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Meerah's Avatar Meerah 07:27 PM 01-02-2007
Congrats to all you mamas who were able to get online right away with the big announcement. I am finally getting to check my e-mail.

My lovely daughter Layla Kaylynn was born on 12/17!!!

bc1995's Avatar bc1995 08:12 PM 01-02-2007
riversong's Avatar riversong 10:33 PM 01-02-2007
sunnmama's Avatar sunnmama 11:59 PM 01-02-2007
Congrats! Welcome baby Layla!
carmel23's Avatar carmel23 12:47 AM 01-03-2007
happy baby!
ATruck's Avatar ATruck 04:32 PM 01-03-2007
Pretty name. I considered the name Leila, but it sounded bad with DH's last name.

Congrats on your little girl-- I'm sure you have been enjoying her these last weeks.