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I woke up in the middle of the night feeling nauseous for about an hour. My first thought was - does this mean labor is soon? I have read about diarrhea being a sign but not nausea. Is it just random nausea? Anyone ever hear of it being a sign that things are starting to happen?
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DS was born on a Saturday. The thurs. night before I went into labor, DH cooked some pork (which we rarely eat) on the grill. That night in bed I had nightsweats and nausea. I kept insisting I had trichinosis from him not cooking the pork well enough or something I even debated having him call the midwife to ask what we should do.

I felt better the next day. That night we went out to dinner w/ friends. My water broke at 8am the next day.

I had some night time nausea the past 1-2 nights, and I am contracting more, but nothing regular (I'm 39 weeks today). So far it hasn't been predictive but I think for me it signals the start of some kind of hormonal shift (I would think that could lead to nausea). I've also been VERY hot the past few nights and had to turn on the AC and fan last night to sleep.

Good luck!~~
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I've had nausea, too! Last night it was really bad. Add to that my achy breasts and I'm a whining machine. My poor dh and kids...

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I'm not sure, but I've also been nauseous and feeling hot all week! Maybe it's a sign of something going on with hormones as a PP said.
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hmmmm....not sure.

I don't know about the diarrhea anymore either I had it with the other kids the day before labor started, but now I'm on my 3rd day of it. Thinking it might be something else going on!
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ive been dealign with the same thing, we dont even got the heater on in our room at night and im soo hot, but i have been naousous but morning sickness only really went away for about a month so im not really sure lmao. but its like some days i just feel so blah im wondering if labors around the corner or not . i turn 37 weeks tomorow
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I am so glad I saw this post.
The past 2 nights I have been so nauseous (however you spell that word). I was worried last night i was getting the flu, but feel fine this morning. I was also thinking it was something I ate, but my dh and dd ate the same thing and felt fine.
it must be the hormones.
i have a mw appt in a few hours..i will ask her about it.
so nice to know I'm not alone with these crazy pregnancy feelings!

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