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Just wondering if anyone is using cloth pads for urinary incontinence. I am 29 weeks and everytime I laugh, cough, sneeze, or get up too fast I pee. I have been using 7th gen menstrual pads but they have this wierd chemical smell even though they are supposed to be natural. I have never used cloth pads before and was thinking of using them for postpartum bleeding anyway. Just wondering if they would work now and how to wash them. Thanks
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I toss them in the wash with the diapers. And yes I have used them for "incontinience" when I am sick. Early in this pregnancy I got sick and coughed so much it made me pee every time I coughed. They worked well enough.

I have freshies but I don't think she sells direct anymore and I don't like they way they are sold at the store that sells them. (I was buying packages from her but the store sells everything seperatly with no packages. ) I am not sure what other brand to recommend. (P.S. They should come with washing directions if you aren't already washing diapers.)
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Thanks. I will give them a try. If anyone else has suggestions of good kinds/deals that would be great. I would like to use them postpartum as well.
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I dug out my mama pads here, tired of washing three pairs of panties and pants a day because the frickin' goldenrod pollen makes me sneeze a gazillion times a day, not that I'm bitter

Happy mama to three DD's age 13, age 10.5 , age 8and DS, born January 6
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I haven't used my cloth pads for incontinence, but it's a good idea!
I actually have some depends underware for postpartum...I'm just thinking of the giant chunks that I passed with dd (sorry--TMI)...I'm wondering if I will still pass those chunks even tho my m/w will let my body naturally pass the placenta vs tugging (which I believe may make us bleed more and maybe clot more and then maybe pass more chunks???)...
Anyways--I like the disposible idea for the first few days/week. Then I will also be using my pads for the period like bleeding...
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I've been using cloth pads for incontinence on & off for most of my pregnancy. Most of the pads I have are rhythm & blues pads, which I really like.

I've been using her pads for about 2 1/2 years now and they work well for me. I personally like the teen/slender pads that she makes as they seem to fit me better than her regular size pads. I'm pretty average sized, but that is what I like that she sells.

I've also tried Lunapads and I don't like those as much - they have a liner that is held in place by a piece of rickrack and the rickrack irritates my tender bits. lol

I'm going to have to buy more pads soon for pp bleeding, as I only have a handful of heavy duty pads - my normal cycles are not that heavy.

As far as washing them, if they were used for incontinence I usually just stuff them in a rubbermaid type bin in the bathroom until I wash them. If they were used for bleeding, then I soak them in a bowl with cold water until I wash them. Depending on my mood I sometimes rinse the bloody pads out first. I just wash my pads with whatever load I am doing at the time. My dd is almost 5, so we don't have diapers anymore to wash, at least for a couple of months.

Btw, I've discovered that the Rhythm & Blues pads should be washed with cold water. I was washing them on hot at first and they sort of shrank unevenly. It's not a big deal, but I am anal about stuff and it bugs me.

Btw, I discovered after dd was born that I could not tolerate disposable pads anymore. They just irritated my skin way too much. So I am much happier with my comfy soft cloth pads. I haven't bought disposable pads in 2 1/2 years, so I am also happy about how much money I've saved too. :-D
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Sorry can't help on cloth pad advice, I too never have used them but thanks for the link. I haven't had the sneeze problem and I used depends last time around too because of so much bleeding pp. And my normal cycles are probably much to heavy to use cloth. Good luck hope you find some that work for you.
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i love these-

they are my favourites by far. she has a PP custom slot open right now, as well as a few already made.

these are also nice, and really inexpensive-
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I bought cloth pads for pp use after my son from I loved them for that, and I continued to use them almost daily for incontinence and other leakage after. I also just throw them in with the diapers (although when used for lochia and menses, I will rinse them out with cold water first).

When I got my one pp af, I noticed that they weren't holding as much because they had been worn so much, so I ordered new ones from her again. I can't wait to get them - I think they work really well for BOTH purposes - and then the new ones will be reserved just for use with bleeding so I don't wear them out like the old ones. I'll continue to use the old ones for incontinence though.

Mrs Hos, I'm going to assume that you will have the same chunks, just because my placenta birthed naturally (was following my son out, actually) - it was never tugged or anything. I had the same thing happen.
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