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November 2006 > Am I crazy to even consider this???
mom2emerson's Avatar mom2emerson 03:06 AM 09-19-2006
I'm due 2 days before Thanksgiving. My first DD (18 yrs old) was 1 wk late, second DD (2 1/2 yrs old) was 1 day before her original due date (1 week past her "adjusted" due date because she measured large, but I KNOW her original due date was the more accurate of the two).

I know there is no true indicator of if baby is going to be early or late other than your mother's history (haven't a clue on this, my mom had 5 and she was lucky to remember our names as she puts it! ) get to my insanity:

I don't have family living near us. Closest relative is at least 1 1/2 hrs without traffic (and we are in the No. Cal bay area where there is almost ALWAYS traffic!). My DH and I have talked about Thanksgiving and the possibliliy of this DD not being born yet. I am considering inviting family here with the understanding that I won't be doing any cooking. Am I insane???

I get along well enough with my in-laws and my family that we would be inviting (who doesn't have some issues, and I love big holiday gatherings. That having been said, I wouldn't want anyone coming for extended visits before or after as we are planning a very quiet and private laboring and birth (hospital). Our house is relatively large so I could find a private quiet space IF I were to go into labor that day....

IF she is born before (within a week or so) I don't think I would want to have it here just out of the desire for peace and quiet and the simple exhaustion factor....then again, it might be nice to have immediate family around....

So am I crazy?? I know it has alot to do with my relationship with those invited but I wonder if there are too many "what if" factors I'm not considering? Anyone else facing this dilemna or have any input???

Mrs_Hos's Avatar Mrs_Hos 03:54 AM 09-19-2006
To make life 'easier' for yourself, I would say that everyone could come but: 1. no one is to stay over night--if only 1.5 hrs away, they probably wouldn't... and 2. I wouldn't have dinner at your home...I would plan to go to a nice restraunt. Then IF you were in labor, they can go, and you can stay home in your own environment. But bottom line, no cooking or cleaning for you! Also you can 'change your mind' at the last minute if you don't feel like being social.