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Aquafina's Avatar Aquafina 02:27 PM 10-03-2006
Anyone else taking fish or flax oil? I have been taking about 3 months now and really I dont know if I should stop since its a blood thinner or keep taking it my dr dosent know also.....

August's Mama's Avatar August's Mama 06:49 PM 10-03-2006
I'm taking it as well. I didn't know it was a blood thinner. I'm interested in what others have to say.
askew's Avatar askew 07:52 PM 10-03-2006
I have been taking DHA the whole pregnancy and intend to keep taking it while nursing. it is not a blood thinner. DHA is very important for the baby's brain development- and mom's mood. It is an excellent supplement so long as the fish are mercury free.
rad's Avatar rad 08:17 PM 10-03-2006
I take it year around pg, nursing or not. I just up my dose alittel when I'm pg and nursing. It's is an excellent supplement. It's not a blood thinner but it does help with cardivascular health.
Caroline P's Avatar Caroline P 06:12 PM 10-05-2006
I dont' know about it being a blood thinner but my naturopath had me on it for 2 years before I got pg, she also told me to keep taking it during pgncy and while bf as its GREAT for baby and milk production. I phoned the company to double check and they said yes, lots of pg women are taking it and its very safe. I take fish oil btw...a mecury free one. It has lemon and some small amt of thyme in it for taste. All safe!
lilysmama1124's Avatar lilysmama1124 01:23 AM 10-06-2006
I was actually thinking of starting some but I am worried about the mercury. What brands are you all using?
askew's Avatar askew 03:33 PM 10-07-2006
I work in the Vitamin/ Herbal Supplement industry- and IMO the best brand to take is Nordic Naturals DHA. All they do is fish oil- and they do the best job- super clean, no heavy metals, and no PCB's. They also put a little flavor in them so you don't burp fish. I take the strawberry DHA gel caps.
Caroline P's Avatar Caroline P 01:17 PM 10-08-2006
My ND suggested Ascenta Fish Oil - Nutra Sea. I think they have a website. I'm in Canada and can buy it at any health food place....its really good stuff.
cranberry99's Avatar cranberry99 01:07 PM 10-11-2006
I know there is good reason to be worried about mercury levels in fish, however, studies I have read testing various brands of fish oil placed them all well within safe levels of exposure, most didn't have any toxic chemicals whatsoever. I've been taking fish oil for the past 3 months, as I read it is great for baby's brain development, as well as memory (ie my own brain) in the mother. I would highly recommend it. Omega-3's are great for your heart, your brain. I've never heard of there even being any negative side effects. Mostly I'm shocked everyone's doctor isn't out recommending/requiring that they take it! The overwhelming evidence is that it is very, very beneficial.