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I didn't have it with my other two pregnancies but the past two weeks it has gotten so bad I cannot fall asleep for hours after I go to bed. It really is the worst feeling and I am sick of it. I upped my iron so hopeful that will start to work soon because 8 more weeks of this is not something I'm looking forward to at all!

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yep, I've got it, have had it since about mid-second trimester. I haven't found anything that works, except occasionally taking Unisom when I really just need to sleep. I hate taking it, but it's probably only once a week or so that I give in and take it - and it's only an antihistamine so I don't feel as awful as if it were a *real* sleeping pill, LOL!
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Count me in, too. I got it early-mid 2nd trimester, but it doesn't usually bother me too much laying down. Mostly it's when I'm sitting up with my feet on the floor - or standing. But the worst of it was when I *really* had bugs crawling on my feet and didn't think anything of it this past week. I ended up getting bitten by at least one ant - I'm thinking a few more. That wasn't pleasant!
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I've had RLS since I was a little kid. I used to go days without sleeping it was so bad. :

I have it a lot now too, but not nearly as bad as when I was little, it would literally make me cry.

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I am glad to see this post as I just told my husband I thought I was having some RLS and he told me I was being a hypochondriac after seeing the pharmaceutical commercial about it. lol.
I don't get it often, but a lot of times when i am sitting on the couch I have the insane urge to jerk/kick my legs around as they feel all funny and tingly. Glad to hear it might just be pregnancy related. I don't remember this with my first.
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I get it sometimes but thank goodness not too bad. But it's annoying anyway.

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I have it pretty badly but I think I found the cure. Get up and do some leg exercises. Knee bends, toe lifts, stretches, etc. It seems to get some of the energy out. Also, resisting the leg jerk while in bed by tensing and locking up all your leg muscles at once helps delay it until you can get to sleep. I've noticed its worse when 1) you're super tired (blast that bladder)
and 2) when you haven't had enough exercise during the day. That is my advice at least for the jerking of the legs right before sleep. I've never had the creepy bug sensation. If you're lucky it will go away when the baby arrives
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I had RLS last pregnancy and got it this time too. I take magnesium for it and it seems to be working... I'm not a real big pill taker so on the days I don't feel like taking them I just get up and walk around for about 10-15 mins and that usually helps.... but, if it gets too bad, I have to take a magnesium tablet. I have the kind that feels like bugs crawling inside your legs fro the knee down.... it's miserable... mine goes away when I'm not pregnant so I'm guessing it's pregnancy related for the majority of us.
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I've been getting it since the very begining and it drives me insane. I take Benadryl to help me sleep. I feel bad about it but I figure that it is better for her than the mental break down I would surely have from sleep deprivation.
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I developed it during this pregnancy too. It only bothers me in the evenings when I'm sitting on the sofa and when I first get into bed. It is very irritating though since that's when I'm most tired after working all day and I can't seem to get comfortable and just relax.

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It's better now. Does anyone think it could be anxiety-related at all? I feel that mine has improved since I've resolved some anxiety provoking issues in my life - also, I've taken an all-natural liquid iron supplement (flouridex) and then I occasionally pop a calcium w/ magnesium supplement and do yoga/walking daily. It was driving me absolutely nuts and it was really hard to sleep. I'm sleeping so much better now - finally got the pillow arrangement down - turns out I need the body pillow at my back, not the front...the only thing is I miss my husband! Feels like we're in two separate beds BUT I sleep.
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