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November 2006 > For those who know the sex...
TattooedMommy's Avatar TattooedMommy 09:58 PM 08-25-2006
Mine is stronger on my left and I was told that they were 90% sure it is a girl!

wanderlost's Avatar wanderlost 11:37 AM 08-26-2006
well, I didn't read any comments before I did this and thought my left side was stronger...which would mean GIRL! woo hoo! We don't know what it is, but I really want a girl!
lilysmama1124's Avatar lilysmama1124 10:07 PM 08-27-2006
Mine is stronger in the left side and I am having a girl
namastemama's Avatar namastemama 09:18 PM 08-28-2006
I haven't read through the whole thread yet... but I did just feel my pulse. It feels stronger on the right to me and I am having a boy.
mama2toomany's Avatar mama2toomany 09:38 PM 08-28-2006
Left side was stronger and I am pregnant with two girls
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