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November 2006 > It's a GIRL!!! Updated with picture!
wanderlost's Avatar wanderlost 02:53 PM 10-08-2006
I have an announcement to make......

Marlee Sol was welcomed to the world at 9:48 a.m. on October 6, 2006. She weighed 5lbs 5oz and was a whopping 17.5 inches long. The birth was completely natural and I couldn't be happier with how things went (except I forgot to get my placenta back). We're home, and dad is napping with her now. He is in love!! So are her brothers. **smile from ear to ear**

If you're interested in the whole story:

I started losing my plug on Wednesday and Thursday. I wasn't too concerned, as I knew that could happen a while before labor begins. Thursday evening though I started getting some cramping and told my husband to keep his phone on when he went to class. I had dinner with my mother and drank a tiny cosmopolitain, thinking that the vodka might ease the cramping and deter labor. It seemed to work, as I went home feeling not much of anything and slept through the night.

Friday October 6

6:45: G's (dh) alarm went off and I woke up thinking that I had cramps again. More mucous plug came out. Again I told G to keep his phone nearby. He went off to work and I waited for my mom to bring my son home - he spent Thursday night with her. I thought maybe my water broke, as I had some trickles coming down my legs, but I wasn't sure. I called dh back and told him I thought maybe today was the day.

7:20: my mom and ds showed up. I told my mom to be on alert that she might have to pick up ds from school, but I didn't tell him anything because I did not want him to be worried all day at school. My cramping was getting worse, but I was still unsure whether I was truly in labor.

8:05: drove ds to school. I am now sure I am in labor. I almost feel like I need to pull over as it is really hard to concentrate on driving. I called dh and told him he better come home.

8:30-9:00: in the shower. contractions are getting bad enough I have to sit down. Dh gets home and starts loading the car. I don't want to go. I am forced to hands and knees with each contraction. They are 3 min apart and I can't think while I am having them. It takes forever to get me to the car. I can't walk during the contractions and I am exhausted between them. Dh is getting panciky.

9:10 - driving. I am silent and ocntracting hard. Bumps are pissing me off.

9:20 parking lot of ER - I can't walk from car. I want to get on hands and knees in parking lot - dh won't let me. Stranger gets me a wheel chair but I can't sit.

9:32 - walk into L&D - fall to hands and knees in reception area. Nurses come to get me. I barley make it to triage. They want to check me but I can't get off hands and knees. Finally say if you want to check, do it like this. I remember thinking that if I wasn't dilated at least to 8 I was going to have to have an epidural, natural birth begone! - but she checked and said the head was right there.

9:40 - wheeled in bed from triage to delivery room while still on hnads and knees. I am asked to crawl from one bed to the other but before I can, I have to most animal instinct to push. I startgorwling and pushing. Some one tells me not to and I say I have to do it. Give a push in triage bed, crawl to delivery bed and continue pushing. Head is there and there is a cord around her neck. I am told to turn over to doc can cut cord before delivery - I refuse and am forced to my back. Dh reports me saying "this is stupid, it doens't make sense." Three more pushes - no tears or ripping (hooray - just some mild labial abrasions - but they do hurt a lot!!)and...

9:48 baby is out - and it's a GIRL!!!

She had a little trouble breathing She was retracting. Nurses say from the quick delivery her lungs didn't get a good sqeeze and since I was 36 weeks, they called NICU. NICU tok her for observation. She spent about an hour with them on monitors - no oxygen or anything, and then was back with me. She was very tired the first night and slept close to 12 hours straight, but now she is nirsing really well and we are dong great!

LavenderMae's Avatar LavenderMae 03:14 PM 10-08-2006
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Welcome Marlee Sol!!

My ds's middle name is also Sol, I lOVE it!!!!!!!
BCmamaof6's Avatar BCmamaof6 03:41 PM 10-08-2006
Not from your due date club...but
xenabyte's Avatar xenabyte 03:42 PM 10-08-2006
Congratulations and WELCOME Marlee!

36 weeks, WOW....I need to get the rest of my stuff done! So glad she's doing well and didn't need oxygen! Cuddle that sweet baby for all of us! I got to hold a newborn at midwife appt Thurs and is just made me all anxious for my own little baby to hold!
MiamiMami's Avatar MiamiMami 04:19 PM 10-08-2006
I can't believe the babies are coming already!!!!!:

Welcome to the world Marlee Sol!
gen_here's Avatar gen_here 05:19 PM 10-08-2006
Welcome to the world, sweet little Marlee!!!

Congratulations, mama!

(I started freaking out this morning realizing I'm 35 weeks and "only" have 5 weeks to get stuff done... these babies coming at 36 weeks now have me in a bit of a panic!)
mama2toomany's Avatar mama2toomany 06:35 PM 10-08-2006
ugh i am sooo jealous lol

Welcome to the world baby!!! Congrats mama!!!!
BathrobeGoddess's Avatar BathrobeGoddess 06:51 PM 10-08-2006
Yeah! Welcome Marlee!
rainbowfairymomma's Avatar rainbowfairymomma 06:53 PM 10-08-2006
CONGRATS mama!!!!!!!!!!
AllisonR's Avatar AllisonR 07:11 PM 10-08-2006
Congratulations to you, powerful birth mamma, and your new little girl. Sounds like she's a healthy little champ, and not really so terribly early. Sit back and relax (yea, I know that isn't realistic for the next month, uh year, uh 18 years... oh, forget it! ) and send some of your healthy good luck to the rest of us.
Knittin' in the Shade's Avatar Knittin' in the Shade 09:00 PM 10-08-2006
Congratulations! What a beautiful name, and a great birth story!! Enjoy your babymoon
deleria's Avatar deleria 09:10 PM 10-08-2006
9:10 - driving. I am silent and ocntracting hard. Bumps are pissing me off.
I laughed out loud at that part. I could totally see that!

Congratulations on a wonderful birth and an undoubtedly gorgeous baby girl! Yay!!
lilysmama1124's Avatar lilysmama1124 11:30 PM 10-08-2006
redhotmama's Avatar redhotmama 11:34 PM 10-08-2006
Welcome sweet girl!
MCatLvrMom2A&X's Avatar MCatLvrMom2A&X 11:43 PM 10-08-2006
She shares my dd's bday welcome to the world little one.
katie-p-'s Avatar katie-p- 12:18 AM 10-09-2006
Congratulations: I am so happy for you guys!
sunshine*girl's Avatar sunshine*girl 04:09 AM 10-09-2006
Congrats! I'm with m2tm...I'm jealous! Sounds like you had a pretty great birth and a lovely healthy baby girl.
mama_rad's Avatar mama_rad 10:35 AM 10-09-2006
WOW Congrats!! Yeah, I'm feeling the panic to get things done too, only if I could fight through how tired I am ... where's that nesting feeling!!! I so need it!!
Ok I better get off the computer and try to get things done ... I have less than 4 weeks .... by the way Congrats again for a short labor and a great day (Oct 6 was my bday too)

midwestmeg's Avatar midwestmeg 12:28 PM 10-09-2006
Gosh, what a great birth! Sounds like it went very well.... quickly!

Congratulations to you and your little one. Happy babymoon!

And yes, you 36 weekers are sending the rest of us into a panic! I'm still figuring on defending my thesis, scheduling major surgery for my dh and attending the Thanksgiving family feast before I have a new baby!:
askew's Avatar askew 01:56 PM 10-09-2006
Congratulations, and welcome to your precious little girl.
DXMommie's Avatar DXMommie 01:58 PM 10-09-2006
Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing. Congrats momma!
americastamps's Avatar americastamps 03:31 PM 10-09-2006
Congratulations on the birth of your little babe. How exciting and what a great story!
egoldber's Avatar egoldber 03:45 PM 10-09-2006

Welcome Marlee!!!!!
One Art's Avatar One Art 05:20 PM 10-09-2006
congratulations! welcome Marlee Sol!
babywink's Avatar babywink 06:01 PM 10-09-2006
Congratulations and welcome to the world Marlee! : Sounds like a very quick birth (can you spread the fairy dust on that one...). How exciting...I guess this means I really need to get that car seat put together and in the car...since I am 36wks+4 today!
yasmel's Avatar yasmel 07:03 PM 10-09-2006
Congratulations, I am glad you were able to go natural and quick.
notneb's Avatar notneb 07:16 PM 10-09-2006
Congratulations!! I wish you all the best as you and your family welcome her into your lives.
poetesss's Avatar poetesss 10:53 PM 10-09-2006
wow, our due date club is already on a roll with two babes so far... congratulations on your new addition!!!
amygeekgrl's Avatar amygeekgrl 12:37 AM 10-10-2006
how wonderful! congratulations, mama!
KIMBER1983's Avatar KIMBER1983 12:49 AM 10-10-2006
Congrats!!!!! That Is Sooo Awesome That You Have A Healthy Baby Girl.
I Am 36 1/2 Weeks Pregnant. Getting Prepared For My 1st Baby To Enter The World.
*hugs To All Those Mama's To Be*
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