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Under 20 1 0.87%
21 - 25 30 26.09%
26 - 30 31 26.96%
31 - 35 38 33.04%
36 - 40 8 6.96%
Over 40 7 6.09%
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September 2006 > How old is everyone here?
jemar's Avatar jemar 11:52 AM 04-16-2006
I'm 40.

Pynki's Avatar Pynki 04:26 PM 04-16-2006
31 on baby #4.
momof3sweeties's Avatar momof3sweeties 05:26 PM 04-16-2006
35 and LOVING it!
rose_bud79's Avatar rose_bud79 05:40 PM 04-16-2006
Happy 27 year old mommy!
bohemama's Avatar bohemama 06:21 PM 04-16-2006
Originally Posted by AutumnMama
25 here, this will be my first pregnancy that I don't have a birthday during
Me too I didn't even realize this until you said it
Hazel's Avatar Hazel 07:01 PM 04-16-2006
I'm 33 amd will turn 34 just before the baby arrives.
nessam's Avatar nessam 11:53 PM 04-16-2006
I'm 35 and will be 36 when our first arrives!
gwinith's Avatar gwinith 03:06 PM 04-19-2006
i'm 40 but you know, when i was 12 my friiend asked me where i wanted to be when i was 30. she said she wanted a husband, a house and kids... i guess i kinda shuttered at that idea for myself. i told her i wanted to be a published writer by the time i was 30, and i added, "if i ever do have a baby, i think i'll be one of those 'old moms'." and here i am at 40. just married last summer and now pregnant at 17.5 weeks. i guess it was all mapped out to happen this way.
gwinith's Avatar gwinith 03:45 PM 06-08-2006
i'm 40, but i've known since i was a kid myself, if i ever had kids, i'd be one of those old moms!

i am so madly in love with my husband ... and we are so in love with our baby (who is now moving around like it's party time every few hours) .
sesta's Avatar sesta 08:52 AM 06-10-2006
I am 31. I turn 32 one month before baby is expected.
Niamh's Avatar Niamh 12:05 AM 06-12-2006
29 here.
nebraskamom's Avatar nebraskamom 12:16 AM 06-12-2006
I just turned 31 yesterday.
msnadia's Avatar msnadia 11:22 AM 06-12-2006
21 but I'll be 22 a month before my little man arrives
eightyferrettoes's Avatar eightyferrettoes 05:23 AM 06-13-2006
I'll be 25 by the time the Peanut is born. Never thought I'd have two kids before I turned 25! :
AutumnMama's Avatar AutumnMama 02:18 PM 06-13-2006
Crazy, isn't it?? I'll have THREE kids at 25...and I look much younger (I usually get guesses ranging from 17-19 : )...I get quite the stares when I tell people this is my third
gwinith's Avatar gwinith 10:52 PM 06-15-2006
hi all, i'm 40
first time mama to be. but always knew from the time i was 12 that if i ever had kids i'd be one of those old mamas. and here i am 26 weeks along and loving it.
AntoninBeGonin's Avatar AntoninBeGonin 04:18 AM 06-25-2006
I'm 25 now, and will have turned 26 for one month by the time baby is here.

(Gee, I hope I haven't already replied in this thread.)

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