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November 2006 > So NOW I'm trying to get a cold
ChristineIndy's Avatar ChristineIndy 08:44 PM 02-24-2006
Sheesh. I haven't had a cold in probably over a year, and of course, once I'm pregnant, BAM! It's still in that super-early phase, where I'm hoping I can head it off with judicious use of Zinc and C and B12.

I have to leave for Miami (yay!) one week from today, and I REALLY don't want to spend this week being sick.

No good reason for this rant, other than I'm irrititated, and EVERYTHING makes me nervous that this baby will un-stick right now. Don't know why- this is my first pregnancy. No history of m/c, though I DO have a long history of worrying obsessively . . . . hmmm . . .

Okay. Rant over. Thanks for listenin' - I you all!

blackapple's Avatar blackapple 09:27 PM 02-24-2006
I am in a similar boat. I have had a nagging UTI for 2-3 months now and my cranberry tablets are doing nothing. I hate taking meds, especially now, but I have been assured from a jillion sources, that Macrobid is safe. *praying*
ChristineIndy's Avatar ChristineIndy 10:36 PM 02-24-2006
Oh, geez, I am the QUEEN of UTI's - I expect I'll be right there with you at least once in this pg. What brand tablets do you use?

on the meds. It'll be fine, really!!
blackapple's Avatar blackapple 11:39 PM 02-24-2006
I am pretty brand loyal to AZO but they are so expensive I'll probably research different brands.
ChristineIndy's Avatar ChristineIndy 07:21 PM 02-25-2006
If there's a Trader Joe's near you, their Cranberry Tabs are really good, and I'm pretty sure they're less expensive than the Azo ones . . . .