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Hi all-

I know there are a few of us who ended up having c-sections, and I just wanted to touch base and see how everyone is doing?

I am physically feeling pretty well, but still have some pain on my inside incision. Anyone else still feeling pain? I'm surprised it is lasting this long, though I know it was major surgery.

Emotionally, I am pretty OK with having the c-section, though before I went into labor I was vehemently against getting one. I ended up laboring at home for almost 24 hours, with 5 hours of pushing, then going to the hospital for the c-section (the baby would not progress, it turned out he was OP with the cord around his neck). At the time, it was very clear that a c-section was the best solution for the health of the baby and for me, but as time passes, I am beginning to forget how dire the situation actually was. I ask my husband sometimes to remind me how bad it really was and that the c-seciton was really necessary...

Hope you mamas are all doing well!
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Emotionally, I am doing ok. I will never forget being here at home and seeing the midwife's face as the heartbeat was slowing down to nothing during contractions and I do not regret the race to the hospital and c-section. I do have sad feelings about never birthing a baby "naturally" because we are set with our three girlies. I grieve over losing out on pushing our babies out and getting skin to skin contact immediately, having their cords cut so quickly and the bright and intense environments they were born into. I'm not sure how long I will grieve.

I am, however, so grateful to have my healthy girls here with me. Luna, especially, could have been easily lost if surgery was not available to us.

I am also relieved in a way, since I got a copy of my hospital records and read that there was severe scar tissue on my cervix (stenotic cervix from a D&C from a m/c ten years ago) which is what kept me from dilating. I had thought maybe it was my own apprehensions that would never allow me to open wider than 2 1/2 cm. even after over 24 hours of labor with both of my birth children.

Physically, I feel like I healed very quickly. Lately, though, I have been getting feeling back around the incision which sometimes comes as sensations of pinching, pricking and itching. I really get heebie-jeebie feelings around the incision site still, especially where it is numb.
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Your labor and baby twin reporting, coop_mom!

I'm doing wonderfully, and i'm so amazed with how well I've healed after surgery that I want to write a love letter to my OB (who I never met until surgery loomed, consequently). I have plenty of feeling along a very clean and small seam that is nearly invisible. For the first several weeks, there was some pain, especially if I "overdid it" by walking too much. As late as Black Friday, I felt pain when forced to walk around Ikea for 4 hours, but i'm now up to 3 mile hikes carrying Cleo without any adverse affects.

Like you, a section was the last thing I wanted or imagined, but it turned out to have been a pleasant surprise. Surgery was fine, baby was fine, nursing is great, and Cleo does not seem to have suffered any negative affects at all. I can't imagine her being less alert, happy or thriving. I did ask my doula at our 6week meeting if she thought I had any other choice than surgery, and she said that although there is always the chance I could have pushed her out myself (turned breech during labor after water breaking, 20 hours of labor and 4 hours of pushing), the chances of her head getting stuck in my pelvis, the cord being wrapped or something else horrible happening to me as a first time mom wasn't worth the risk.

And after a lot of soul-searching, I have to agree. That being said, I'm looking forward to a VBAC next time, for which my tremendous OB assured me i'm a great candidate (and which terrifies DH).

Hope that helps!
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My body is fine, except my scar hurts when it rains. And I don't have the muscle strength in my abs anymore.

Emotionally, I am still VERY UPSET. I was planning a Bradley birth, had to induce her for preeclampsia risk. Progressed past 10 cm, progressed all the way until she hit my pubic bone. Yes ladies, you could see her head and hair, but she was stuck. Used pitocin, used a vaccum, tried every position in the book, but her head was turned a certain way and she was stuck. Thankfully her heart rate never dropped. Had to have 2 epi's because I didnt use any pain medications (so I guess Bradley method did work in a way.).

Had problems breastfeeding, problems with the nurses. ack. Not the experience I was looking for.

If anyone is having a hard time emotionally, there is a thread for csection mamas in the PPD forum.
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