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Ahhhh, it's taken me long enough to post this! On November 28th I had an unplanned section to deliver my baby. It was a boy! He weighed in at 10lbs 12oz, a bit smaller than his u/s estimate of a little over 11lbs. We decided that he did not look like a Cole, our favourite boy name, we agreed on Cohen. Full name is Cohen Vincent Elis.

Now the real story is the 48 hours of labor I had. : Contractions started around 11:30am Sunday. I called my doula friend in the afternoon and she came over. By midnight the contractions were coming less than 2 minutes apart and lasting 60-90seconds. We all agreed it was time to go and I was very optimistic-we all thought I would have babe in arms in a few hours. My friend said she guessed it would be around 3am.

We got to the hospital and the first thing they did was get me to lie down and hook me up to a fetal monitor. That really killed the contractions. I went back up to contractions every 7 minutes. Then they did an internal and I hadn't dialated at all. Cervix was still far back but I was almost completely effaced. So we walked the halls, I got in the bath and tried some accupressure, and just basically tried to relax. By around 6am I had started to have contractions every 2 minutes lasting 60-90seconds. Shift change. Internal, I had dialated a little bit more and my cervix was coming forward. Back on the fetal monitor-contractions slowed down again. They gave me drugs to help me get some sleep (regular tylenol and a sleeping pill) and sent me home. I wanted to stay there and sleep there but that was a no go.

I wasn't able to get much sleep at all, less than 2 hours was my husband's guess. By then my sense of time had gone completely. So again late evening contractions coming every 2 minutes, 60-90 seconds long, and feeling very very different from the night before. What had helped before wasn't doing a damn thing and I wanted to get to the hospital to use the birthing ball and huge bean bag combo. I was having some pelvis pain (broke my pelvis in 2002) and I couldn't really bend over which was my position of choice, on my hands and knees during contractions. Got there, again the fetal monitor worked it's magic on the contractions. But didn't slow them down as much as before. Another internal and I had dialated to 1cm, fully effaced, and she was able to feel the baby's head. 1bloodycm! Again, given the drugs and sent home. The midwife asked me if I was still wanting the VBAC and when I said yes she said good!

Back less than an hour sleep in total. The contractions were just too damn strong. So I got in the bath with some lavender oil. I fell asleep a few times for a few minutes. By that point the contractions were being completely overshadowed by pelvic pain. To the point that I knew I was having contractions but I couldn't even feel them, the pain that was in my pelvis was so much more. The pain came with each contraction, it wasn't a constant. By this point in time I was crying and dh was very upset. I was so tired I was staggering about in tears. I called my mom and we talked about me going in for a section. Called my best friend in Sweden and talked about section. After talking with everyone I decided to have the section. Because I still had to finish dialating, transistion, and pushing and I just did not have the energy. And I was thinking that the pelvic pain was my body's way of telling me that things just weren't working like they should.

Called the hospital and they called us back and told us to come in. We got there, they did an internal. I was now 2cm dialated. If it had been more I would have considered going ahead with the VBAC but it took me over a week to dialate 1½cm. The doctor and midwife asked me what was going on and what I wanted. I told them everything and said I wanted a section now because I just couldn't continue the way I had been and there was no reason to think I would be able to get any sleep. They agreed it was the best thing to do and got down to planning things. They gave me a drug to slow the contractions down which was bliss.

I was able to have general anesthetic like I wanted-I have suffered damage to my spine and was told I was not a candidate for either a spinal or epidural. The nurses and doctors were all fantastic and kept me very informed every step of the way. I was wheeled into the OR at 1pm. Cohen was born at 1:29pm and wheeled out directly to meet dh. When I woke up in recovery dh and Cohen were allowed to come up and visit with me. I was able to have my skin to skin contact and was incredibly happy. blood pressure skyrocketed to 90/200. I was taken from the "regular" recovery to the ICU recovery. I was given shots to take my blood pressure down. I ended up staying there for 2 hours. Of course dh and baby were not allowed up there. It was the longest 2 hours!

When I was brought down to my room I asked the nurse to help me up so I could walk around a bit. I managed to get out of the room and then had to turn around. Through the night I requested the catheter out and first thing in the morning I was able to have the IV removed. Sweden has BB units in the hospital-kind of like a B&B for the parents. So dh was with me for the duration of the hospital stay and Cohen was with at least one of us from birth.

I would have liked to have a successful VBAC but obviously it just wasn't meant to be this time. I really tried and I don't regret any part of my decision or the birth. If nothing else I did get to experience labor and I said from the beginning of the pregnancy that if I had to have a section I would be in labor first. I also accept the fact that I might not get to have a successful VBAC in the future but it won't stop me from trying again.
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Good job mama! I'm glad you have that babe in your arms now!
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Congrats! Welcome Cohen Vincent Elis!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for sharing your birth story.
Congrats!! And glad your babe is here safe & sound. And glad u r healthy too.
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I agree with you - that if you have to have a section, it should at least happen on the baby's schedule... not the doctor's.

I'm so sorry for the pain you went through, but very glad that little Cohen is here and healthy!
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Congrats on the birth of your son!! You are one strong mommy!
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