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I have to admit that I'm an odd name kind of person...I have two dds currently named Piper and Avery. Now I have twin girls coming and need to decide on names. I'm loving Chase as a name for a girl and Tyler is okay...but no one I talk to seems to like it and I'm feeling like Tyler may not be good for a girl since it is SO popular for boys now. Right now I'm thinking Tyler Reese and Chase Alexandra...anybody have any thoughts on those names or other suggestions?

Thanks for any help...I feel like I've been stuck for a few weeks now.


Kelly with 4 DDs (8,6,4,4) and 1 DS (1)
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I like Chase for a girl especially with the middle name you chose. Tyler is okay and Reese is getting popular too.

Names are sooooooo hard, we don't have a clue of what we want to name this baby yet.

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I like them! But I usually like 'boys' names for girls.

I think Tyler is fine for a girl... but you're talking to someone who loves Dylan for a girl. :grin

Megan~ mama to Cecilia (9/1/04) Carl (11/19/06) Vivian (9/10/09) & spring 2011 baby.
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I like them both...however I will tell you I know children named both those of both sexes so I would bet they are more popular than you think!

I like unusual names too.

Eden yikes.gif, working on a PhD in Education mama to Laurelleshamrocksmile.gif (16), Orijoy.gif (6), Yarrowfaint.gif (4) and Linusfly-by-nursing1.gif (1) partner to Brice. 
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I'll be the odd one out and say that I think those names, especially together for twins, will lead to everyone thinking you've got twin boys. When they get to school, they'll get teased for having "boy" names.
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I too think they sound like boy names really. I love unusual names. Ultimately you have to go for what you think is best!
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I had twin best friends in school and there names were Ryan and Kyle and they were girls... I like your choices.

Loving Dh, Mama x 4, Surrogate mother to 5. A born 2003, M and R girl/girl twins 2006, S and C boy/girl twins born 2010. Processing/healing.
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I like Chase (though I do think of it more as a boys' name than an either-way name), but don't like Tyler as much. How about Skylar? I also really like the name Reesa as a first name (as opposed to Reese).

It can be really hard to find two names that you like equally! I didn't really feel sure about one of our boys' names until after he was born (even though we named him at about 23 weeks gestation). I wished I had felt as excited about it as I did about his brother's name, but of course now it's hard to imagine either of them with any other name!

Good luck and CONGRATS on the twin girls!!


Mindfully mothering SIX kids (ages 5, 6, 8, 9, 11 & 11) in a small house with a lot of love.
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Tyler and Chase are really popular names these days. But you have to like it no one else. THe only thing my dh and I really veto on names is if it has the potential to make teasing by ohter kids way too easy kwim?
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I love them, and I am also considering those names myself (I am only having one baby, though!). I'm a huge fan of boys names for girls, too!
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I know a few girls named Tyler, only I think it was spelled Tylar. (I have a ds named Tyler & we just call him Ty)

I didn't like masculine names for girls at first by my girlfriend named her twin dd's Dayle Alexandria Rian & Kyla Gabrielle Morgan....some of those are versions of male names & I love how she put a kind of twist on them. I like Chase a lot. Would you spell it differently than the "normal" way?

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How about a more traditional girl names that have boy name nn's? Charlotte could be Charlie, Alexa, Alexis, Alexandria could be Alex ,and there are others like that. Then the would have the option when they are older to pick which one to use. There are also a lot of unique names with out having to be boy names. How about Aspen, Zoe, Magnolia, Clementine, I can't think of anymore right now...
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I love having odd names.. so I agree with you there. I dunno though.. they are more like boy names to me. Maybe thats because I know a few boys named Tyler and Chase both..

could start a new trend though
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Personally I'm not too keen on boy's names for girls. I used to work in a high school attendance office, and such names caused SUCH trouble.
Further, once a boy's name becomes popular for girls, it is FOREVER locked in as a girl's name, and any boy with that name would be ridiculed.
Something to think about.

Just your typical non-theistic, liberal, blended family.

Thank you, Mothering, for the past twelve years of support and community. I look forward to many more.

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Since I only know one person named Chase (and actually, I don't even know him... he's the son of an online friend of mine), that one doesn't scream boy at me as much, but Tyler screams boy to me. How about Taylor? It's similar.

I also agree with PP that you might get people thinking you have twin boys, which could be really annoying.

Mama to Tornado Boy (6/04), The Brute (11/06), and Mischief (05/09)... expecting in February '15
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I have to agree with Lila. I'm not a big fan of boy names for girls for the sole reason that once they have 'crossed over' there is no going back. I could haul out a bunch of examples, but I'm sure that would just be boring for us all.

If you are looking for unusual, I wouldn't go for a usual/popular boy name for your girls. Maybe an old fashioned Girl name with Masculine NN potential: Charlotte/Charlie (as pp mentioned).

However, in the end, our/my opinion doesn't matter and what matters is yours. Good Luck
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If I was going to pick one, I'd keep Tyler and not use Chase. I kinda like to hear a name though and know what gender it belongs too, but these days it's hard. I LOVE the name Addison for a girl, but it's always been a boys name typically. Good luck!

Jennifer, LPN and nursing student, Doula, CPST, and VBAC mama x3 to
AJ (5/03), Evan (12/04), Ilana (11/06), Olivia (2/09), and Unity (8/2012)

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What about Taylor instead of Tyler? Also, what about a more feminine middle name for Tyler/Taylor?

How about Reese as a first name? I'd prefer Taylor _____ and Reese Alexandra. I just find Taylor and Reese to be more unisex names than Tyler and Chase (which really sound like boys' names to me). I think your older DDs' names sound like girls' names as well.

...the cuties in my avatar are my wonderful, c-section born, fully vaccinated sweethearts...
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I like Tyler for a girl, I have met a couple and I think it works well as a girl's name... Chase I don't like to begin with, so no suggestion there. You are brave to ask! I hate it when people don't like the names I like. Good luck!
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I like "Chase", but prefer "Taylor" to "Tyler". I also think Taylor Chase is an adorable name!
As far as I know, Reese is a girl's name and Rhys is a boy name? I'm not good with "gendered" stuff..I get really confused!
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My name is BOBBI...yes, spelled strange also (usually Bobbie for a girl, Bobby for a boy)...
I don't think mom and dad were going for different (even tho my sister Donna's name was almost D'esty--not Dusty, D'esty!)

There are WONDERFUL reasons to name a girl a boys name...

1. People think you are male--in the business world this was a big bonus for me! People thought I was male and when they find out I'm female it kinda takes them by surprise and knocks them off their kilter a bit...thus putting me in control of the situation to start. Example...interviewers...they almost always were a big flabberghasted, so I felt a bit more comfortable being in control of the situation!
2. People remember your name! Just like anything 'unusual,' people will remember you better...the only negative to that is that people always remember me, but I have a hard time remembering their name!
3. Boy names 'work'--if the girl is ultra feminine, the boy name is 'cute'...if the girl is a tomboy, the boy name 'fits'
4. Conversation starters! People always thought Bobbi was short for Roberta or is not short for anything...I'm officially 'Bobbi Jean Julian' (maiden name) I could act 'southern' and go by Bobbi Jean, or just be "Bobbi" or even "BJ" I tell people that I was the last child born...and my folks had 3 I was their last chance for a boy...and dad is I am named after him...really starts a great conversation... a nutshell, I am very 'pro' boys names. I never was made fun of for having a 'boy' name...even tho in the 70s it wasn't overly popular like it is now... I would REALLY like to name a girl 'Sunny'...but my dh isn't going for it (I tried it with my dd who ended up being named 'Carly')
The only time I was made fun of is when I started to get big boobs and people called me 'Boobie' instead of 'Bobbi'...but again it got me attention, and I loved attention (baby of the family!) heehee
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I think the end what really matters is how you and your dh feel about the names. But it is nice to hear all the ideas everyone has anyhow.
I really love the name Addison that someone posted but maybe that is because I once was a nanny for a little girl with that name. I think it is great since it is a boy's name that isn't super popular for boys like Tyler, so it has the advantage of a boys name without any of the disadvantages of being too popular.

It'll be fun to see what you decide and so exciting to welcome twins into the world. I'm an identical twin myself :-)

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