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I remember being toast for the first 3 mos when the twins were born, and this time, I'm feeling just as tired! My brain feels like it's filled with cotton all day long, and when I'm sleeping (or trying to sleep), I'm dealing with all-over headaches... ugh! We're sleeping with babe from the get-go, so I never have to get up out of bed to nurse or change diapers, but I'm still so wiped.

Can someone remind me that this is normal and part of having a newborn? And how long does this last? It's almost impossible for me to nap during the day since the twins are 4 years old. Even when they're in school, I only have just over an hour at home between dropping them off and picking them up.

Are you doing anything else, like vacuuming, laundry, working... cooking?? Am I pushing it too hard too soon? We just moved into a new house in the summer, so I feel awful when it gets overwhelmingly cluttered or messy.

I keep wanting to blame my lack of energy on having a c, but I don't know if I can blame everything on the recovery from the c, esp. since it's already been 3 weeks.

rant. rant. rant. thanks for listening and sharing!

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I'm pretty much exhausted all day too. Coffee is my new best friend . With ds, I used to nap when he did in these early weeks, but with a near 3 1/2 year old, that's virtually impossible. Even when he does nap, she's not or vice versa...yikes. Another big change is the sleeping in. With ds I could basically sleep in because newborns don't wake up at 6:30 and stay awake. My son wakes up every morning no later than 7...that's rough. I'm also doing tons of cleaning (I can't stand it when everything's a mess). Dh sort of doesn't get that part, the helping more around the house part...

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Same here. DD is 4 and there is no way to nap when baby naps, or while she's in school isn't enough time. He never sleeps more than 2 hrs at a time at night, and much of that is on my chest, so not a very restful sleep!

I have yet to get into the housework again and it's been 2 weeks. I haven't even left the house except once to get baby adjusted. Pretty sad! I remember last time taking about 2 mos before I started to resume normal activity.
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Typing one handed . . . having a 2 yo and a baby is a whole other ball game!!! And you have twins for your first!! You can't just go with your baby's schedule anymore - you have to adapt the baby to your older child's and that's harder IMO. And you also have to respond to more demands.
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The only way I am somewhat barely functioning is because I've been going to bed at 8pm every single night since dd2 was born. I start getting dd1 ready at 7:30pm, and we all fall asleep together. DD1 is up at 6:30am, no naps, I HS her so I don't have a break during the day. I have not been doing much around the house, just laundry and loading the dishwasher, we've been existing off of soup. I make a big pot and we eat it for lunch and dinner until it's gone. DD1 has been parked in front of the TV ALOT I refuse to feel guilty about that for the first 4 weeks. And I started drinking coffee again, after swearing that I wasn't going to.

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Wow - that is funny to hear that you are just as tired as you were with twins. I guess I imagine being twice as tired with doubles We are sleeping mostly through the night with little feedings. I wake up feeling like laying around for a little while, then get energy, then feel wiped out by DS' naptime, then get energy, then collapse at bedtime! I remember feeling sleep deprived until DS was 10 months old! I'm hoping to cope better this time around, but we'll see.

Mandi - Doula/Childbirth Educator, Loving my DH, DS, DD, DD, missing my three (last m/c 4/2010)
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(raising hand in air). I'm freakn' exhausted. And I only have one. So, bless all of you who have either twins or older siblings to contend with too.

Caleigh has developed this habit of being unable to sleep unless in my or my husband's arms. Which is sweet during the day when I have a cup of tea or hot cocoa at my side. But when I want to nap too (haven't mastered the napping while sitting routine) or at night its extremely difficult. She will fall asleep inbetween us in the bed but my husband is a "roller" and an "elbower" so I'm terrified, as is he, that he'll either roll on top of her or elbow her during the night. She won't sleep on her own in the co-sleeper. (This from a little girl who spent the first 10 days of her life alone in an isolet at the hospital!)

I know everyone says to nap while they nap, but I find it so hard! I look at the kitchen and see dirty dishes or cloth diapers that need to be washed or furniture that has two weeks of dust accumulation and then those tasks take precedence.

It's only been two weeks so I shouldn't complain but going on four hours of sleep a night with little chance for more than a half hour nap throughout the day is definitely wearing on me.
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yes I'm exhausted. Sigh.

♥ blogger astrologer mom to three cool kiddos, and trying to figure out this divorce thing-- Blossom and Glow ♥

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Man, I can sympathize with you! Charles has his schedule all mixed up - so we're up all night and sleeping pretty much all day. I feel horribly guilty about it - especially since my mom has my older guys for a mini break for a couple of weeks - and when they get back home, I'll have to try to have gotten the new guy on a "normal" schedule.
And of COURSE I can't sleep when he does, anyway... haha. I've got to do laundry and dishes and - well - anything else. @_#
Perhaps I'm a glutton for punishment. ^^;;
I hope you [and I!] get some sleep [good, real sleep, that is] soon!
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Exhausted here too! and there is NO WAY i am cleaning anything (well, except for diapers and a load of dishes here and there). Now that DH is back at work, the house is a trainwreck

I am nearly 3 weeks after my section and still feel awful and in pain. i don't think you should be expected to be back to par.

I am definetly doing too much and things i am not supposed to do -- like picking up my toddler, make 15 trips up and down the stairs everyday, etc.

Hang in there!
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