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I just ate lunch and I feel like my stomach is in knots. I was nauseas before I ate because I was hungry but now that I ate I feel worse. Anyone else feeling this way?

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I'm not pregnant anymore- but YUP!

I'd get so hungry, and be feeling reasonably, so I'd try to eat something that wouldn't cause me too many problems and in reasonable protion, but after those first few biites.......BLAHH!

One think i found helped a *BIT* was to not drink ANYTHING, no matter how thirstly I was, it would at least let the food digest for a LITTLE longer. Man I don't miss will go away once baby gets out, I promise! (I remember at some point in time when I was walking to work thinking that I couldn't remember what it felt like to NOT feel horrible)

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Yes, I've been doing this with a lot of foods. Ug. Hang in there!
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I have done this with every pregnancy so far and this one is no different. The only thing I have found to work for me is to eat before I get hungry and to not let myself get too hungry otherwise it will just make it worse and the pain once it has gotten to the point of too hungry is awful I did this last night and am still dealing with the pain. Mine usually gets better sometime in the second half of the second trimester I think. As long as I don't let myself get too hungry I am just fine.
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Having a very full stomach makes me feel nauseated. Last pregnancy it would make me throw up if I ate too much.
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gods yes! I hate it. I dread eating because it always makes me feel horrible. I'm also having a hard time with tastes so nothing tastes good. I can't wait for this phase to be over.

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That is the problem I am having. I have to make sure I am going to have some time to sit real still and suck on a peppermint after I eat to let my food settle. I feel sick with an empty stomach and sick with a slightly full stomach.

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Yes! I eat, and then I throw up! I will be hungry, eat, and within 5 or so minutes of finishing I KNOW I'm going to puke.

I feel bad for DD, because it freaks her out when I puke. I try to keep her out of the bathroom ("Ok, you watch Elmo and Mommy will be right back!" has become a common saying around here), but sometimes she shows up in the middle. She usually starts to cry and says "Mommy ok? Mommy ok?" It sucks.

So far this pregnancy I'm down about 4 pounds. I've got it to spare, believe me, so I'm not worried....BUT OMG I AM SO TIRED OF THROWING UP!

One thing I have found that does help some is Pepcid AC.
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Yes! I thought tsomething was wrong with me b/c you always read that you should eat to alleviate m/s. That does not work for me! In fact, I'll be feeling OK, eat a bowl of cereal, and then feel like puking. I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one. This is TMI, but I also find that this is sometimes worse on the days when I'm really constipated.
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For a couple weeks there I did. Thank goodness the morning sickness is gone already. I feel really sorry for my husbands cousin. SHe is PG with her 3rd and she gets severely sick the entire time

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Me too. I don't feel very nauseous before I eat but as soon as I start eating I feel like I want to throw up.
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