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What help do you have lined up for after the birth?
Help?!?!?! Well none really!! Maybe my 6yr DD will help me out a bit and maybe even our 3yr DS might help out a bit too but I am not going to force them too....DP will be at work so no hope with him and the MIL could honestly care less about me so no help there either. Just a lot of naps because DD will be in school (grade 1) and DS will have playschool once a week so that will help out a bit!

What are you most looking forward to with meeting the new babe?
Seeing if the ultrasound was right by saying it is a boy because you never know!! Meeting the new babe...breastfeeding again and CD for the first time

If you have kids already how do you think that they will react? How are you getting them prepared? I think they will react very well!! They are involved lots and lots with this baby but i also expect them to be a bit jealous as most kids are!! I am prepearing them by getting them to help me pick names, pick blankets, and other supplies!! They are always feeling the baby move and when we go to the doctor they ask lots of questions..."how big is the baby now?" etc...

What do you have planned for the holidays? We honestly don't know as of yet!! Want to go see my sister in New York but don't want to take a new babe on the plane and get exposed to EVERYTHING!! We'll see I guess!
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I am 32w2d, and I am among the few here, I think, that doesn't feel huge, though despite that, I am so achy everywhere.... I am constantly tossing and turning at night and rearranging pillows... ug. And my hip is bothering me again with shooting pain... lovely. And as most know from my post a week or so ago, my dh almost left.... I am happy he didn't but that caused a huge amount of stress that, a week later is obviously still there... we have begun to work on stuff a little with a counselor, so that is good, but the whole situation was horrible and made my relationship with my MIL even worse... I have also been going through some anxiety about the birth and afterwards... I had a four hour labor and delivery with my dd, so this one could well be two hours or less, which scares me because of how intense it was last time -like one looooong excruciating contraction.... and then I keep remembering the pain of getting up, of peeing, engorgement..... but I keep reminding myself that they are just all minor inconveniences when you have the new baby in your arms... the main thing on my to-do list is to write up a birth and postpartum plan because dh is so disconnected right now that he was talking last night about performing in his guitar ensemble concert nov. 17th, and I am due the 13th! Also, I do NOT want his MIL around constantly during the two weeks dh is taking off from work after the birth.... I know she will want to help, but the stress that it causes me to be around her is not worth it. As far as that goes there are several family members and friends around who will probably help... my mom is on double duty since she is my midwife also and is planning my baby shower, and will help afterwards.... speaking of which, that reminds me that we need to start looking for a BIG gift for her soon! My list is kind of endless... I love the meal idea, but the main thing I asked for on my baby shower list was meals to be brought every night for two weeks.... I am most looking forward to holding and nursing the baby (I miss nursing dd still - I weaned her four months ago), and seeing which of our names we get to name it! For some reason I keep imagining myself writing Kadin River on the birth certificate, but I can't figure out if that means the baby is boy or if I just like the name so much! I think my dd will love the baby but will have a hard time too... she loves to touch my belly and talk to it, and look at pictures in my pregnancy books, but she also says things from time to time about leaving the baby out in the cold or that a bear will come eat it up... so we will see... the holidays are a dilemma.... if it is only my family we have to consider (dh's may be gone, I am not sure), we might go over for a couple hours on thanksgiving... if not, we may have to opt out, as two thanksgivings will be crazy.... and the xmas thing is a huge dilemma because each family has their own tradition and I cannot do three xmas's the way we did last year! dh and I will have to discuss it....
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I am 33 weeks and one day today! I am feeling okay except for some discomfort in my hips and lower back. There is lots still to do but I can only do so much with my lack of energy. My dad came over last week to help with household chores. He cleaned the bathroom, swept floors, changed my bed and did some laundry. He is coming again on Friday to help move furniture and maybe clean the kitchen. My priorities are installing the car seat and getting the baby clothes all arranged. They are washed but I need to arrange them in the dresser that I had cleaned out a couple weekends ago.

Help after the birth: I have my parents who live about ten minutes away and they have prepared my old room for me to stay if I need to. Then my baby’s dad is interested in spending some time with us for the first week or so. I am rather anxious about how the help is actually going to play out.

Looking forward to: I am curious to see if he really is a boy (only 80% sure at my ultrasound), what he looks like and how I will feel with him in my arms.

Holidays: The baby and I will likely be going over to my parents’ house for Christmas.
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What help do you have lined up for after the birth?
My mom is planning on coming for a couple of weeks around my due date in hopes of being here to look after our daughter while I'm in labor. She'll only stay a couple of weeks though. DH will take at least a week off, but he also has lots of unused vacation as well as one week paternity leave so I hope he'll stick around for at least 2-3 weeks. We'll see!

What are you most looking forward to with meeting the new babe?
Just meeting her and holding her in my arms for the first time. I am praying for a healthy delivery for her.

If you have kids already how do you think that they will react? How are you getting them prepared?
We talk often with our 2.5 yo about the baby and she's heard the heartbeat. Although the last time she heard the hearbeat, she looked under the exam table trying to figure out where it was coming from. Some of her playmates are now big sisters and big brothers so she's met their new siblings and had a chance to see tiny babies. She's fine as long as they don't cry - she wants to hold them, give them soft kisses and gentle pats. She also picked out a baby doll of her own the other day. However, the newborn cry freaks her out a little. When the baby arrives, we'll be sure to include her in the homecoming, have her and the baby "exchange" gifts, and let her snuggle next to mommy when baby is nursing.

What do you have planned for the holidays?
I asked my mom if she and my dad would come for Christmas, but have been turned down! They hope to be moving at the beginning of November and want to spend the holidays in their new home since they've been nomads for the past year. I understand that they want to get settled since they sold their previous apartment in 2005 and have been traveling in the US and abroad for about a year. They also dislike New York City and the small living space. However, I'm a bit nonplussed that they would turn down Christmas with their grandchildren. Sadly, my dad is often ill-behaved at this time of year and I doubt I'll invite them again. I know that sounds harsh, but his history is really bad and my mom totally exhibits codependent behaviour.

Nonetheless, I will rope my mom into doing something fun and Christmasy with our daughter when she's here. My mom has always loved Christmas, despite my dad we have some great memories of baking and decorating and so I want her to have some fun. Then it will be a quiet? holiday for our little family unit!
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