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1stbaby3rddaughter's Avatar 1stbaby3rddaughter 02:46 PM 12-05-2006
Does anyone's baby have this? Taylor started breaking out around her cheeks when she was about 3 weeks and has gotten really bad ever since. It doesn't seem to bother ger but her skin it's not soft and pretty like it was befor. I've done some research and it definately looks like neonatum acne or baby acne, apparently it will go away on its own . I was just wondering if there's anything that can make it better until it clears up????

texmama's Avatar texmama 03:15 PM 12-05-2006
My baby boy started to get this as well, poor thing looked like me as a teenager... I just wash his face everyday with a mild baby soap, and it's cleared up.
lab80's Avatar lab80 03:28 PM 12-05-2006
DS has this...its getting a lot better though. I actually didn't do anything to help it, it's just clearing up on its own. He got it more on his shoulder and back than on his face though. It never seemed to bother him though. GL
deleria's Avatar deleria 03:31 PM 12-05-2006
Both Aerik and Jackson had this. Jackson's was worse, though. It just started clearing up this week (he's 7 weeks).

The important thing is just to leave to run its course. It'll be gone very soon. And then you can rejoice at the return of beautiful baby skin like I did a couple of days ago
mamama's Avatar mamama 04:36 PM 12-05-2006
Yup mine has it too on his face, chest, back & head. He's had it for a few weeks. It seems to be starting to go away now. DS is 7 weeks.
soon2b3's Avatar soon2b3 02:49 AM 12-06-2006
I thought they all get it ? The important thing is to leave it alone or only use very very mild soap, with my first two children I tried so hard to get rid of it that I upset the skins acid mantle and they both ended up with really bad cradle cap!
1stbaby3rddaughter's Avatar 1stbaby3rddaughter 01:52 AM 12-19-2006
Thank you for all your responses, she's now 9 weeks and her skin has cleared up nicely: