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November 2006 > Get out the old tape measure...
Mrs_Hos's Avatar Mrs_Hos 03:01 AM 09-12-2006
Just for fun, thought we'd measure around our bellies--at the navel...

I have gained 18lbs now and I am 45" I've gained about 15" !!!!

Anyone else?

frontierpsych's Avatar frontierpsych 05:18 AM 09-12-2006
41" and about 23 pounds
saskmom's Avatar saskmom 12:51 PM 09-12-2006
That's funny!!!

Frontierpsych I too have a measurement of 41" and have gained about 23 pounds!!
LavenderMae's Avatar LavenderMae 01:06 PM 09-12-2006
I'm 43.5" and I stopped weighing myself after I had gained almost 40lbs.

I have gained about 15.5".
wanderlost's Avatar wanderlost 01:17 PM 09-12-2006
I'm 32w4d and I am measuring 40" - I have gained a little more than 10lbs, but not exaclty sure.
thepeach80's Avatar thepeach80 12:35 PM 09-13-2006
I'm up 17# thanks to vacation last week (I gained 6-7# in the last 2wks alone)! I'm 46" around, so I'm up 6"?
runningonveggieoil's Avatar runningonveggieoil 01:05 PM 09-13-2006
42" and 42# and 11 weeks to go!
huskermommy's Avatar huskermommy 01:25 PM 09-13-2006
Ok, I feel huge! I'm 44 1/2in. to 45in. And I've gained at least 40#. So I guess I'm right around 30wks. and huge.
One Art's Avatar One Art 02:08 PM 09-13-2006
I'm 31w2d and have gained 13lbs, 39 inches.
papercranegirl's Avatar papercranegirl 02:18 PM 09-13-2006
44.5" at almost 30 weeks. I've gained 12 pounds so far. I don't think I look that big.
askew's Avatar askew 03:20 PM 09-13-2006
I am 30 weeks, 39" and I had gained 26lbs as of 28 weeks, and I guess I am up 12".....
Sweetiemommy's Avatar Sweetiemommy 12:30 AM 09-14-2006
I am 33 wks and am 40" around, I have gained about 18lbs
AllisonR's Avatar AllisonR 11:27 AM 09-14-2006
I'm week 31, 44.5" round and gained 22lbs.
kawa kamuri's Avatar kawa kamuri 12:46 PM 09-14-2006
I'm measuring at about 43.5". I lost a lot of weight during the first half and have now gained that back and reached eight pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight.