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ColoradoMama's Avatar ColoradoMama 01:29 AM 01-27-2007
Okay, this was so cute. I changed Louis' diaper today and then laid him on the floor beside me while I was on the computer. He crawled/scooted over to his Jump & Go. He grabbed it and started fussing. I pick him up and nurse him. He nursed a little and then started squirming, so I put him back on the floor. He again crawled/scooted to the Jump & Go, grabbed it and started fussing. I picked him up - confused - tried to nurse him which he didn't want to do, checked his diaper and it was dry. I was trying to figure out what was wrong. He started jumping in my arms - stops - looks at me - starts jumping again. I said, "Do you want to jump?" I put him in the Jump & Go, and he started giggling and jumping like crazy. It was too darn cute.

taradt's Avatar taradt 01:49 AM 01-27-2007
awwww too sweet

SummerTwilight's Avatar SummerTwilight 10:47 AM 01-27-2007
Who says babies don't know exactly what they want!
veganf's Avatar veganf 11:10 AM 01-27-2007
ColoradoMama's Avatar ColoradoMama 02:53 PM 01-27-2007
Originally Posted by SummerTwilight View Post
Who says babies don't know exactly what they want!
2 in August's Avatar 2 in August 03:12 PM 01-27-2007
Amazing. I swear they understand far more than anyone gives them credit for.

I was leaving to take dd to a friend's house yesterday and I said to dh "You and ds are doing pretty good together, so I'll leave him with you while I take dd." Immediately ds looked at me, arched his back and started screaming at dh! (He has been having a bit of separation anxiety lately.) So I got him to sleep then left, lol.