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Vegan 2 9.52%
Vegetarian 3 14.29%
Omnivore, eating meat only a few times a week 8 38.10%
Omnivore, eating meat at least once a day 6 28.57%
Omnivore, eating meat several times a day 2 9.52%
Carnivore, who needs veggies or grains? 0 0%
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Meeshi Mama's Avatar Meeshi Mama 10:02 AM 02-05-2007
After doing research on the treatment of animals in factory farms, I could never go back to eating meat. We do not drink milk, but do buy a doz eggs each week from the little old lady down the road who has a bunch of friendly hens that literally have free range of her land. No eggs from "crammed in a cage so tight they cannot move" eggs for us.

NewAtThis's Avatar NewAtThis 04:22 PM 02-05-2007
I was a veggie before getting preggers, but I was so sick while pg that eating veggies was completely nauseating! I started eating meat then, but not enjoying it, just to meet my protein needs without vomiting. Breastfeeding though, makes me crave meat! It's so weird, but I feel like my brain got rewired and all my tastes are different. When dd weans I'll try to go back to being a veggie, as I feel it is much healthier for me and the planet. I do only buy sustainably farmed/organic meats, and local dh-provided venison is a big part of my red meat diet. Meat eating is an expensive habit, but I feel like my body is telling my something, so I'm listening!
veganf's Avatar veganf 04:28 PM 02-05-2007
vegan for 14+ years, vegetarian for 20 years.
mamamilkers's Avatar mamamilkers 04:39 PM 02-05-2007
I was a vegetarian for 12 1/2 years (starting at age 13) before I became pg with DD#1. I started eating meat because my body just seriously craved it (like nothing I've ever craved before, including ice cream! ) and since I had quite low iron levels, I decided to eat some meat. I tried to be super conscientious (sp?) and get organic, free-range, etc. Well, as time went on, I still ate meat. Now I am not as great anymore about the source, although I still primarily buy organic, free-range meats. I plan to go back to being vegetarian after I am done BFing DD#2 but I suspect it's going to be much harder to give it up this time!
mrs rockstar's Avatar mrs rockstar 05:03 PM 02-05-2007
I was a vegetarian before becoming pregnant with dd1...I craved turkey sandwiches with her and developed a real aversion to the soy meat products I had formerly loved so I started eating turkey sandwiches and real chicken and haven't stopped. I don't eat red meat or pork though my husband and older daughter do if we're out or if he cooks it.
Meeshi Mama's Avatar Meeshi Mama 09:40 PM 02-05-2007
You know what is funny? With both of my pregnancies that made it past 12 weeks, I had a *wicked* craving for Arby's Beef and Cheddars. My mouth would drool just thinking about them.

I ended up *almost* hitting a drive through but just couldn't do it after when I had read about the way the cows are raised and slaughtered.

I think my iron was pretty low, though. The cravings went away completely after I started taking Floradix liquid iron.
JenMidwife's Avatar JenMidwife 11:56 PM 02-05-2007
Omnivore, eating meat only a few times a week
taradt's Avatar taradt 12:11 AM 02-06-2007
Vegetarian. We eat eggs from a neighbor and do very occasionally have cheese. DD will also eat organic yogurt

eleven's Avatar eleven 12:36 AM 02-06-2007

Factory farms aren't the only source of meat and dairy. Anyone who is interested in finding local farms should check out
blairinargentina's Avatar blairinargentina 01:57 AM 02-06-2007
omnivore but very consciously (i know lots of vegans may think that conscious omnivore is an oximoron!)

we are very particular about what we buy... where it comes from, the conditions, etc.
2 in August's Avatar 2 in August 05:01 AM 02-06-2007
I was vegan for 2yrs before I got pg. I craved meat and gave in a couple times then after ds was born I didn't have time or energy to cook separate meals for me. Dh is carnivore and tolerates starchy side dishes not many veggies. I really need to start planning meals that meat can be used as a sparing topping and go back to eating healthy.
peilover010202's Avatar peilover010202 03:34 PM 02-06-2007
I voted wrong, but omnivore eating meat 1 or so a week. We mostly eat turkey, chicken and beef is usually something I will eat 1-2/mo (dh doesn't eat beef or pork at all.)