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So how is everyone doing?We actually have babies now!Today i am meeting with a midwife who i pray will take me on!As of now,at almost 36 weeks i still have no one to deliver my babe : Almost all of the midwives in my area are going out of town for October and the ones that are around want to charge me the full rate of $3900 to just see me for a few weeks and deliver.Seriously i am all for supporting midwives but can't i get a break in price since i have not seen them since the beginning?Charging full price for a few weeks is too hard for my financially strapped family.And they all want the money before i birth!So,i found one midwife who lives an hour away in the mountains willing to let me pay way less then the others.But she has a full load so i need to birth a little early on and pray that we get along well and she agrees to see me.I have not had consistent prenatal care this pregnancy which has been turning off alot of midwives even though i am perfectly healthy and this is my 5th homebirth!I do have a clue as to what i am doing.So i am trying to get some me time and some focus on me right now since things have been insane this whole pregnancy.I need some serious grounding right now.I also have no clothes or diapers for this babe and need to figure that out as well.This is the most unprepared i have ever been but our money situation has been awful.

As far as me and babe goes i am nesting and feeling pretty good.I have lots of contractions which i actually enjoy.I make myself enjoy them because i know they are so much easier then real ones.This way when the real ones come on i am already in a centered frame of mine about them.Why stress?My body knows what to do!Now taking care of my 4 kids on my own and being this pregnant is a major challenge but it all seems to work out if i don't stress on every little thing.Now if this midwife agrees to take me on i know i won't have to labor on my own with all the kids.I'm still not sure who will watch the kids while i labor though.Especially my lil,clingy 1 year old monkey who will be a major challenge.
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s to you, Avani. We're pretty strapped and completely unprepared, too. My MIL (and her family) pitched in and got us the car seat we wanted for a shower gift. When that arrived this week I said, okay, Little Jeter, you can come now. However, there's still SO much more to do!

In general I'm just sick of being preggers. I'm not used to being so tired and unable to do for myself. It's driving me crazy! And don't even get me started on the sleep deprivation.

On the bright side, I'm close enough now that it is a much easier mental game when I get to the end of my rope. I'm just four weeks and a few days from my due date...there's a light at the end of the tunnel!
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We're doing great here. Little Quentin is still nursing great and has gained 13 ounces in the week he's been home. He is starting to sleep a bit less - mostly at night. He does seem to enjoy sleeping in my arms more than just next to me - not the most comfortable for me, but at least he stops the little grunty noises so I can sleep!! I'm not taking him out places except for walks around the neighborhood so far. He's so sweet - I forgot how wonderful babies smell
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I'm doing pretty good.

I decided I wanted to snuggle with dh last night so I slept in the middle of the bed and put dd on my usual side. NOT a good idea. : I had to scooch sideways halfway across a king size bed to get to pee three times last night. That was excrutiating on my hip/pubic bone. I'm still limping this morning from that. The sounds of my bones popping/grating was so nasty. So, no snuggling dh unless he comes to me from now on.

I'm actually starting to get a bit uncomfortable now. It's hard for me to walk up the stairs without having to rest halfway because my body is just not used to all this extra weight. My feet feel like they're on fire half the time even though they're not swollen but just a tiny tiny bit. My breasts have started getting very large, full, and heavy. A bit odd to me since they've stayed the exact same for this whole pregnancy since dd's still nursing. Which, btw, anyone want an adorable two year old? She's driving me crazy today.

Other than all that, we STILL don't have carseats. : I haven't pre-washed a single prefold so none of them are useable yet. We haven't taken the birth pool out of the box or made room to set it up. We don't have the faucet adaptor to hook the hose up to. I haven't ordered my birth kit.
Seriously, we're really not prepared for the birth or the babies. Our house is a total wreck because I can't do anything and my dh is trying the hardest he can, but there's just so much to do. *sigh* Hopefully it'll all come together before the birth. Only 9 days till I can have them safely at home!
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We are doing well this week as well. I survived DH's first week at his new job. He is really tired, but I managed to host Homeschool co-op and make all of my appointments, and go to work 3 times this week without collapsing. I haven't gained any weight this week, so physically I have had an easy time of it. My legs start to ache after awhile of standing due to the extra weight that is all hanging forward. As far as sleep goes. I go to bed around 12 after my last meal, and sleep in 2-3 hour shifts until 7am. I get an extra 2 hours when DH is home. I feel pretty good despite the constant waking, and it is good practice.

Mama to 4 darlings. A ('03), O and K ('06), A ('09), and wife to M since 2002.
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Besides extreme fatigue and more and more overall discomfort, I'm hanging in there. I'm really ready for her to be born, although I want her to stay in until she's fully ready, am I even making sense...

I feel really guilty these days because I have ZERO energy for my son. He loves going out and doing things and I just physically can't fill that desire for him. Then I think it'll be better when I have my energy back and realize that I'll then be limited by my dd...yikes. It'll take us some time to sort all of this out...

In love with Dh since 1998. We created Ds (7.1.03), Dd (10.16.06) and Dd (3.16.09).
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My pelvic injury seems to be getting much better. I still have to waddle back and forth to avoid pain, but I can get my pants on!! That's a huge improvement!!

I was on my feet for over six hours yesterday because my friend/partner and I had 2 photo gigs inside three hours, and the night before we'd been up to 2:30am doing a specialized shoot (with me) for images that we wanted. They are supposed to be messages regarding how society views pregnancy.
I don't know why, but I FAINTED in the middle of the shoot! It was very weird!
Anyway, I'm still recovering from all that - I'm SO tired today.

I get contractions every day, all day, probably about 20 minutes apart. They've been like this for over a week, probably closer to two. Sigh. Still can't feel my cervix because it's way too posterior. I also can't tell this baby's position for the life of me.
I can CLEARLY feel the solid, round, hardness of a head against my cervix, her hiccups are low, kicks are high... but kicks are also around my sides, too.
And how we can hear her heartbeat only ABOVE my navel - but her head is down? I'm so lost. When DH palpates he can clearly feel neck and head down, and the head is still movable (not engaged), but why is her heart in her butt?!?

photosmile2.gifBabs + trekkie.gifCurtis - Parents of Tempest blahblah.gif(08/07/03 autismribbon.gif), Jericho angel2.gif(11/01/05 ribboncesarean.gif), Xan moon.gif(10/03/06 uc.jpghbac.gif), Zephyra baby.gif(06/02/11 hbac.gif). mdcblog5.gif @ babyslime.livejournal.com

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Both DD and I have had a cold so that hasn't been fun. First there was a nasty sore throat and then major congestion. I hope we both sleep better tonight. I've had tons of contractions this afternoon. I have noticed that when this baby positions himself very low -- which causes the pelvic floor pain and a diminished ability to walk, sit, move, etc. on my part -- that I then also get more contractions. Hmmmm . . . maybe that will be useful later.

Less than two weeks now until I can have him at home. I've ordered my birth kit and hopefully it will be here next week. And we have most all the other stuff together. Mostly I am feeling really excited and happy, except for the times when I am so physically miserable that I feel like I'm gonna lose my mind. The weather has changed and I am having trouble finding clothes to fit me anymore and shoes too. My feet are expanding outwards by the minute it seems and flip-flops are cutting it. I really only have two pairs of pants that fit and I don't like wearing either out of the house. My belly hangs out the bottom of all my shirts now and I only have one long sleeve one. This doesn't help with fighting off colds of course. Just a few more weeks to go! Yippeee!

Amazing Mama Birth Services
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mamas! I so feel your pain. Hang in there...it will be over soon. You're all approaching the finish line...
Try making a to-do list & then prioritizing them...numbering them 1-whatever of what has to be done as #1...I find that always helps.

We are doing much better...although we are definately are battling thrush.
The midwife weighed Anna today... 6 lb 11 oz...so she still hasn't regained her birthweight. I had been really hoping she would have.
My boobs feel like boulders...super engorged & hard as rocks.
Anna slept last night from 12:30-4:30 without waking. It was nice to get such a solid sleep. I can't put her down without her crying (if I lay her down asleep she's awake & crying within 5 minutes). I can't change her diaper without frantic shreiking unless I change her laying across my lap nursing.
But I can either choose to view her as being a fussy, high-needs baby...or I can view her as being a newborn...helpless, totally dependent on me to provide her with everything...food, warmth, security, love...and she, being super smart knows that as long as she is in my arms she will have her needs met. I am LOVING the feel, sound & smell of her so close to my body.

Mama of 2 boys, 5 girls.grouphug.gif

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I'm feeling fantastic. I can hardly believe how good I feel. I have no aches, no pains, no swelling. I am seeing my chiro 2 times a week now instead of 3. The baby is head down and has been for 2 weeks now. I was so worried about his positioning since he was transverse and my dd was a c-section for breech.

I got my birth kit on Weds. I was getting teary-eyed looking through the stuff. The teeny newborn hat, the umbilical cord band, the tape measure to check his height and head circ. I had the carseat checked on Thursday and the diapers and clothes are washed and folded. I can't believe I'm so prepared. Tomorrow I'm 35 weeks and that is the gestation at which I had my daughter so I'm curious to see how long he stays aboard and what pregnancy is like after 36 weeks. Next week I could have a long post about how much I hate being pregnant.

October 1 I'll be 37 weeks and can have my homebirth. I'm just waiting for that day so I can really relax. I have an awesome OB back-up but I want to avoid the hospital at all costs so I'm sort of nervous that he may come before 37 weeks.
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But I can either choose to view her as being a fussy, high-needs baby...or I can view her as being a newborn...helpless, totally dependent on me to provide her with everything...food, warmth, security, love...and she, being super smart knows that as long as she is in my arms she will have her needs met.
Oh, I really love what you're saying here. She'll be older and independent soon enough and you'll wonder where the time went.
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I'll be 34 weeks on Tues, I feel so prepared. My birth kit has been ready for weeks, all dipes and clothing are washed and put away, my tub is ordered... My project for tomorrow is to start my freezer meals, that's the last thing on my list. DD was born at 38 weeks and I was so not ready for her, I was expecting to go to 41-42 weeks, I wanted to be prepared this time around. My MW seems think this babe will come earlier and fast, who knows but I'm going to be ready!

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.
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Going on 35 weeks and hmmm, not so much ready. Dying to meet this little one, but still in awe of the fact that we're so close to the end. But, still loving the magic of being pregnant, and I don't really want it to end. Reality is sort of hitting me, as I keep remembering I've made the appointment to have my cerclage pulled at my 36 week appointment...and DS came a mere week after that last time...so I'm having to remind myself we could be bringing home baby in just 3 weeks. Truly exciting, exhilerating, thrilling...and TERRIFYING at the same time!!!!
I keep getting "beached" in bed, where I get stuck on my side and can't roll over to get out of the bed. What fun, haha! Those darn round ligament pains make me feel like I'm going to tear my belly in half or something. And then I'm too embarrassed to wake my hubby up to roll me over.
Wishing I had more energy for all the nesting that I want to do...got all these plans to tidy up the place and not a shred of energy to do it.
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I'll be 37 weeks Tuesday and I'm just finding things to do at this point to kill time. Today we're going hiking - it's a treasure hunt - geocaching I think it's called. You go out and find things hidden and marked on GPS. It should be lots of fun!!

We've got playgroups lined up for just about every day between now and oh.....Mid -October. Wednesday we're going to the state fair with a bunch of girls from one of my playgroups.

I've got a few things to do as far as sewing projects - two quilts to make - one for my baby and one for my SIL who is due to deliver this week. I've got presents for birthdays and thank you notes from my birthday and shower to get in the mail. And finally, I've got some jobs around the house I'd like to get done before people start coming in town.

I feel good - I'm sure it's wishful thinking and pure selfishness but I feel like the baby is going to be a September baby. I went to 42 weeks with my first though, so I'm sure this one will hold out past her due date too. It really would be better for her to wait until after 10/5 - so my mom will be in town - but I'm so excited to meet her - it's like trying to get to open a Christmas present early.
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I'm around 38 weeks. Totally unprepared, like the rest of you (thank goodness it isn't just me!)

With my first I remember being totallly set up by this point. I haven't washed any diapers or clothing this time. Nothing!!!! It is all starting to kind of overwhelm me.

I also can't find my stash of newborn dipes, so I'm hoping for a larger sized newborn who can go strait to smalls.

Evergreen- Loving my girls Dylan dust.gifage8, Ava energy.gifage 4 and baby Georgia baby.gif (6/3/11).

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I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow and have already been to the hospital twice! To make a long story short...

Friday I had 'false labour', which involved very strong, painful contractions that ended up being about three minutes apart. After four hours of wondering what to do, I finally decided to head to the hospital. As it turns out, my cervix was pretty much the same as it was when I saw my doctor on Tuesday (2cm and still firm). My contractions were probably due to overdoing it, having some stress (I accidentally hurt my cat by slamming her paw in the door about 20 minutes before the ctxs got intense) and being slightly dehydrated. Dh and I went out for coffee - my mom insisted we at least get out and enjoy ourselves since she had things under control at our place.

The next day I ended up back there for liver function tests. I've been REALLY itchy since Friday, but there's no indication of ICP. It's very strange. No rash, itching all over my body beginning with the soles of the feet and the palms of my hands, worse at night... If I'm still itchy on Thursday when I see my doctor I'll get her to run another panel.

Anyway, that's the news here. When I thought I was in labour I realized how unprepared I was for bringing home the baby. A lot of things are done, but there's still so much to do! Thus, my nesting instinct is in full swing. I'm feeling very positive about not having given birth yet, as I want to enjoy the last few days of pregnancy and being baby-free as well as take time to spend with my boys and get things ready
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i hit 37 weeks today and am still feeling pretty darn good. essentially i have everything ready - just need to make some more freezer meals and put the carseat in the car and have it checked at the fire station.

i seem to have these weird burst of nesting energy and then i get really tired and have to lay down. also, i'm trying to stay super hydrated because i notice that i start to swell as soon as i stop drinking water. so, i keep pumping it in at this point.

i'm hoping to do a belly cast this weekend when my sister comes up for a visit. and after that i suppose the official waiting mode kicks in.

i can't believe how close i am. this time being pregnant has flown by for me.
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36 weeks here and pelvis is KILLING ME! We had 2 weddings oer the weekend and while i took it EXTREMELY easy (no dancing or anything!) I am exhausted. A 6 hour ride each way to teh weddings was NOT FUN!
Anyway. I am in major nesting mode but cannot do anythign cause it hurts so much to even walk! I literally can feel teh baby's head rub against my groin every time I take a step! I had an internal check toiday at teh Dr's and he siad the head is righ tthere, but minimal dilation. So he thinks that when i do dilate, the baby is coming fast as his head is already engaged and ready. SO we're jsut hanging out trying to get teh million things done that I KNOW arent' going to be done in teh next 4 weeks (or 2 like teh dr thinks!)
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38 weeks today!! I've found myself thinking that I don't need to get ready yet because I have heeeaps of time... suddenly it occured to me that THERE"S NOT MUCH TIME QUICK QUICK!! Today I felt a huge shift within myself to get nesting and the excitement has been building all day.
I'm looking forward to my checkup on Monday because I haven't had an internal yet and I just know that things have progressed. I'm having alot of trouble walking with shooting pains down my left leg and it feels like something is digging in when I move my right leg (???????)
My poor children are going stir crazy as I haven't been able to take them out much at all and the phonecalls have started - which means that I no longer answer the phone, but I'll return messages.

We're nearly there!!! The September DDC have nearly all birthed already and we're next!!
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