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Kathryn's Avatar Kathryn 03:36 AM 11-18-2006
Oh hon. : I know there just isn't anything I can say that would make it different. I will keep you in my thoughts.

Spark's Avatar Spark 03:43 AM 11-18-2006
Holding you in my thoughts & heart.
KIMBER1983's Avatar KIMBER1983 04:08 AM 11-18-2006
Not from your DDC, but wanted to post and say I'm soo sorry for your loss.
you and your family will be in my thoughts & prayers.
Take care.
Leilamus's Avatar Leilamus 06:17 PM 11-19-2006
Thinking of you and your family...wish there were words that would help take away some of the pain.
chrissy's Avatar chrissy 12:58 PM 11-20-2006
tracy, i'm thinking of you today.
kaylee18's Avatar kaylee18 12:42 AM 11-21-2006
Originally Posted by chrissy View Post
tracy, i'm thinking of you today.
Me too. Hugs to you.
littleteapot's Avatar littleteapot 07:35 AM 11-21-2006
Me three.
LavenderMae's Avatar LavenderMae 02:35 PM 11-21-2006
I'm thinking about you too!
deliarose's Avatar deliarose 08:29 PM 11-21-2006
Praying for you.
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