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My dd is 6 weeks and sleeping great at night, but not at all during the day. During the day she will be happy with me at home, she likes to be held and will let me put her down for up to 15 minutes at a time in the bouncy chair. We also spend lots of time in the moby and Ergo. She will fall asleep but within 15 minutes of being put down, she wakes up. This isn't a big deal except then by the evening she is SO tired, but fighting sleep. I would say on average she gets 1.5 hours of sleep during the day.

She will go to sleep at night around 9 and sleep till 2 or 3!! Then up to nurse and asleep again until 6ish then up for the day about 9! I feel so grateful she is such a good night sleeper, but I would love a little time during the day.

It just thought that she would nap, a little......
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My DS sleeps well at night, wakes up to nurse but we just BF in bed. He's in bed from 11pm until 10am or so. Sometimes until 11:30. We'll get up and he will nurse and get a diaper change and he will be awake for a little bit but take an hour nap or so. Then be awake for a while then take another smaller nap. I put him in his rocket to sleep but he has to be really asleep or he wakes up before he gets to the rocker. He reminds me of those dolls that their eyes close when you lie them down, but his open when you try to lie him down. He sleeps more when DH gets home for a while, then down for the night. He will be 7 weeks on Thursday.
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My baby sounds a lot like yours! She sleeps great at night (a 5 hour stretch, then eating for ~30 min, then another 3.5 hours.) But the days are a different story...

I've tried to get her to nap in her own bed (co-sleeper) but she wakes up after a little bit, like you describe. She'll sleep forever in people's arms (so all the relatives thinks she's a perfect baby! she's close but...)

Here's a couple things I've done to help her get her naps in (so she's a much happier baby!)

-planned my trips 'out' to the grocery store or shopping to coincide with nap time. She'll fall asleep in the car, then I put in her my sling to walk around the stores. She sleeps great then.

-she takes naps great on the bathroom floor. Yep. We have a blanket folded up several times on the floor and then, this is KEY, we turn on the fan. She absolutely loves it. I'll walk in to the bathroom and she'll be fussing a bit, turn on the fan and she'll quiet down, then in two seconds her eyelids are mostly shutting and I'll lay her down on the blanket and she's OUT. And even later if she wakes up a bit, either right away or after one sleep cycle of 45 min, she'll usually fall right back asleep with only a little fussing if we don't go to her.

-The other thing I've found to be really important is getting her down for her first nap of the day at the right time. If that one gets delayed or skipped, she doesn't seem to nap well at all the whole rest of the day. The first nap always starts about 1 hour after she first wakes up in the morning and starts eating. Crazy, I know. That means it's only about 30-45 min after she finishes nursing for the first time, but it definitely works for us.

Hope some of these help! Don't give up because they're so much happier and cuter when they're well rested!

p.s. my daughter probably takes 4-5 naps a day. Most are only 1-1.5 hours, but sometimes one of them is 2-3 hours. She will be 6 weeks on Friday.

Also, I ordered a white noise machine yesterday, so hopefully she'll like that and soon she won't have to nap on the bathroom floor!!

DD (2006) and DD (2009) and pos.gif
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My DD sleeps wonderfully at night--she can sleep for 6 hour stretches, nurses and then she sleeps another 2-3 hours. But during the day, she catnaps here and there but is mostly awake. The only way I can get her to take a long nap is if I put her in the sling and walk around with her. And she falls asleep immediately if I bundle her up, put her in the sling and take a long walk outside. She wakes up pretty quickly if I put her down anywhere but my arms and then she cries until I pick her up. I also have a co-sleeper but she doesn't like to sleep in it, even at night, she needs the skin to skin contact. Needless to say, I don't get much done unless I'm wearing her.
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DD1 was like that. She never slept, almost every pic I have of her she is wide wake, eyes bugging out of her head from looking at everything. Not much is different almost 4 years later. The child still never sleeps.

DD2 sleeps ALL the time, I keep thinking that she has to wake up one of these days. She might be awake 2 hours an entire day, it's such an odd feeling after DD1.

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