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Keren's Avatar Keren 05:35 PM 11-06-2006
This is a little late, but I just got Keagan's pics uploaded. Does anyone else have pics of their new babes on their first Halloween?



The Costume

lab80's Avatar lab80 06:29 PM 11-06-2006
What a cute Mario!

My Lil' Pumpkin

Two of Us
Keren's Avatar Keren 06:32 PM 11-06-2006
thank you! my BF got upset that I dressed his "princess" up as a boy, but he wanted to have her go as dinner

you have an adorable pumpkin. I love the pic of you two together.
AppleOrangePear's Avatar AppleOrangePear 07:57 PM 11-06-2006
Cute Mario however as for the dinner one i would be worried about it getting in the wrong hands ( downloaded what not) ..... However everyones different not something i think is amusing.......

Keren's Avatar Keren 08:01 PM 11-06-2006
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend anyone would you like me to remove it?
lab80's Avatar lab80 03:54 AM 11-07-2006
Thanks, he is an adorable pumpkin

I do have to agree about the "dinner" pic, I was expecting to see her dressed as a turkey or something.