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but how do I loosen stool without taking a laxitive? Is there a certain type of food I can eat?

The baby is so big and I cant stretch anymore and when I go to poo now... well... it hurts. but not where you'd think. It hurts my cervix and tummy and the baby and my pelvic bones... because squeezing or rather trying to squeeze the poo out squishes him even more and I end up wanting to curl up on the floor in pain from him punching me so bad for it.

So I need to loosen the stools. Because the poo is building and he's getting cranky for that too (lack of room ya know?)

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You can try colace it is not a laxative it is a stool softener and very safe to use with pg. I had to use it myself with both mine. You can buy it OTC get the generic brand it is like $3-4 while the name brand is $15-18. If you get it at Wal-Mart it is in a white bottle with blue writing.

If you like walnuts those are really good and loosening things up.

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Warm prune juice and 7-Up worked like a charm when I did my med-surg rotation at the VA. Also, caffeine will work for most people.

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Heard Pineapple is a good digestive aid (and yummy) but not sure it would help the preexisting poop, just the 'not made yet' poop...for future reference...
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my advice is to go on a fruit and veggie day fast (and eat rice if you need to)
-go for a brisk walk, do some yoga postures, particularly twists and stomach 'sqeezing postures', and even some inversions like downward dog pose

whenever hungry, just have more fruit and veggies... and of course water, tea, water water water

or if you simpy want to supplement an existing diet try POWER PUDDING. it is something that worked with the elders i used to care for.

Power Pudding
1 cup apple sauce unsweetened
1/2 cup prune juice
1/3 cup chopped prunes
1/4 cup bran

simmer on stovetop covered with lid til soft and mushy. keeps in fridge nicely, eat daily.
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Water, water, water and high fiber foods!

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here's one site....just google "high fiber foods"
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When i had this issue last pregnancy my midwife had me take aloe capsules and probiotics(acidopholous).You can take Colace if you prefer OTC things.I do prefer naturally myself.Also psyllium husks(which is in metamucil works great to push things out)Drink tons and tons of water!
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Drink lots of water and this may sound really weird but a full body professional massage can help "relax" everything and cleanse your system. Prunes are also known for their laxative effect.

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Like everyone has said: "LOTS OF WATER", eating prunes in the morning before breakfast (maybe even prune juice if you like it), eat fruits rich in fiber like pineapple, and believe it or not adding 2 tbsp of olive oil to your daily diet works too. Milk always helps me, I just have a bowl of bran cereal with fat free milk and I chop some prunes on top of it, it tastes good too! If that doesn't help Phillip's milk of magnesia, just one spoon, doesn't taste really good, but it works. Good luck and try to stop thinking about it, just relax and eat the good stuff
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I am taking a magnesium supplement for my RLS and it softens stools a lot. You could always try that. The magnesium won't hurt to take if your body doesn't need it.

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I am right there with Caitlin. The mag supplement is all I need. Some of the other remedies sound really yummy though. I think I am going to file away the pudding recipe for later use. It is too high in sugar for me now, but post partum it sounds great.

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