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December 2006 > Totally off topic but.....
TesalynsMommy04's Avatar TesalynsMommy04 01:23 PM 11-23-2006
I still have to ask... what is up with the smilies?? Unless it's just my computer, my heartbeat one and surprise ones aren't working.... : it looks like there is somehow a space being put between the letters when I do my sig??? Anyone else having this??? Or is it just my computer?? See the weird thing is when I go to preview post before I post this, they will show up, but they will not show up in my sig?

~*~MamaJava~*~'s Avatar ~*~MamaJava~*~ 01:35 PM 11-23-2006
I can see them. Maybe it's your browser? I know some people are having smilie issues - check in questions and suggestions, maybe.

FWIW, I'm using firefox.
TesalynsMommy04's Avatar TesalynsMommy04 01:38 PM 11-23-2006
See that's the crazy thing is that I can see them when they are in a post, but not in a sig? Strange! What is firefox?
prettypixels's Avatar prettypixels 08:20 PM 11-23-2006
Firefox is an awesome free browser available for both mac and pc. Go to if you want to try it. Internet Explorer if you are using it, is the absolute worst... conflicts with everything and has tons of security issues.
sbm1001's Avatar sbm1001 10:24 PM 11-23-2006
Mine did this around 36 weeks, I think. I never did figure out why, I just changed the smilie because it was annoying me.