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Call me crazy but I am terrified of getting pregnant again soon! I know that I want more kids and I couldn't have asked for a better labor experience. After dd was born 15 months ago, I couldn't wait to get pregnant again so I could do things differently and hopefully forget the miserable birth I had with her. 6 months later I did get pregnant. {Ds was born at 36 weeks 3 days and gave us a bit of a scare with fluid in his lungs (he swallowed and breathed amionic fluid as he was delivered and it took a while to dry his lungs out) but other than that, it was the perfect labor. Water broke at 9pm, labor began about 9:30 and was ok until about 7 cm and then I got an intrathecal that lasted 2 hrs and then I was on my own. Pushed for about 10 min and ds was born 5 hrs and 49 min from the time my water broke. I tore a little but it was way better than the episiotomy I had with dd.} I feel good physically even though it can be a struggle to deal with two babies at once. So why am I so scared?!? I want to use FAM but I am terrified that I will not be able to tell if I'm fertile or not and will get pregnant. I think my cycle will resume fairly soon since it did with dd and I'm not doing anything different this time than with her- bfing on demand all the time etc... I really don't want to use any hormonal or IUD birth control but I am so tempted to b/c I really want a little break from pregnancy. Any advice? Anyone else feel this way?

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I'm terrified of getting pregnant again, and my baby hasn't even been born yet!!
(granted she is late...but still)

I just found out that my friend is 3 months pregnant, and she has a baby that is almost 6 months old.
Wow was that a wake up call!!! :

I want to make sure that my body is healthy this time around. I weighed too much when I started this pregnancy, and I am worried that if I get pregnant before I am a healthy weight it will cause complications.

I was looking into FAM & NFP too, I just am not comfortable with hormones, it's that little itty bitty chance that you might not ever be able to have kids again. I know it's like 2 in a million chance, but for me, it's just not worth it.

If you are comfortable with the hormones, I say go for it, if it makes you feel better, you know?
Good luck!!

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I told dh we weren't having sex again until dd1 is getting ready for kindergarten and this one on the way is out of diapers. He was unpleased
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I was so worried about getting pregnant again soon after #2 (since I was 5 1/2 months PP when I got pregnant). I used the Ortho Evra patch starting at 5 months PP, but I won't do that again. After a year we used NFP, but I don't know how reliable that'll be before I actually get a period. I'm less sure than ever about how to avoid getting pregnant this time!!

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I'm not like that this time but I definitely was last time. We barely had sex because we were both so paranoid and I didn't have a period or any indication my fertility was returning. We really don't care for condoms and I ended up getting the non hormonal IUD. It was a great choice for me. I didn't worry ever about getting pregnant. My period didn't return until my daughter was 24 months however and I'm guessing it will be the same this time, so I'm planning on winging it this time, and assume breastfeeding is decent contraception for me. But I know how you feel and I definitely think the IUD is a great choice, although I know many people on these boards disagree...
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We are in the same boat. Don't like condoms. Don't really want to go back on the pill. (plus scared that it will mess with my milk supply) Dh is going to get the "snip". But we haven't had a chance yet to even figure out where he'd go for it or who in town our insurance will cover. So until then we don't have many options. Not sure what we'll do, but ds definately taught us that we can have a surprise and we are ready to be done.
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It will be awhile before we resume that business, but when we do, we will use condoms. I refuse to use anything with hormones, I was on the pill for several years and when I went off to TTC DD#1, I never got a period without taking progesterone. I am not willing to screw up my system again. I will look into NFP, I don't know much about it. I've hear Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a good book though. I know we will be ultra careful, since my sister wasn't and they now have a whoops due 1 month before their first child turns one.

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I am very unopen to another baby at least for a few years. (Well, as unopen as I can be. There is always the craving for another baby inside of me.) I would consider NFP but I am so sleep deprived and frazzled right now I can't even remember to grab my leftovers from dinner from the roof of the car before driving off. I have a consult for an IUD on Monday and I am very excited about that. Barring any complications, that's five years, worry-free. I worry about the possible side-effects. I don't like putting anything in my body. But I also know that I'm too tired for another pregnancy and I don't want to take the risk. Oh, and I know that in the moment DH and I can be pretty irresponsible.
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