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MidnightCommando 01-09-2007 02:18 PM

It seems like our DDC is pretty inactive these days - and not becuase we are all lazy either! Personally, I haven't had much time to sit down to the computer for anything other than work.

Aislyn is such a happy baby and seems to be smiling and laughing all the time. I have been desperatly tryng to capture all the wonderful smiles and gummy grins on camera but once she sees the camera, she's all business. I've tried the sneak attack but she seems to be wising up to that. Plus, with the delay on a digital camera, most of the shots I manage to sneak in are out of focus or of the wall. She's like her dad - he hates having his picture taken

Her big brother (Atlas, our german shepherd) has taken quite a shine to her. He loves giving her kisses and we are training him to pick up dropped toys so in the future, I won't have to be picking everything up He is starting to get really protective of her - he won't let the cat near her. I'm hoping this won't turn into a big issue for us. It will be nice for her to have a dog that will look out for her but we don't need him to get ot the point where he's not letting anything near her. We'll see how this progresses.

She is still absolutely refusing the bottle (EBM), and the issue is starting to drain me. I am primarily working from home until March but still have to attend a few day meetings and have to travel overnight for a conference in a few months. Plus, as much as I love spending time with her, mom needs a break. I think I could manage if she ate a while and was good for a few hours but we have a super snacker on our hands. Aside from night, she eats about every hour. My employer has been understanding so far (me leaving in the middle of meetings) but I think their patience is beginning to run a little thin - especially when I had to leave in the middle of a meeting that I was running:

It seems like we have tried every bottle, nipple, person, etc, etc, but she won't have it. I even went as far as to try to give her a pacifier (totally not what I want to do) in hopes that I could get a nipple that replicates a paci to give her a bottle - she won't do it. Even a finger won't suffice for sucking.

Anyhoo, it feels like is is 8000 degrees below zero lately and the wind has been howling. Ahhhh - winter in Idaho. I'd like to take DD out for some fresh air but 2 minutes in the arctic makes me chilled to the bone - I'm afraid she'd freeze instantly. Atlas is crazy - he lives for this weather and would sit out all day if I let him.

How are you mamas doing? Let's chat!

BTW - I figured I'm still a member of the Oct DDC even though we had a nov. babe


lab80 01-09-2007 03:16 PM

Hey Midnight...I'm definatly still here. I'm lucky enough to be SAHM so I do have time for the comp. most of the time. Sounds like you are having a busy time. I've been getting migranes lately which are no fun at all. Luckily DS hasn't had a crying fit while I've had one. We've bonded really well and I love watching him grow and learn. He's starting to kind of grab things and he totally knows how his playmat works to make it play music and light up. He loves to kick, and it's so cute. In the past few days he starts to giggle. I'm ready to hear him laugh, that will be sweet to hear.

We have a dog also, Tiger. She doesn't pay a whole lot of attention to the baby. If he cries and we aren't next to him she will go over by him like "get over here and help this baby!". She does get a little protective of him though. I wish we could teach her to pick up his toys, but she would just tear them apart...she has her own toys and knows not to touch his, so we'll just leave it at that...

I'm in Texas and it as been chilly, I would like to take DS out but it's not just the cold...we have a pack of coyotes that live across the street and I'm afraid to go outside by myself let alone with the baby. I've never seen them during the day before only at dawn and at dusk but still, it is unnerving to say the least.

Anywho...I'm sorry your baby won't take a bottle or a paci. I know that the Mams brand has a paci and a bottle with the same kind of nipple, but I'm sure you've already tried that. I hope you get it all figured out.

MidnightCommando 01-09-2007 03:59 PM

Migraines are the pits! I used to get them frequently but thankfully I haven't had one in about a year. Fioricet (Rx needed) definately worked great but knocked my ass out for about 5 hours. I don't know if you could take it while BF.

I also discovered that this combintation worked great, no Rx needed: take an excedrin, have an orgasm and then a really hot shower. Worked almost everytime, although it is hard to get off if you are in so much pain but just focus (also works great for a hangover )
Just DONT use cold anything. I know it feels good but it constricts your blood vessels further and you want them to open.

I have not tried the mam. What retail stores can you buy it at? Maybe I'll do some searching thios weekend. We are ready to try ANYTHING at this point.

lab80 01-10-2007 02:58 PM

The mam brand is at Target, Babies R Us and Toys R Us I'm sure. I am not sure if Walmart carries the brand or not. I might just have to give your mirgrane suggestion a try next time. Last time I took Tylenol and took a hot bath it worked pretty quick, but I'd prefer not to have to take pills.

So how big is your baby now? My DS is about 2.5 months and still hovering at around 16lbs. He leveled off at 16 about a week ago so I'm sure he will start to grow again anytime now

Peony 01-10-2007 04:12 PM

We are still hanging in there. DD2 is 2.5 months now and is still a tiny little peanut. We've had weight loss issues due to all her vomiting, along with dehydration, but that seems to be doing better. We haven't had to go into the hospital for an IV this year, and when she went into the pedi last week, she weighed a whopping 8lbs 12ozs, which is great for how sick she was just the week before. She smiles all the time, I've gotten some gummy pics of her, there is one in my siggy. She loves DD1, DD1 can always make her smile. She is just starting to grow out of most of her 0-3 month clothes, thank goodness for bulky cloth diapers.

I have had so much computer time, all I do is sit on the couch and nurse her, she eats constantly. I'm ok with that, it's what she needs. I've had to make other arrangements for DD1 since I literally can't do anything at all. So she is enrolled in a Waldolf pre-school for a couple months, not really what I wanted since we are a home school family, but it had to be done.

DD2 is on O2, has been since beginning of Dec, she probably will remain on it till spring. We are doing everything we can to try and keep her from getting any other illnesses, a little cold could land her back in the hospital. DD2 seems like she is getting annoyed with her O2 tubing now, I catch her with it in her hands.

She still sleeps a lot, she rarely stays awake longer then an hour. We don't go out at all, only to the doc office, but when we do, she hates her car seat. I seem only to reproduce car seat hating children. I'm hoping that next month, I can start to go grocery shopping and etc... again, with DH's help I'm sure. It really will be nice to get out of the house.

I don't have the issue of trying to get anything done with a baby that wants to be held, cause I don't do anything. I feel so bad for DD2, she sleeps a lot but it isn't peaceful sleep (she coughs and it wakes her up) so when she is out, I don't want to wake her up, so I hold her for about 23 hours and 30 minutes a day. Gives me time to enjoy my little one, they grow up so fast. I'm in awe that my first baby is 4 years old already.

LavenderMae 01-10-2007 04:34 PM

I also have way too much comp time. My little guy likes me to hold him while he sleeps. It's making me stir crazy and my house is disgusting. On the up side I love spending so much cuddle time with him. I do feel for my other children though, they have to come to me a lot instead of me going to them. It won't be forever though.
Jove has a doctor app. next Wed. I wasn't even going to take him to a dr. but I'm a little concerned w/ how his head is growing and just want to check it out. I did have my midwife check it and she thinks it's normal but referred me to a local dr. who should be okay w/ non-vaxers. Jove really HATES being messed with so he'll likely cry most of the visit. and he hates the car seat too, so did my dd. My ony one who didn't mind the car seat (ds1) is the one who got car sick a lot.
Jove is smiling a lot and cooing so much. He is so close to giggling too, I can't wait!!

Peony, I'm glad dd2 is getting better!! Oh and she is such a cutie (so is you dd1)!!

lab80 01-12-2007 03:02 PM

My DS doesn't mind the carseat. Which is awesome. We try to schedule going places around his naptime so he sleeps in the carseat. So he will usually be fussy until he fall asleep, which is what he would do reguardless.

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