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September 2006 > Woo hoo!! Score: Me 1 - Non beleivers 0!
RainbowsMum's Avatar RainbowsMum 08:53 PM 11-29-2006
I just had to post my joy.... I beleive in the whole babywearing thing. I carry Arienne everywhere with me, co-sleep, let her nap on me during the day (mainly cos if I put her down she would just wake up and cry). Well the amount of people who said to me "You're making a rod for your own back" - I'm sure some of you are familliar with all this, people think especially cos I'm kinda young that they need to force their opinions on me but I always said when she was ready she would go down by herself. Weeeellllll... For the last week she has started going down by herself for her naps during the day - Only some of them but STILL! I said she would in her own time!!!!

dvons's Avatar dvons 02:21 AM 11-30-2006
I can SOOOOO agree with you! For the past week or so Nadia goes to sleep on her own for her nap, even when I put her down awake. She does the same thing in the evening when the other kids are going to bed (of course she also nurses again half asleep when I come to bed for the night, but still!)