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EmmetnLindley's Avatar EmmetnLindley 01:52 PM 03-20-2006
Is it that you are more likely to have a boy or girl if conception took place after your ovulation date?

boscopup's Avatar boscopup 01:59 PM 03-20-2006

Boy sperm are faster, girl sperm live longer. So if you have sex 3-5 days pre-ovulation (and then none after that), it's more likely to be a girl. The day before, day of, or day after are more likely to be a boy. 2 days before is 50/50 chance.

Of course, these are not hard and fast rules!
lexbeach's Avatar lexbeach 02:28 PM 03-20-2006
There's also another theory called "O + 12" that says if you have sex twelve hours after ovulation, you increase your chances of a girl. This one also involves the man not ejaculating for quite some time (maybe a week?) before the baby-making sex. Some people claim that "O + 12" is more accurate in making girl babies than the shettles method (3-5 days before 0 for a girl, right at O for a boy).

boscopup's Avatar boscopup 04:00 PM 03-20-2006
But you'd probably have to feel O in order to know when it's happened. Charting methods and ovulation test strips aren't THAT accurate, and even ultrasound can't always pick it up accurately!

I felt TWO ovulations last cycle (about 8 hours apart), so we were immediately thinking twins. This time, I didn't feel ovulation at all, so I have no clue - just know roughly when it was based on charting, but that can be 3 days off in either direction!
EmmetnLindley's Avatar EmmetnLindley 06:12 PM 03-20-2006
Hmm! I calculated that I would have ovulated on February 15th. We were definitely together on the 17th and 18th. We just can't remember before then! I know we weren't together on the 13th or 14th but I am not sure about that weekend. I think we are having a boy though!
Mrs_Hos's Avatar Mrs_Hos 01:21 PM 03-21-2006
I was supposed to O on 27 Feb...we had 'nonejaculatory' sex on the 22nd (but still 'could've' made a baby...but then we had 'ej' sex on the 24th which is when I think conception occured...
So, I'm thinkin' girl...