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...thats how I feel...
I just wanted to post a complaint...and vent a little...about these 'last days'...
I'm going downhill fast.
I'm feeling achy and sick.
I was sick a week or so ago ...stomach bug...and it was awful. Thru my pelvis all outta wack (due to vomitting) and went to the chiro so I could walk normally again--pubic bone issues SUCK. Then yesterday I had a prenatal massage--loved it, but when it was over, I was leaking fluid. Just a few drops--and not urine. The massuse is KNOWN for her massages for pregnancy--had me on all kinds of pillows, never touched my belly etc. So I am confident that it wasn't her doing.
Then (because I'm an idiot)...I didn't go home and rest, instead I went to the grocery store--needed food in a bad way. Called a neighbor to help me carry it all in (smartest thing I did all day) and then relaxed. Only a few more drips during the day so I'm thinking it's no big deal.
I had pizza for dinner...then spent the rest of the night feeling like I was going to throw it up--but didn't (because throwing up was the reason for my pubic problems last week--didn't wanna go there again!)...so now here I am, early morning...feeling like I wanna puke, and having loose stools. Oh the JOY.
I have a friend coming over for a belly cast in 30 min. I would be SO looking forward to it if I wasn't feeling so crapy.
So...do ya think it's the Pizza? Should I 'let' myself throw it up and possibly screw up my pubic bone again? My next chiro appt isn't until next Wed...
Or is this my 'early labor' symptoms that will last for the next 4 weeks?
I can't believe it tho--I had a PERFECT pregnancy--no problems, aches, pains...until now. I should be grateful.......:
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Honestly Mama, if you have to puke then do it. It might be the only thing that will make you feel better. Can you call your chiro and try to get in this afternoon?
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Feeling for you. I don't know whether you should throw up or not. All I can say is take it easy. And have fun with the body cast. I had a blast with it last time and looking forward to doing it again. If you feel really crappy, put off the cast for another week or two. Last time mine was done in week 36 and by week 40 I looked so different, I wished I had done it later. Why not wait until you're actually in early labor to make the cast? It will keep your mind preoccupied and it will truthfully show what you really look like.
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Mrs_Hos... leaking fluid? Dunno, I have no experience on this issue but my MW has said from the beginning that if I start leaking fluid to cal her immediately.... She said that it may mean the sack as already broken and that I'm just not "gushing" because of the position of the baby..covering the cervix. Since you said your pelvis is all out of whack I wonder if that's why... the baby having dropped.

Thanks for reminding me about the belly cast. I was thinking about that a few weeks ago but had totally forgotten. You ladies who have done them, what do you use? I was thinking paper mache... any suggestions. I don't really have loads of expendable cash on hand so I'd prefer not to have to specially order a product that is over priced.
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i am sorry for your discomforts!!!! I feel your pain and can't wait for the baby to come because I want my old energetic pain free self back!!! Hang in there mama!!!!
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Yeah, my pubic symphisis problems held out this pregnancy till just now. I totally feel for you. I think the baby made me throw up last night. I went to bed feeling fine (well as fine as one can feel this late in the game) and a few hours laterI woke up thinking "I am not going to make it to the toilet before I puke." I did, thank goodness. But I was fine again after that, not sick or anything so all I can think is that baby didn't like my stomach being in his way last night and decided to push everything out. Is that even possible?
Should you throw up? I wouldn't if I could help it. I always feel like I would rather have it come out the end it is supposed to than my mouth, even if I am miserable for hours.

Jennifer, mom to Joel , Duncan, Celia, and Aidan. Wife to Nathan.
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I learned last pregnancy (30 weeks of morning sickness and gall stones) that if I felt like I had to puke, I should just puke. Never fun while it's happening, but I usually felt a lot better afterward.

Remember, you don't have to get yourself into a weird position over the toilet to puke! That's how I threw my back out once last time, too. If you're more comfortable standing, there's the sink (with or without a bag in it - your choice), or a garbage can while sitting down or whatever. Get yourself into a position where you feel most comfortable and physically supported and find a receptical of your choice. And feel better!
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Awww I hope you feel better.
I hear ya about the nausea and loose stools and not feeling good.
I am soo ready for this baby to come out. I want my body back to at least half normal.
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