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September 2006 > Pulled Muscle or Baby Kicking?
Autumn_Breeze's Avatar Autumn_Breeze 05:52 PM 05-04-2006
I am currently in my 22nd week of pregnancy and loving it, except for the fatigue and occasional bouts of heart burn . I know there is a fetal movement thread around here somewhere, but I was wondering about some strange feeling I am having located just above the belly button and half an inch to the left. The sensation can be likened to someone (perhaps baby?!) poking real hard from the inside out. It also almost feels like I'm pulling a muscle, but without the pain. The first time it happened I sort of cried out in a shocked like pain, then after awhile I got used to it. This has nevr happened in my previous pregnancies, anyone feeling similar, or have an idea what it could be. My next appointment is in a couple weeks, and I don't want to wait that long for an answer .

maciascl's Avatar maciascl 06:13 PM 05-04-2006
It sounds like the round ligaments at the top of the uterus stretching. They are right about where you are talking about at 22 weeks. It feels very wierd, I get it alot. Nothing to worry about, it's normal.
Autumn_Breeze's Avatar Autumn_Breeze 06:41 PM 05-04-2006
Thanks a bunch for answering, and I do believe that you are right! The whole thing caught me off guard, and it just goes to show that every pregnancy IS different. Thanks again!