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While I have a spare second....

Ctx started on Friday at 5pm. 10 minutes apart, but not very strong. Called the doula and described them. She said to call her back when they're 8 minutes apart. Called my folks and told them it might be it so they drove up and began their weekend of caring for my daughter Zuri as well as my dh and me while we all waited for the baby...So grateful to them! on saturday morning at 4am, ctx were 8 minutes apart so I called our doula again. She came over, advised me to get some rest and see what might happen. we all slept until the morning and the ctx were the same timing and intensity. we agreed to get our mind off of them and just go about our day. things stayed the same until early sunday morning. woke up with stronger ctx about 10 minutes apart. decided to call the doula and when she arrived at 1:30, we headed to the midwife unit of the hospital. we wanted to avoid the racing to the hospital we experienced with our first birth. (zuri was born 14 minutes after we arrived at the emergency room door and I went through transition in the car ride which was about 30 minutes long).

Different hospital this time, only 15 minutes away. we arrived and I was disappointed to learn that I was only 2 cm dilated. we walked around for an hour, I had regular cxt but they were only mildly more intense than they had been . After an hour, they checked again and I was still 2 cm. they sent me home. Doula was great helping me with the emotions on that one and helped me not to compare to my birth with Zuri, and instead let this baby have his/her own birth story. everything is happening for a reason! and no one is in a hurry!

We went to sleep at 3 am. got up, had breakfast, drank lots of water throughout this whole thing so I stayed really well hydrated. Then went and took another nap. a stronger ctx woke me up, but then it seemed like they were stopping altogether. sent my doula home. Had lunch. Dh went to nap with my daughter at noon and I was going to join him, but ctx wjumped up in intensity. My mom and step dad timed them for a while. they were 8 minutes apart, and 45 seconds long. they woke up Dh and went outside with dd while dh helped me labor. We were actually watching Tiger Woods win the PGA championship, if you can imagine! CAlled doula when contractions were 3 minutes apart and 60 seconds long. probably called her too late. okay, definately called her too late! Anyway, while we were waiting for her to arrive, my ctx were beginning to be the unbearable type and at one point I sobbed in dh's arms. When the doula arrived, dh still was thinking we'd wait, on the advise of the midwives at the hospital whom he had just called! they suggested we stay home for another hour! this was 3:30 or so? not sure on the time. Doula asked me what I wanted. I said we should go. So she sai okay, let's go. I was not feeling the urge to push at that time. But it was all I could do to get up off the bed. The ctx were VERY strong and painful.

Just before we headed out the door, I said I felt like pooping. Doula said sternly, we have to go. Thought I had to pee, had a REALLY strong ctx in the hallway, had to squat. DH wanted to take me to the bathroom, but I just knew we had to get into that car. Sheer willpower got me into the back seat. Then, just what we were trying to avoid repeating, it was a harrowing drive to the hospital. 90 miles per hour on the highway. Through downtown MPLS, DH had the hazards on, running red lights, swerving in and out of traffic, had one near accident. My mom was actually following him behind us because she hoped to take pictures of the birth!

I knew I was in trouble but I was determined to make it to the hospital without pushing my baby out in the car! it was only mind over matter that kept me from doing this! I was officially in second stage labor. my breaks between ctx were only 3 minutes long which was not long enough! three blocks before we got to the emergency room doors, I couldn't help but push. Doula pulled off my shorts to check for the head, saw the baby's head, water broke, had a break and the head snuck back in. WE pulled up to the emergency room doors, doula and dh jump out asking for help. Doula stayed by me, dh banged on the doors demanding a doc. A crowd formed. A security guard with no experience catching babies slapped on some gloves and asked the doula: so, when is she due? Doula said "NOW!". A nurse on break asked him to kindly step aside. Meanwhile, I'm pushing out my baby. Dh manages to get a doc to the door, he joins me at my head, the baby's head appears and I reach down to touch it. Such an important emotional boost at that moment. In the next push, he was out ! my dh tells me It's a boy! Doula announces it to the crowd who give me a standing ovation! The doc was awesome. We asked him not to cut the cord and inspite of about 15 medical persononell behind him telling him to cut it, he was our protector. He told everyone "this is their doula and this is dad and they are saying not to cut it." he was amazing. The cord stopped pulsing after three minutes. then he clammped it and dh cut it. I pushed out backwards onto the gurney holding my big baby boy who was vigorously crying and coated in vernix! I was crying, of course, I got another standing ovation from the crowd of onlookers (about 40 people!). I did manage to birth the placenta in the midwife room!!!

Next time, we're having a homebirth FOR SURE!

one last tidbit.... the doc who caught the baby had had a rough day, he later told us when he came to meet us in theroom. he said this had been a wonderful ending. found out he had just finished prounouncing a young person dead in the OR - victim of a violent crime - when he met us in the car to catch Devano. Pretty incredible stuff.
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Popping in from the Oct. DDC to say WOW! What an incredible story. Makes me glad I'm having a homebirth .

I'm so glad all worked out and your son is safely in your arms. Congratulations
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What an amazing story! I love the standing ovation-- too bad all mamas don't get that!
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Our first birth had a harrowing hospital ride too, with pushing in the car - but at least we did still make it out of the hospital parking lot with an hour to spare! That still freaked dh out. I'm afraid to have him read your story because if he did he would probably bundle the family into tents and make us camp outside the hospital until this next baby is born.

Congratulations to you and yours -
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what a super story Zuri'sMom! I'm so glad everything worked out OK for you!

Welcome to Devano!
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Seriously amazing story. He's going to love hearing that some day. Congratulations!!
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WOW!!! I have serious goosebumps! What a great story!
Like a scene from a movie.
Sounds like you got a great doctor in spite of things...poor guy probably went home sobbing though from his emotional rollercoaster, taking him through the circle of life in a few hours time!
This is how I was when my nephew was born in the winter. My bf mom was in the hospital dying of cancer and my sister was in labor at her home and I was driving back and forth repeatedly between the two places for 24 hours till he was born and a few hours later she died. I crashed and slept for 2 days from emotional fatigue.
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Holy cow!!! I don't even know what to say. Congratulations.
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what an amazing story!!!!

welcome to the world Devano

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I have tears in my eyes! What a wonderful birth story! Congratulations mama!

Mom to DD#1 8/04, nursed 43 months, DD#2 8/06, nursed 21 months and DD#3 9/08, still nursing strong
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Wow! that is such an amazing story, and here's an online ovation...wahoo!
Let's hear it for those fast moving babies!
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Oh my! What an exciting story. Glad everything worked out for the best. I can't imagine having that many people witness your birth, lol.
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