to do it for real.