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Ideesmom's Avatar Ideesmom 11:19 PM 11-16-2006
I want the new baby to give her big sis (almost 4) a gift while we are at the hospital. Something special.... and not to big since it has to go with me to the hospital ! Any ideas?

Mrs_Hos's Avatar Mrs_Hos 02:28 AM 11-17-2006
Just tonight I made my dd a says 'I'm the big sister'...with sparkly stars etc! I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up the shirt and iron on was easy!
carmel23's Avatar carmel23 03:43 AM 11-17-2006
Does she have anything that she really likes? When #2 was born, he gave his big brother some hotwheels... he loves hotwheels so it was pretty cool... He also got an I'm a big brother shirt, but was way more into the hotwheels...

I would just get something that she really likes, like a special stuffed animal or something... but something for a child, not a keepsake thing...
autumn_faune's Avatar autumn_faune 05:51 AM 11-17-2006
My parents had the new baby bring a present to the siblings each time. I had moved out when my brother came, apparently he brought something else, but each of my other sibs brought with them dollies.

Which was really a good present for baby to bring with, because then the big sisters could imitate mama taking care of baby with their own babies, rather than fighting over her!
KsMum's Avatar KsMum 05:56 AM 11-17-2006
This is a bit out there, but I've just seen an ad for a digital camera for kids (its quite durable for drops on hard floors), what about that, then she can make her own photobook about "when I became a big sister". Might be fun to see the picturers she comes up with
Naughty Dingo's Avatar Naughty Dingo 12:51 PM 11-17-2006
I was thinking of the camera thing for my 4.5 year old as well. I need to come up with something special for my 2.5 year old

sophiamama's Avatar sophiamama 04:07 PM 11-17-2006
We just bought my dd a Cabbage Patch doll (I found a boy!) for when the baby comes.....I think she will like having a "baby" of her own to do stuff with. I wanted a "boy", since she is getting a was hard to find! Oh and she is just shy of 2.5 years.
sbm1001's Avatar sbm1001 08:42 PM 11-17-2006
Maybe a little "baby" of her own to take home & mother.

Cathi's Avatar Cathi 08:48 PM 11-17-2006
We got each of our kids tshirts from Granola Threads (an MDC mama!) that I hope turn out really really cute! And then we bought them each one toy that they have been coveting. We did the same with DS when DD was born. Having something new gives them a distraction.

We also wrapped them each a disposable camera to use however they want to. Granted, not all the pics come out but they love to do it and it will make them feel a part of the experience.

In addition may I suggest having your DD bring baby a gift? I found that it was a nice way for my kids to appreciate their baby and show it he/she was loved. They actually had a lot of fun doing it and are excited to show baby what they bought. We just let them pick out some little thing, a teething ring or wrist rattle, that type of toy. Nothing pricey or big.

ETA: I forgot that I also made them some doll slings so they could both carry a dolly like mama will do. Even DS at 5 likes to do this when they play "house". Cute fabric, some rings, easy and small! I know that the Attachment Catalog (I think that's the name) sells them if you don't want to sew one.
Pandora114's Avatar Pandora114 10:12 PM 11-17-2006
A Dolly!
Ideesmom's Avatar Ideesmom 11:32 PM 11-17-2006
Thanks for all the great ideas. I have her a big sis tshirt. I like the idea of her taking something to the baby also. The camera sounds like a fun idea too.
Jess A's Avatar Jess A 12:53 AM 11-18-2006
We're planning on doing this as well. Baby will get something for his older brother and sister . . . probably a fun toy that will help keep them entertained during some of the early busy times. I haven't decided what, though. I'm also going to have the older kids make welcome cards and pick out something special for their new brother.

I'm also getting them t-shirts . . . I'm going to iron on big brother, little brother, and big sister . . . cool black fonts on white tees for photo shoots and fun!

And though I do photography on the side, I never thought to get the kids a disposable camera so they could document the first days of our family of five from their perspective. Adding that to my list--a fabulous idea!
roomformore's Avatar roomformore 12:55 AM 11-18-2006
Dh and the boys are making a birthday cake for baby. Dh found a "0" candle at the market. The boys love to make (and eat) cake. We'll be having a private birthday party for baby.
theboysmama's Avatar theboysmama 12:56 AM 11-18-2006
when ds1 was born he brought the girls dolls and slings that matched mine. They loved them. Then when ds 2 was born he brought ds1 a tandem nursing doll and the girls journals. We haven't figured out what we are doing this time.
babybugmama's Avatar babybugmama 08:54 AM 11-18-2006
Oh I wish we could afford the digital cam for dd...she would LOVE that!! Perhaps I can swing a disposable though. I've racked my brains on this one and trying to find something inexpensive or DIY/free (money is in the negatives and it is the holidays )
CarolynnMarilynn's Avatar CarolynnMarilynn 12:36 PM 11-18-2006
Maybe a child-sized sling?