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October 2006 > Belly pics?
Earthy~Mama's Avatar Earthy~Mama 03:19 AM 03-06-2006
Well the "popped out" thread has made me think. I am already getting told I look huge. Anyone want to show me your belly pics? I just may have the courage to post mine!

crunchymamatobe's Avatar crunchymamatobe 01:37 PM 03-06-2006
I'll show you mine, but there's nothing really to see yet. The websites say the kid grows from 5mm to 10+mm this week, but that's still tiny tiny tiny and this is my first baby. So nothing to show yet.

4 weeks

6 weeks
Avani's Avatar Avani 03:38 PM 03-06-2006
Oh wow to have a belly like that again!I have already had 4 babes so i'm squishy But with my 4th babe i popped out immediatley and this time i got the stomach flu 2 weeks ago and lost 10lbs so i look flat for a change.It is kind of nice since i can wear my normal clothes for awhile longer.I also think i will have a boy because with my girls i got big fast and with my boy i gained nothing for 6 months!
soccermominsd's Avatar soccermominsd 04:49 PM 03-06-2006
I still have to take some 9.5 week belly pics now. The photo I do have is from 7weeks.

7week belly

I have a 16yo DD and I'm definately bigger now than I was with her. I'll get current photos up this week.
Tori Gollihugh's Avatar Tori Gollihugh 06:04 PM 03-06-2006
Wow, the pics you ladies shared are what I WISH I EVER looked like! hahaha I'm a fluffernuffin chick and have been as long as I can remember. So, my belly will likely not be visible until I've well into 6+ months. If it's a cute preggo belly like last time I'll probably share some pics, but it's entirely possible it won't be as cute.

Thanks for sharing the pretty bellies. So kind if you to help us flufferchicks feel jealous. heeheehee I'm TOTALLY joking, with that! I know that's not the intent and I really DO enjoy seeing preggie bellies... so PRETTY!!!! And ever more so as you can tell there is baby growing inside!!
littleteapot's Avatar littleteapot 06:23 PM 03-06-2006
soccermominsd's Avatar soccermominsd 07:25 PM 03-06-2006
Love it Babs, how adorable!
alison_in_oh's Avatar alison_in_oh 07:59 PM 03-06-2006
I agree, I love the blur that is Tempest on the go.
deliarose's Avatar deliarose 08:28 PM 03-06-2006
I still need to take some pics. I am not very big yet, but I do regret that I didn't document my 1st pregnancy with pics. I was avoiding the camera.
chrissy's Avatar chrissy 08:58 PM 03-06-2006
I love the cute bellies!! I'll have to get dh to take a pic of mine tonight.

Earthy~Mama's Avatar Earthy~Mama 10:07 PM 03-06-2006
Crunchymamatobe.... You are so tiny and petite.

Soccermominsd.... You look fabulous with your lil belly.

littleteapot...You have a perfect pregnant belly. Sooo Cute.

I will take some today but I must warn ya...I am not tiny and cute like ya'll.
ladybugchild77's Avatar ladybugchild77 03:03 AM 03-07-2006
What lovely bellies! Mine has still not popped out yet...I will post a pic as soon as I get one! I warn you all now that I have "the worst" strechmarks my midwife has ever seen in all of her years practicing so don't be scared...I grow them big - dd was 9lb 4oz and came out a week early!!!
soccermominsd's Avatar soccermominsd 03:47 AM 03-07-2006
This one is only 2 weeks later from the last one...

9.5 week belly

Not a super significant change, but fuller at the bottom compared to the 7week belly

btw...cruchymamatobe; you are VERY blessed with a great lean belly.
Chicky2's Avatar Chicky2 04:47 PM 03-07-2006
Well, let's see if this works. This is at the beginning of my 6th wk. I'm 7 wks 3d today....
SunRayeMomi's Avatar SunRayeMomi 05:03 PM 03-07-2006
You are all soooo cute!!

I was just commenting yesterday to DP how I look like I'm about 5 months already

I can't believe how big I thought I was the first time. I was so little with baby 1~! I'm only 8 weeks and fell like 20. Ah well. No pictures please!!
soccermominsd's Avatar soccermominsd 06:16 PM 03-07-2006
Awesome belly Chicky2!!! I love these photos. started this wonderful thread, show us the belly
jule924's Avatar jule924 06:46 PM 03-07-2006
Wow, I can't believe how fast the bellies are popping out - so cute!! I can't pop out too much until my maternity clothes get back here from my friend in IL!!

I'll have dh take a pic later and post it. I documented my first pg (easy with dh being a professional photographer!!) and I'm so glad I did.
Chicky2's Avatar Chicky2 08:49 PM 03-07-2006
Aw, thanks!

Come on ladies, you don't have to show your flab if you don't wanna (I didn't, lol), but post those belly pics!!!! Heck, I'll be posting pics of mine later on, MAJOR stretch marks and all. They are my badges of honor, after all!
geekmediainc's Avatar geekmediainc 12:51 PM 03-09-2006
Anyone else feel really fat after seeing all the other belly pics?
happiestmomma's Avatar happiestmomma 12:57 PM 03-09-2006
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah!!!
It didn't help to start out with a belly, though...
Chicky2's Avatar Chicky2 02:37 PM 03-09-2006
LOL, I never lost the flab from my last one...5 yrs ago. Lost alot everywhere else, though...My tummy will NEVER look the same again!
greeniegreen's Avatar greeniegreen 03:26 PM 03-09-2006
This is my first baby as well and I have myself convinced that I am totally showing. I have a big belly to begin with anyway and it just seems huge already. I've been having a lot of signs of potentially having twins so we'll see.
Chicky2's Avatar Chicky2 03:34 PM 03-09-2006
Sooooo, greeniegreen, where's the belly pic????? I wanna see!!!

Oh, and please do tell what kind of signs you are having that might indicate multiples? I'm wondering because, well, you saw my belly! Plus m/s started at 1.5 wks pg, which is why I tested at 12dpo! I have been quite miserable! I've been in maternity pants now for weeks!
greeniegreen's Avatar greeniegreen 03:38 PM 03-09-2006
I'm not brave enough to post a belly pic yet. My tummy is already shaped like I'm 6 months because I'm extra fluffy .

Well, I started having pretty bad morning sickness from early on as well (1.5 to 2 weeks) that then progressed and hit me like a ton of bricks starting at week 5 and has been extreme. I'm already in low/no panel maternity pants (though I'm trying to hide that because it's a tad embarassing). I've had pretty horrible cramps (growing pains I think) from pretty much implantation. I felt around for my fundus the other day and it's definitely above my pubic bone already (it's more like at a 16-week place - arg!!). The midwife that we have on call for us has been saying that she's thought we were having twins from the first moment that she saw me. If I am pregnant with twins, I'm scared to death!
Chicky2's Avatar Chicky2 04:04 PM 03-09-2006
Oh, don't be scared, Sweetie! Why do you think you were made w/two bbs? I told my dh any more than 2 and he'd have to grow one, lol!

I wish you'd be brave enough to post a pic! Goodness, i'm quite fluffy myself! It's not like anyone is going to laugh. Pg bellies are awesome and beautiful, no matter if they have a layer of fat over them or not!
loomweaver's Avatar loomweaver 04:16 PM 03-09-2006
Originally Posted by happiestmomma
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah!!!
It didn't help to start out with a belly, though...
greeniegreen's Avatar greeniegreen 07:00 PM 03-09-2006
Okay, okay This was taken today at 9 weeks and 6 days!!!!!
Avani's Avatar Avani 07:30 PM 03-09-2006
Here is my 5th babe in the belly at 8 1/2 weeks~
starlein26's Avatar starlein26 08:08 PM 03-09-2006
Originally Posted by greeniegreen
Okay, okay This was taken today at 9 weeks and 6 days!!!!!

That definitely looks like a twin belly to me...don't mean to scare you though...are you planning on getting an ultrasound?
greeniegreen's Avatar greeniegreen 08:13 PM 03-09-2006
Originally Posted by starlein26
That definitely looks like a twin belly to me...don't mean to scare you though...are you planning on getting an ultrasound?
Nope, no ultrasounds. If in my third trimester we could tell for sure that I was having twins, I might consider one just towards the end to get a feel for positioning, but it wouldn't change anything that I'd want to do as far as the birth.
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