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My dh--Jason--is deployed, but he got to watch the birth via web cam!
I had 3 1/2 attendents (3 friends and Carly, my 4yr old) and 1 friend video-ing...

8pm--On the evening of 20 Nov I knew I was having some contractions that were stronger and I was ‘mucousy’, so I called my neighbor Jen to have her hubby come over and fill up the birth pool. I told them I would be upstairs with Carly laying down and resting…I read books to Carly and we talked about how I thought the baby would be here soon…and that we needed rest. I then cuddled with her until she fell asleep knowing it may be the last time in a while for us to cuddle alone together. I then called my friend Amanda in FL to play scrabble online and distract myself. I think my contrax were about 6 min apart so I knew it was very early labor. In the shower that night I had tried to do a self-check, but cervix was very high still and I knew this could go on for a while (days!)…We didn’t finish our game…her daughter needed to get to sleep and I needed to concentrate.
12:30am--I called my birth attendants…told them I thought this was real labor—just early. They asked if I needed them to come over—I wasn’t sure…finally I said yes…it was around midnight to 1230am at this time. The Contrax were getting stronger so I got my Hypnobirthing CD out and started listening and trying to relax. Time seemed to FLY…I’d concentrate and then check the clock, another hour had past! Carly was leaning on my back so she was doing a good job (while sleeping) with back counterpressure!
1:30am--At this point I was leaking water, and hated getting up to change pads since I was so comfortable next to Carly! I went thru about 4-5pads before switching to depends—went thru a couple of those before heading downstairs at 230am to be with my friends.
2:30am--Tuesday was on the floor trying to sleep, Stacey was on a couch, and Jen was on the other couch. I think Jen W was on the big chair—or getting the cameras ready—kinda foggy on that. I get on the birth ball and start trying to ‘rock’ thru contrax. Jen mentions trying to say “O” to open up during contrax and I did—must’ve worked, because contrax started coming on stronger…Decided it was time to get in the pool. It was probably around 3am at that time.
3am--Almost immediately contrax got stronger in the water—my body must’ve relaxed and decided to really get into it’s groove! 
I was really working thru contrax at this time. I had ditched the hypnobirthing breathing (breathe in for 30 counts, out, then in again for 30, etc)—worked at the earlier labor, but not once it got harder, I was focusing on the rise and fall of the ‘wave’…Climbing up the wave/contrax was difficult, but once I was on the other side I was happier—but it still ‘hurt’…
I labored on all 4s almost exclusively. I tried leaning back against the wall of the pool…felt too out of control—enjoyed resting my head back on the side wall tho—could almost sleep! But a contraction would get started and I had to get back onto all fours!
Things I remember—saying “I’m NEVER having sex again”…Saying “this sucks”…saying “I’m DONE with this!” Remembering Stacy saying to “relax”—and I would relax. Didn’t work when anyone else said it for some reason. Remembering Jen trying to apply counterpressure on my back—didn’t work—I didn’t want anyone touching anything but my shoulders (light touch massage worked…) I remember Jen using icy washcloths on my face==that was good and whenever she touched my face with her hand or a washcloth, I was very receptive to it and longed for it.
I also noticed ‘orgasmic birth’—definitely had some clitoral ‘zingers’ that I tried to focus on (focus on the good feeling, not the bad) but couldn’t get past the labor pains…this must’ve been the blood rushing to the area in preparation for pushing.
At some point they decided I need to pee—they got me out of the tub and to the bathroom…labored thru a contrax there and it hurt bad since my thigh/hip muscles on my right side locked and really hurt worse than the contrax! Got off the pot and back to water…I think it did help me along tho…
They fed me honey, Emergen-C and lots of water/gatorade. I also chomped ice. Felt good.
Had a few contrax that would ‘linger’—they would climb, peak, then come down and stay very low and consistent—I kept saying “get OVER already! I’m done with you!” I was also saying “I’m tired of this (contracting)” and I subconsciously thought I was in transition, and that I can’t go on, but didn’t want to say that since I thought I’d jinx myself!
At some point (around 6:30am maybe)they thought I should get up again to go pee—I thought “I’ll just pee in the pool!” Then I thought “they are just trying to get me up again!” hahaha
I stood up but didn’t get out…had another contrax—leaned over and held onto the side of the pool—wasn’t as bad as the ones on all 4s…so I just stayed in that position! I would stand up and fall asleep standing between contrax. I could sense what was going on around me, but I was still in ‘labor land’ and wasn’t overly cognitive of what they were doing/saying. I could feel my body start to try ‘baby’ pushes—just little ‘ugh’ ones. I thought ‘it’s starting! Finally pushing stage!’
Then I would lean over and have little pushes, while squatting a bit, then after contrax is over I’d stand and ‘rest’…then lean over for another contrax and push a little etc.
When I thought I was about to really push I got back into the water and really started pushing—felt good! I felt him come down and crown, then suck back up 2-3inches! I wanted to feel mad, but knew it was him pushing the blood down to get my body ‘stretchy’ so I wouldn’t tear…the next push or two brought his head down…at this point, Jen had gone up and got Carly awake, Jen W had got Jason back awake (he had watched much of it...then ‘rested’ heehee) and someone was getting towels in the dryer to warm them. I knew I was home free! 
I stayed on all fours—and ‘sang him out’….I was singing ‘COME OUT BABY” and “OPEN” and “I WANT YOU OUT NOW” etc…Carly had come down and was in the water with me saying ‘you’re doing great mommy—you’re a good pusher’ and doing light touch massage on my back—such a little midwife! I LOVED having her there—wouldn’t do it any other way!
I pushed his eyes out first..he opened them and looked around underwater…pushed again and his head was out—he was still looking around…pushed again shoulders were out…pushed again and he came out, I flipped over, and grabbed him (Tuesday had caught him). I took the cord off from around his neck—got him in my arms…held him…and Carly announced the sex…a BOY!
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What a sweet and wise dd you have, that part made me teary!! Great birth story, thank you for sharing it!!

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Great job, mama! And way to go, Carly!
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Thanks for sharing your birth story!!
Sounds like you have a great dd.
Hope all is going well for you Bobbi.
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Wow what a great birth story - thanks for sharing with all of us! And congrats again!
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