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still swollen...been 2 weeks

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Okay, is anyone else still very tender and sore vaginally? My labia was very swollen after almost 4 hours of pushing and I had vericose veins there during pregnancy so now they are in full bloom and VERY uncomfortable. Is this normal? I can deal with the hemroids but the swollen feeling when I am on my feet for any length of time is really buggine me. Any thoughts?
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Comfrey tea--soak washcloths in and freeze them...then lay them on a pad and put in panties...
This helps swelling.
Arnica tablets will help swelling too...or the cream--but you don't want the cream on any open cuts (if you tore and it hasn't healed etc)

I pushed for 3 hrs with dd (4 yrs ago)--and didn't have the varicose veins untl NOW!
I didn't know of these remedies, but have done some research knowing that I may be in your shoes after I deliver!

Oh--you can also streak the pads with the comfrey tea (comfrey can be found in tea leaf form at a health food store) and freeze the pads...

Hope this helps!

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