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Twice as nice 01-25-2007 05:08 PM

Hi Mamas,

So most of our babies should be at least 3 months old by now. How are your babies doing? How are YOU doing?

My munchkins are doing GREAT! They are just over 4 months old now and have grown so much. By their 4 month check-up, they had both doubled their birth weight. They are such happy little babies and its so amazing to see how they are both growing and developing. Their different personalities amaze me.

Katie is a very very social baby. She loves attention from everyone. Whenever anyone (including complete strangers) talk to her, her whole face just lights up, she gets an ear-to-ear smile on her face and sings back to them. This kid stays up so late at night just giggling and playing... I mean, if she goes to sleep, she might miss a party, ya know? She is so smart too. When we talk to her, she acts like she completely understands everything. Her facial expressions are just to die for Oh, and when I come up to get her out of her swing or her carseat or off the changing table, she arches her back to "help" mama Soooo sweet!

Nick is much more layed back. All he pretty much wants to do is eat, cuddle, and sleep. He can play in his little play gym for half our at a time. He also loves to smile and to "sing". I think I have two future performers on my hands His hair has gotten sooo long now, but I just cant bring myself to get it cut... its soo soft

I'm doing pretty well too. I finally started going to the gym (our local YMCA has a nursery where they watch kids as young as 6 weeks). Cant wait to lose the 40 extra lbs that i'm still packing. I also went back to school last week. I finally saw the true extent of my "mommy's brain" Imagine watching TV with the sound on mute... well, that was me watching the professor lecture in class.. I saw his lips move but had no idea what in the world he was talking about : Guess I'll have to work twice as hard now.

Well... in other words... we are all doing great. Can't wait to hear about everyone else!!!

lab80 01-25-2007 06:11 PM

Hello. DS will be 3 months tomorrow. He's a happy baby and loves when anyone talks to him. He loves to kick. He's starting to realize he can reach for things, which is adorable.

He sometimes has bad nights where he will cry for a little while, but eventually calms down and passes right out.

He was born 8lbs 10oz and he is now getting close to 17lbs. So glad we have that Baby Bjorn or my arms would fall off!

Breastfeeding is going great as well as the cloth diapering.

I'm doing pretty well. I lost a lot of weight the first month after he was born but I've plateued after losing around 45lbs. Which is fine with me really, because I can't say I've been excersising . Breastfeeding and walking around with 17lbs has done it for me I think. But I wouldn't mind losing more and toning up.

The Happy Baby

The Happy Family

kleinhund 01-25-2007 07:16 PM

Alex turned 3 months old this week. He's a very happy and sociable little guy. He was nearly 10 pounds at birth and is somewhere between 17 and 18 pounds now. He's working at rolling over and loves to sit up supported on our laps. He has a five hour stretch of sleep most nights, which has me feeling much more rested. That's making it easier for me to exercise and eat better so I can lose the 30 pounds of extra weight that I've still got.

The first two months were rough because of breastfeeding struggles. I had a horrible time trying to nurse my daughter and was determined that things would be better with Alex. I spent over a year educating myself and was prepared to work through any difficulties. Things seemed to get off to a good start. After a totally intervention-free birth, Alex latched well and nursed constantly. But at two weeks, he had lost more than two pounds and wasn't having enough wet/dirty diapers. We had to start supplementing, at first with a dropper, then with a lact-aid. He still nursed constantly and I started eating oatmeal daily, taking fenugreek and blessed thistle, pumping after feedings when I could to stimulate more supply. Nothing worked. Every few days, I'd try to decrease the supplements. But we'd start noticing a decline in wet/dirty diapers and he'd be crying constantly. My body simply would not produce an adequate milk supply.

My midwife says I'm the only mother she's ever seen with a naturally occurring supply failure. I realize that a lot of people at MDC don't think it's possible for someone to fail to make enough milk. However rare it is, it can happen and I get to be one of the unfortunate few. I hope everyone else has had much better luck nursing their babies!

Peony 01-25-2007 08:44 PM

We are finally doing a lot better. Gabrielle is gaining weight now, she is probably 11 lbs by now, she growing out of her 0-3 clothes finally. Nursing has always gone great for us, she nurses all the time. She is a little flirt, she'll smile at anyone that looks at her. DD2 coos all the time, she has come close to laughing a few times. She really enjoys her older sister. Gabrielle is finally well enough to go out but we still don't leave the house because of the germ issue, she couldn't handle a cold very well. She got a very mild one from DD1 and that increased her coughing again. After much debate and thought we decided to give her the Synagis injections. It wasn't an easy decision, I don't even have children's Tyenol in the house so to agree to give her a drug with RSV antibodies was tough. But with her chronic lung disease, RSV would be very difficult for her. Insurance took a month to approve them, so she will get her first dose next week. We think that she might actually be well enough to come off O2 next week, or at least very soon. She'll have to go back on it if she gets a cold, but it will be so nice not having her be on O2 all the time. I have developed an addiction to fitted dipes and wool. I CD'ed DD1 but managed not to catch the bug, I wasn't successful this time. Gabrielle wakes up every couple hours at least to nurse, and will only sleep and nap in my arms, I NEVER put her down.

I'm doing ok, getting stir-crazy after not really leaving the house in 3 months, but it is what has to be done. The pg weight is very slowly going away, I can't exercise, and we live off take-out so I'm doing good considering. 5 more lbs and I'll be at my pre-pg weight, but I need to lose another 5 past that, so 10 more and I'll be good.

chaibaby 01-25-2007 10:44 PM

Caleigh and I are both well and getting ready for our big move to Canada in a week!
She is now 12 weeks old and has probably doubled her birth weight. She was born at 7 and weighed 13.1 two weeks ago. My guess is that she is over 14. My arms would sure vouch for that!
She is really good - sleeping through the night most nights, others she wakes up for about a 20 minute nursing session and then falls back asleep. I'm loving that!
She never really took to a sling (tried 3 different ones) and so I'm looking forward to her being ready for the MacLaren stroller we have (at 3 months). The one we borrowed from my SIL in the first three months is really old, rickety, and pretty annoying. So, I carry her a lot! I think my biceps are HUGE now as a result, lol.
She's almost rolling over from her back to her belly (she flings her legs into the air and throws herself onto her side, totally funny). And she grins & giggles all day, especially at her mom's terrible singing voice. I'm determined to teach Caleigh the love of classic rock while her daddy sings country.
We're moving, as I mentioned, in one week to Canada (from NJ). I'm a little nervous b/c we are moving back to my hometown and as a result, my hubby is giving up his hometown and leaving his family. Plus, I'm going back to work in two weeks so I'm dealing with issues with that. At least she'll be able to come with me three days a week or so but for the other times, I'm dreading it!!!

AppleOrangePear 01-26-2007 12:17 AM

Hello! We are doing great.

As strong as DH maybe he cant believe how heavy Sage is to just walk around carrying Sage weighs about 18 + LBS. He has a BIG pile of clothes i need to pack up and comfortably fits into 6-9 month clothes.

He sleeps great and is really great at cueing us when needing to poop. Lately as soon as he pees he makes it known. He is a giggly lil boy and i heard his first giggles on Christmas evening. He still is determined to crawl and can occasionally get on his knees while he is on elbows though starting this week he can do extended arms (but then he cant get to knees ). He loves watching Kai ( 3yrs old) play and more.

Now let me post a lil pic of my boy with his lil elfy ears hee hee

As for me i gained prego 40 Lbs ( started 127 up to about 169) im down to 136,,,,, a lil more and i can maybe fit into some shorts and pants.. I have been living in PJ WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMama 01-26-2007 12:26 AM

It's great to hear how everyone is doing!

We're doing pretty well around here too. Finn is almost 3.5 months old now. We weighs a little over 17.5lbs. I wear him as much as I can, but I am having back trouble again and I have trouble with recurrent plugged ducts and mastitis, so sometimes I make the decision to not have him on my chest pressing on my breasts. I feel like he is getting way too heavy for my moby, but when he's in the ring sling or bjorn, my back really feels it. I have a woven wrap too and think I might have to work with that a bit more. I need to dig out the Ergo too.

His on-going health issues are still on-going, but I have to say that in the last few days he has actually been less snarfly! Maybe, could it really be going away finally? I don't want to jinx it by saying this. He is still a little mucousy but definitely better than he was. I've been very strictly off dairy for over two weeks now and off soy since Sunday. So, it could be the dairy or it could be the soy. I kind of screwed up in not going off both of them at the same time. Or maybe he is finally just out-growing whatever it was. I am optimistic nevertheless!

He was diagnosed with strabismus (eye crossing) when he was two months old. He was seen again at about 2 months and 2 weeks and it had seemed to go away. Now, unfortunately, it seems to return on occasion. And sometimes I just can't tell. Eyes are tricky. We have been told he'll have to have surgery when he is 6 months old. I am planning on getting several other "second" opinions. Still I am just hoping and praying it goes aways by itself.

I'm doing fairly well myself. I am finally feeling like I am getting the hang of the two-kid thing a little more. I still often feel guilty that I can't give DD more attention, and then I feel guilty that I can't give Finn more attention when I'm with her. And of course DH gets very little attention at all! Anyway, I still have LOTS of weight to loose. I gained a total of 63 lbs during my pregnancy. After birth I had lost 13lbs and since then 22 lbs. So I still have 28lbs to go. It is coming off a bit slower than I hoped, but I know I'll get there eventually. I'm taking the kids (by myself!) to Maui next month and had hoped to be a little thinner so I'd feel slightly more comfortable in shorts, but oh, well, I'll still enjoy the sunshine!

Lastly, I'd really love some more sleep than what I'm getting. Finn usually only sleeps for about 2 to maybe 3 hours at the beginning of the night and then he is up about every 1.5 hours on average. He ususally goes right back to sleep when I nurse him, but still . . . I'm just really tired. And then of course I have to get up around 6am or so when DH starts getting ready for work. DD comes in the room and tells us to wake up. She needs her cereal and blueberries! A "long" night makes for a "long" day.

AppleOrangePear 01-26-2007 12:36 AM

I'm taking the kids (by myself!) to Maui next month and had hoped to be a little thinner so I'd feel slightly more comfortable in shorts, but oh, well, I'll still enjoy the sunshine!

WOOOO WHOOOO! Heck enjoy that sunshine!!!!!!!!!!

: waiting on photobucket password


AppleOrangePear 01-26-2007 01:12 AM

HES HUGE AND SOLID!!! (bday 10-09)


mamasthree 01-26-2007 11:29 AM

We are doing well, too. Lizzie is 3 1/2 months old now--where does the time go?! She had her first tub with dh this morning, and boy did she love it. I've just been bathing her in the tiny infant tub, where the water barely covers her tush! She really got to float around and enjoy being "in" the water .

She was such a crier at first--but now she only cries if she's sleepy or hungry (or in the car seat if she doesn't want to be ). She falls asleep on her own--she prefers it this way, my first did too--which is nice. I put her to bed around 7:30 and she drifts right off. She's been getting up 2x at night to nurse, but goes right back to sleep. I feel for you ladies whose babes are up more than that--I feel so sleep deprived! Of course, I am not in my twenties anymore--it seemed easier with my first two!

She is a little suspicious of strangers and is quite scared by odd noises--she, my dh and I were at a pet supply store yesterday and he squeaked a dog toy...she made this awful face and started crying like someone had pinched her! She's done that to some people who get right in her face and make weird noises/faces...boy does that shock 'em!

As far as milestones, she hates tummy time, so I don't expect her to roll over anytime soon--the big cd butt doesn't help any with that either! She learned to grab things a few weeks ago and she does that mostly. She is also one of those kids who likes to stand up all the time. She is very nosy and wants to see what is going on at all times.

Here is an up close pic of her--she is really a sweet girl:

As for me, I lost the 25 lbs I gained during pregnancy in less than a month--I'm just lucky that way. But I do need to lose about 10 lbs more . I think Lizzie is probably around 14 lbs.

Keep these updates coming--I love to hear how everyone is doing!

happiestmomma 01-26-2007 12:29 PM

Boy, I can't believe we're at 3 1/2 months already!! Where did that time go?

Brady's doing so well, and is such a happy baby! He's smiling all the time and just loves cooing and gooing at us. I think he's got to be at least 11 pounds now, was 9 lbs 11 oz at his 2 month WBV and we've got his 4 month visit in just a couple more weeks. We're starting to move more into the 3-6 month clothes, but can still fit into some of his 0-3's (DS1 wore 0-3's for almost 6 months, so this is a big difference for us) save for his monstrous feet!! I think he's getting close to wanting to sit up, as his favorite way to lounge (if not in his aquarium swing) is to sit up facing us in our laps, or on the Boppy on our lap. Two little teeth are looking like they want to pop out on the bottom, too. I carry him practically all the time, and his favorite way to go around is in the Baby Bjorn, which he just started riding facing out and loves being able to look out at the world while we're out and about. He's a great daytime sleeper, but still wakes up about every 2-3 hours at night to nurse, but he nurses like a champ. Still no love for tummy time activities, but oh well! Poor thing is getting a cold now, and I hate to hear the little guy coughing and sounding so congested.

Big brother loves to dote on him, and has so much fun playing with him. They are truly darling together.

I still have trouble finding the time to keep my house clean, but I'm sure enjoying my boys!!

LavenderMae 01-26-2007 03:09 PM

It's great to read how everyone is doing!!

My little guy will be 14 weeks tomorrow. He is a pretty active baby. He doesn't sleep very well during the day and will only sleep on me usually with a nipple in his mouth. He started giggling recently which is the most adorable thing. He is so long. He was only 19 3/4" at birth and he is now almost 25". He isn't very fat though, he has more than doubled his birth weight but because of how long he is he only has few fat rolls and a little milk gut. He's trying to sit up already and gets quite frusterated that he isn't able to yet. He will only be happy with other people holding him (including dad) for a little while. Which is sometimes frusterating for me, can't get much done. He hates when I have the audacity to take a shower. But he is such a sweetie I hate to complain. He sleeps very well at night which is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! He hates to be in either of the slings I have (pouch and a mei tai) which makes going places hard (carrying him kills my back). He digs tummy time if he's in the mood for it and he actually rolled from his tummy onto his back a couple of days ago (hasn't done it again though). He is kind of a moody little guy and goes from smiling to fussing in a matter of seconds but usually it's pretty easy to make him happy again. He so freakin adorable , I have to eat him up a lot.

I still have a lot of weight to lose, probably close to 30lbs. I've already lost more than 30lbs but I gained over 60lbs. My body does not let go of fat easily while I'm breastfeeding. I really need to buy some jeans that fit me. The ones I have from before I was preg are waaaay too small and my maternity are to big now (thank you!!). I need to start walking again but it's hard to get back into the habit of doing it.

Peony 01-26-2007 03:24 PM

Slings, : I have 5 different wraps, mei tais, pouches, slings, and DD2 hates all of them. She is not happy unless she is over my left shoulder looking around, I need major chiro work on that arm. I have not figured out the whole two DC thing, it doesn't help that I never go anywhere either. And I have some pics of Gabrielle in my siggy since we are sharing.

lab80 01-26-2007 06:13 PM

I am so ready for DS to giggle...He has a few times when he first falls asleep and it is just too cute! I think I lucked out in one area...night time sleeping. He goes to bed between 10pm and 2am (depends on how late we are up, weekend or not) and sleeps until 11 or noon. He doesn't wake up crying to eat I just wake up every so often and offer him the breast and he will eat or not. He almost always wakes up smiling.

He has some clothes that are 9-12mo, we use those for night time CD's which are quite bulky. He didn't wear 0-3mo for very long DH and I noticed the past day or so that he is starting to put more weight on, he leveled off at around 16lbs but now it's packing on again.

During the day he prefers to sleep in someones arms, anyones arms, but if you wait until he is completely out you can put him down but only if its in a swing or something that is inclined. I love to hold him when he's asleep but that is the only time I get to put him down and clean. So I get a few 30 minute cleaning spurts thoughout the day

I only gained 25lbs while pregnant and have lost almost twice that :

We had our last appointment with the MW last Saturday, she said my blood pressure was still high (I had pre-e). Not sure what that's about.

DH and I look forward to having another baby, we think I will be pregnant again before DS is one. We will most likely use the same MW but have a backup Dr. ready.

mud_momma 01-27-2007 01:34 AM

i love this thread; getting the quick low-down on all you other mommas is great.

so ~
with dh working out of town, the 'single-mum' lifestyle is stressful and lonely.
i read mdc to cope

mica is sleeping tons at night and consistently during the day. all i have to do is feed him, love him, and then stick him in his cradle (he hated co-sleeping) and he puts himself to sleep. - been doing that since birth.

my sweet babe:
giggles and growls a lot
loves tummy time, but no rolling over yet
sits up nearly on his own
stands nearly all the time (while holding my hands for balance)
flirts with his favorite girls around town
takes baths with me every day (now that we got the solar hot water panels working) with is his best time of the day
... and is starting to wake up so i's better wrap this up...

me? ~ i'm so sad about the weight i've lost; i dreamed of keeping the preggo weight on since i've been underweight. i loved that goddess booty, and it left me the week after birth.
time for me? i neurotically take pictures of the little tank, and cart him around in the Chariot stroller nearly every day.

~ e

mamama 01-27-2007 03:43 PM

I love hearing how everyone else is doing too! And I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who hasn't lost all the pregnancy weight. I gained about 40lbs and by my 6 week post partum visit I had lost 20 and I still have that same extra 20. Though given my new chest size it might really only be an extra 15. I was doing a lot of walking until we finally got winter here in the Northeast! I guess I'll have to wait till spring (I'm not a gym person). I do thankfully have two pairs of pants that I used to wear with belts that I can just fit into now.
DS is doing great! He is a huge "talker" and it is so easy for DH or myself to make him smile and laugh. He's doing really well getting better and better use of his hands -- he's started grabbing stuffed animals and putting them in his mouth. Doesn't like tummy time, but I recently discovered he likes it a lot better lying on me rather than the floor or the bed. The other day he actually pushed his butt in the air with his feet! And he's just starting to use those ab muscles. When he's in the swing or bouncy seat he sits himself more upright and he even tried to do so from a lying flat position the other day! It's amazing to watch the beginnings of what will become crawling and sitting up. The sleeping isn't as good as I would like. He typically wakes up every 2-3 hours to nurse, but he goes right back to sleep, so that's good. And a small handful of times he has slept 5-6 hours which was so nice. But that's not regular. I finally learned how to use my wrap so DS is still getting used to it -- he likes it but has a time limit, so I'm hoping to stretch that out more and more. He weighs 15 lbs so it's definitely easier on me to wear him since he likes to be held so much!

stayathomecristi 01-29-2007 11:41 AM

checking in--

Shiloh is doing well and seems big for her age. She's a very happy baby, but is hit or miss on the naps. I feel like she lives in the sling and I don't get much accomplished around the house. The other kids are doing well having her around also.

As for me, I'm battling either really bad post-partum depression or mild psychosis. My m/w recommended huge doses of fish oil and when I take all 10 capsules each day I have better days, but I'm not consistent enough with it. I have good days and bad days. For now, I'm keeping my head above the water, but some days I swear I'm gonna drown!

Anyhow, it's great to see updates on all of you and your little ones. Keep them coming, you ladies were a huge support to me during my pregnancy.

Keren 01-29-2007 05:09 PM

Keagan and I are doing alright considering. She is very talkative and she is in love with her daddy. I took her to my aunt's daycare (with only 6 kids) and stayed there while she played with them and frankly, I have never seen her so happy!
BF'ing is going pretty well, but I sometimes she gets frustrated because I'm empty and starts yelling. I was taking pills, pumping, not supplementing, etc.

This last month has been really hard on us, though. On January 17th, our house was broken into, then last Monday, our house burned down. We lost everything. I am on state assistance so we are just replacing the most important stuff first, but Keagan hates these 'sposies now.

I am just thankful we are all alive and safe and glad to hear how everyone else is doing!

mamajody 01-30-2007 04:52 PM

The twins are 16 weeks now, and are doing well. we have their 4mo. appointment in a week and a half, and I am pretty sure they will both be 12lbs. by then. Kieran is gainng weight steadily since recovering from his bout with pneumonia. He was never hospitalized or on a nebulizer for which I am grateful. His ped. was dead set against hospitalizing him, and was willing to have me in for daily rechecks if i felt in necessary. I LOVE my kid's doc.

We are now getting into a good nap routine, and I am THRILLED that at least one of the boys will lay down after nursing and drift off on his own. DD would never do this, and still needs to cuddle in her bed before she can sleep. Each boy will sleep 4-6 hours before waking now, but they are not on the same schedule. I don't encourage that anyway, so I will just live with it.

We are in baby carrying heaven these days now that I can carry both of them at the same time. Of course one of the boys will NOT go on my back with out pitching a major fit, so I have to make certain i get him on first if i think I am going to need to wear both of them. we made it to NYC for the babywearing bonanza 2007, and had a great time. That was the boys first big outing, and first train ride. It was a lot of fun.

Basically, it is all about juggling all of the time. I get nothing else done during the day 4 days out of 5, but this won't last long, so I am enjoying it as much as I can. Thanks for sharing all of your updates, it sounds like we are all doing pretty well.

cam&kat's_mom 01-30-2007 05:24 PM

So glad to hear everyone is doign well.. Sorry to hear about the illness and strugles adn HUGS to Keren ! (hope your house woes are fixed soon!)
We're doing great here. Graham is just such a pleasure as a baby! he's so happy and easy going when i eat teh righ tthings! LOL
We recently found out he has isues when i eat dairy, soy and we suspect eggs (cause he gets a bum rash everytime i eat eggs) So after cutting out all that we're good
He is teh joyof everyone around him, sleeps most night form 830pm-530 am and nurses then back to sleep until 730ish. He nurses A LOT durin gthe day though.. I have't had him weighed in a bit 9since his 2 month check but i suspect he's about 13 LBS. Not nearly as big as most others! But huge comparet o how small he seemed in the beginning. He cracks up hystericxal and gets laughing so hard he gets the hiccups! It's really funny! CDing is going great and I LOVE it! (DH on teh oterh hand wishes I'd stop shopping! LOL) We're in 3-6 and 6-9 clothes but VERY long! all in all we're doing great.
he LOVES to play with a soft cloth book that he has and his hands are just amazing to him. (He discovered tehm on christmas day! It was so funnny to see!) OH and he's got 2 bottom teeth coming in right now~ just tiny slits at teh moment but i can see teh edge on one! Oh and he LOVES to stand adn try to hold the back of the couch(or look out the window)

LavenderMae 01-31-2007 03:55 PM

Keren, I'm so sorry. I hope everything gets worked out soon.

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