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Hi Everyone!

I can't believe how quickly my body is changing this time! I guess it remembers being pregnant... I'm with the rest of you, I am not liking anything tight around my abdomen. I am wearing the low rise jeans I wore last pregnancy and normally wear with a belt. Hopefully they'll last awhile because those darn maternity pants always fall off me (I don't have much in the hips department). Mat clothes are still a pain to find; why do people think pregnant women want to wear flashy, crazy patterns?!! I do like Old Navy though.

I am reassured by how my body is changing, plus I'm tired, a little dizzy and diapers make me gag, but I'll be honest, I still worry about the baby being sticky. I am excited for this pregnancy and want to share the news with everyone, which makes me even more nervous!! Isn't that goofy? to all of you who have had losses.... I think that must be so hard. Sending sticky vibes to all.....

It's nice getting to know you all a little. I'll try to do personals the next time I post. Right now it's time for me to clean up, find a snack and watch Sex in the City before I hit the sack.

Megan~ mama to Cecilia (9/1/04) Carl (11/19/06) Vivian (9/10/09) & spring 2011 baby.
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Originally Posted by Sheacoby
I can't afford to buy from maternity stores much too pricey for me.
Many of them have discount/clearance racks... that's how I found mine (I know what you mean about cost - I almost fell over today when I looked at the price of a pair of maternity jeans... $50!!!).

Some friends have found maternity clothes at their Once Upon A Child. Ours doesn't do maternity stuff, though... just baby.

Hope you find something that works for you
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Oh yes, clearance racks! The good thing, too, is that right when you start you pg, they have the clothes for the end of your pg on clearance, right? Though if you're looking for shorts, that won't be much help. Unless they still have shorts on clearance from last summer

Mom to DS(14), DS(12), DD(9), DS(6), DS (4), and DS(2)  


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Hi everybody. I finally read through all the posts and am so happy to have found this group. I am pg w/ #2 and am due on the 14th. I was trying to chart but think I was totally getting it wrong maybe because I never really slept for long without nursing and my temps were not showing a long enough luteal phase. I was so depressed that I couldn't get pg after waiting until ds was 21 mo. to get my first period. Amazingly, I was thinking dh and I should do the next months chart together so he could be more a part of it. He kept telling me I pg already and I felt so bad for him because I knew I couldn't be. I can look back and laugh at it all now.
I am so excited I can hardly contain it. The first time there was so much to think and read and talk about. This time I can just relax and enjoy it. I know that once this icky first part is over the beautiful second trimester will be here. Then the long wait of not being able to eat or breathe and then the amazing, powerful birth. And then there he/she will be. Honestly. I am over the moon.
One thing we are trying to think of now is a nickname. I think it will be Bean. DS was born in the year of the monkey so that is what we call him but this is the year of the dog and I am hoping it is a girl and I can't call it Bitch. And there is nothing about Scorpio that lends itself to a nickname.
Anyway, it is lovely to be here with everybody. I have heard that after first pg you start to show earlier. I don't know what to do about clothes. I am 5'4" and 172 lbs now. I wear 14wp. I have not found plus size petite maternity yet. Capris as pants don't work for me because the crotch is halfway to my knees and that is so uncomfortable. I hate shorts. Perhaps this will be my summer to learn to sew. Last pg I wore one pair of pants the whole time. When I came home I put on a pair of stretch pants. Then right before I left the house I would put on my black maternity pants and shoes and then walk out. I threw them away after the first couple weeks post partum!
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Spunky ~ welcome and congratulations! Your DD is my first son's birthday! It's a good day. Scorpio babies are such fun! My boy is fiery and bright and so so funny. Some days, all he wants to do is snuggle with me. I am looking forward to another socrpio babe!
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hi everyone,

i havent had a chance to read through all of the posts yet but i thought i would post an update,
we are both going well although morning sickness has kicked in big time for both of us. having two hormonal women in the house is actually becoming funny to our 6 year old. she said to us today after we had a little spat over something stupid "now do I need to set up time out corners for you two" the stern look on her face was priceless and had us almost on the floor laughing.

i spoke to my midwife on the phone about the possibility of twins and she says she is thinking that this may be the case as my levels are still 4x's what they should be. she was going to stop taking levels and just leave it for 4 weeks and do them again and if they were still high i would be having an early ultrasound just to make sure and see whats happening.
but after our appointment on friday she is considering sending me for an ultrasound sooner i am already starting to show and i am measuring about 13 weeks instead of 6 weeks. i would really rather wait but i have agreed that if in 2 weeks my levels havent calmed down and i am still measuring ahead then i will have an early ultrasound to check for twins. the reason i want to wait is because i measured really big with my son as well at 6 weeks with my son i was measuring 15 weeks but by 8 weeks things had settles down and i was only measuring 3 weeks in front but i had ALOT of fluid with him which is why i measured ahead i didnt have high levels with him so that is the only reason i am agreeing to an early ultrasound in 2 weeks.

i havent got much more time before i need to get back and help out with packing. we are currently moving into a bigger house as we only live in a small 2 bedroom at the moment so the kids are sharing. we have only been in this house for just under 12 months but we have brought a bigger house with 5 bedrooms so we can fit everyone in. we move in 3 weeks but the packing is taking forever. so talk to you all later

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I am Kim. I am 9-10 weeks with my first. I have two stepsons 17 and 19 they live out of state with their mom. We see them in the summer and at Christmas and occassionaly in between when we can.

My DH thinks he is crazy for starting over. I am 29 he is 39. I told him it would keep him young. He is not so sure. He is sure this baby will be a boy (because he has two other boys) I told him it would serve him right to have a girl this time. He would have no idea what to do with one. I dont care as long as he/she is healthy.

I had been TTC since Sept. Then went to Chiropractor throughout Jan and Feb for some neck issues and got pregnant. Only after getting pregnant did i read the info on the link between fertility and chiropratic care. I am definatly a believer. I plan to keep going during the pregnancy. He has already helped with the migraines I have been getting.

Well I guess I should do some work. I am excited to get to know everyone!

Kim, mama to Anna Blair 11/23/07
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Congrats Spunky & Kim!!

Dimity, wow you could have 3 newborns at once!!!

I am still stuck in nausea land and really wanting to leave.

Today is a beautiful day here and I really need to make myself go outside. I know it will make me feel better but it's hard to get motivated to do anything when ya feel so crappy. I am also crying at everything. I mean I cried watching a 90210 rerun the other day, that's pretty bad.


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Connorsmum, I am so in awe of you! Two children, two pregnant women, twins!, and moving! You take my breath away. I am just trying to figure out a move 15 mo. ago, making meals every day, and a two year old. You are my hero.
I feel mediocre today. Still so tired and slightly nauseous (sp?). A friend told me she didn't get sick until 9 weeks. I thought if I didn't have it by now, this would be the worst it gets. But now I am holding my breath.
I am trying to decide what kind of birth I want. It will definitely be at home but should I be unassisted or with just a low key midwife or with 4 other people, like last time, and make it a celebration! DH will do whatever I want (smart man!)
Zen-ozz, thanks. I don't know any scorpios very well and I am so happy to hear about your first son.
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