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November 2006 > Has anyone had issues with low amniotic fluid?
katie-p-'s Avatar katie-p- 01:44 AM 07-05-2006
I'm pregnant with my 3rd child and have had low amniotic fluid with both previous pregnancies. I had my appt. with my midwife last week and measured at 18 cm and I was 2 days shy of 20 weeks. So I'm a little worried that this might be an issue again. Anyone have any knowledge on this subjuect? Thanks

gen_here's Avatar gen_here 02:34 AM 07-05-2006
We talked about this at length in my Bradley class when I was pregnant with my son (I think someone in the class was told they had low amniotic fluid - that's why). We were told to drink drink drink drink drink - especially if it was a day or so before an ultrasound - because water intake can really make that much of a difference. We were also told not to take it too much to heart unless you have other signs that the baby is suffering... because measuring water by ultrasound is much like measuring the actual baby by u/s - measurements can be off by quite a bit.

Don't worry if you're a week or so ahead or behind at this point. Babies vary soooo much - I'm sure your midwife would have said something to you if she was concerned about growth.
boscopup's Avatar boscopup 10:01 AM 07-05-2006
How low is low? I know of many women who PROM early and have very little to no measurable fluid for several weeks, and things turn out fine (although it often doesn't if there's no measurable fluid around the time that lungs are developing - 18-22 weeks). But if this has happened in each pregnancy and your babies were all born healthy, I probably wouldn't be quite so concerned. Measuring 2cm off at 20 weeks says you probably have plenty of fluid for baby's lung development right now (my untrained opinion )
katie-p-'s Avatar katie-p- 01:42 PM 07-05-2006
Both my kids were born healthy and small. Yes I am learning that ultrasounds are not that good at measuring things! But boy do people freak out when things don't measure the way they want it. That's why they did the c-section with my ds. With my son I think my level was 7-8 and with my dd, first preg, they measured it at 2 when I started labor.

That's great advice to drink lots of water before the ultrasound. I'll do that in this pregnancy and see what happens. My midwife keeps telling me to drink LOTS, I'm really trying. I feel like everything is good and the baby moves a lot! Thanks and if anyone has any good links on amniotic fluid levels lmk.
thepeach80's Avatar thepeach80 12:17 AM 07-06-2006
I had it w/ Evan, but I had a lot w/ AJ so I'm hoping to watch this one more closely. I had no water at all when I went into labor w/ Evan and my placenta abrupted (not sure if the 2 are connected or not) and he was born healthy, but looked post date (he was 38wks) and peeled for weeks. No problems though, but I think it's worth watching IMO. I know I wasn't dehydrated either b/c I had been on bedrest and was drinking all the time!
boscopup's Avatar boscopup 10:19 AM 07-06-2006
When I was looking up the definition of "low AFI" a while back, I think I read that 5 and under is low. So 7-8 is still considered "normal", although it's on the low end of normal.

After my water broke at 29 weeks, about 9 hours later, my AFI was 3.1. And I had had a full gush. So yes, a level of 2 is something to be concerned about, although if it's at term, I wouldn't be quite as concerned. If you have a level of 2 at 20 weeks, that's more concerning.

PROM can happen with slow leaks that aren't noticeable, so the PP that had low fluid with 1 and not with the other may have had an undetected PROM at some point?
katie-p-'s Avatar katie-p- 10:15 PM 07-06-2006
Jennifer I was on bed rest too and drinking tons of water. I'm glad to here everthing went well with Evan with all that was going on. My midwives called in the dr. at about 37 weeks because of my low amniotic fluid with Joey and the dr. was very concerned and really, really pushed for a c-section. I caved and kick myself for it now. My dd did great during labor with almost no fluid but her heart rate dropped as I was pushing.

I'd like to know what might be a cause for low fluid. If there even is one. Both my kids were small at birth and I kind of think that might be a reason. Hummm all the things to think about......
thepeach80's Avatar thepeach80 08:49 PM 07-07-2006
Well, Evan was bigger than AJ (Evan was 7#8oz and AJ was only 7#3oz, lol) so I'm not sure it would contribute to low birth weight, but I suppose if it was something chronic from early on it could.

About PROM, who knows? I had that ptl and then lots of 'discharge' which was the mucous plug from that time till Evan was born so who knows what happened in the mean time. Everything worked out well though, so I'm o.k. w/ it.