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Mrs_Hos's Avatar Mrs_Hos 12:46 AM 09-07-2006
Ok...I know it is good for us to 'rest' and put our feet up, but I've also heard that to recline often may 'help' the baby stay posterior and cause some back labor...does anyone know much about this? Or have any scientific links? I had back labor with dd and I'm VERY interested in trying to avoid that this time... I can sit on a ball or whatever, but it doesn't allow me to put my feet up! I guess the only other option is laying down?
Any inputs?

amygeekgrl's Avatar amygeekgrl 12:51 AM 09-07-2006
i had bad back labor w/ dd too (even tho she wasn't posterior) and heard since then that reclining and bad posture can contribute to it, so i'm not chancing it this time around. i don't want to go thru that again either.
i think if you need to put your feet up, your best bet is lying down.
gen_here's Avatar gen_here 01:37 AM 09-07-2006
We learned in our Bradley class that the best way to encorage baby to NOT be posterior is to sit up straight or lean slightly forward.

I was told by my doctor to put my feet up whenever I can to help prevent/relieve swelling.

I just read that the best way to maximize your oxygen intake is to sit up straight or lean slightly back/arch your shoulders back.

So... I'm pretty sure the only way to accomplish all of this is to remain weightless in a pool at all times. OR!!! We could all get special body braces/molds made to keep us in unnatural shapes!!!

I try to do a little of everything at different times throughout the day. The last few weeks of my son's pregnancy I pulled out these old dorm chairs that I have that lean slightly backward... and sat backward on them all the time (so I was leaning forward with my chest leaning on the backrest). I don't know that I'm going to do that again, but who knows =)
Mrs_Hos's Avatar Mrs_Hos 04:22 PM 09-07-2006
Yep...I can picture it now...pregnant women leaning forward, yet having their feet propped...we'd need special chairs I'm sure!
I'm most comfortable leaning back, but I gotta stop it...laying down is my only answer!
paxye's Avatar paxye 05:25 PM 09-07-2006
Yeah sitting with your hips lower than your knees is also recommended... no slouching, no reclining (birthing balls are great to keep a good posture)

If you want to lay down the best postition in on your left side...

Spinning Babies has great tips!
Knittin' in the Shade's Avatar Knittin' in the Shade 06:36 PM 09-07-2006
That's what I've always read/been told- that reclining isn't good to avoid that sunny side up posiitoning. BUt, so far this pregnancy, I've been on bedrest for the past three weeks, and this babe has been head down and in the correct position, regardless of the fact that I spend all my time with my feet up and reclined in the recliner, or laying in bed with myself proped up with tons of pillows, LOL!
frontierpsych's Avatar frontierpsych 07:41 PM 09-08-2006
My baby is still posterior. And I spend most of my day sitting straight up or leaning slightly forward. She just seems to LOVE trying to stick her feet and fists through my belly button!
BabyBumblebee's Avatar BabyBumblebee 08:16 PM 09-08-2006
This time around I'm in love with my hideously old and un-chic Ikea chair - it has a bendy wood frame, and when I have my feet up they are higher than my hips, so my varicose veins can actually drain :

Now if I could just feel as comfortable in bed....