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She is doing SO well. She's a week old today, and she was up over her birth weight already on Monday My milk always comes in really early so that is a bonus.

I am doing really well too - I struggled with a lot of anxiety when I was postpartum with the boys, and so far none of that due to quite a bit of sleep. She's only wanting nurse every 3 hrs or so - even 4 or 5 at night sometimes - this is totally new for me, after two babies that figured constant nursing with the occasional 2hr break was the way to go : I did it, but it was exhausting! She doesn't cry unless she's dirty or hungry...loves the sling...this is like a dream experience for me! I've done my time with one colicky baby and one reflux-er.

Here's her birth story, unedited and written in a hurry:

Got to 41 weeks 3 days and started thinking I really wanted the baby born by the new year. I had my mine set against induction from the start, but you know how it is : I decided to try a few things. Had the mw come and do a stretch and sweep at about noon, and she got me to a 2-3. I was still 80% effaced. Lots of bloody show from the sweep, of course. Started taking labor tincture every hour for about 4 hours, which did start up some contractions. Later in the evening and thru the night, I was contracting every 10-20 minutes, good hard contractions, but they didn't get any closer together. Was able to sleep okay though.
In the morning I had some more show, so I called my mom and had dh meet her with the kids. All morning the contractions just kept going, but still 10-20 minutes apart. They actually started to hurt, though, so I started with the labor tincture again. That stuff is HORRIBLE tasting!
MW came back at noon that day for another stretcheroo. Got me to 3-4, it hurt something awful. Still didn't seem to do anything for my contractions though. Got very crampy and couldn't nap; started to get in a negative frame of mind.
Went around cleaning house and readying our homebirth supplies. Had DH blow up the birth pool.
At about 5:30 I went with dh to drop off our hired help, down the gravel road, and just like magic, the contractions started to hit. 5 minutes apart, and fairly intense. Yay!
When we got home, we got the hose etc ready, turned up the water heater some more, and hoped for some action.

MW came by at 8 pm to check on me, and I had her do an internal to see if we were getting anywhere. Nope. We had been filling the pool but gave it a rest for a bit since it didn't look like we'd need it soon.

She had a chat with me about the possibility of breaking my water now, because of the risk of meconium staining, and the good chance of me getting no sleep that night.

DH and I agreed to try it...I felt weird about it because I really had not wanted to do something like that. I hadn't though about meconium prior to that moment, though, and it concerned me. I was also a little hesitant because I figured once my water was broken, it was going to happen - and I had to just suck it up and go for it!

So she broke my water, at home, 8:30pm, there on my couch on some towels and chux. Bingo - thick brown meconium. I couldn't believe it when I looked at the chux ... just covered in poop. I knew that was not good at all, but I sure was glad I wasn't 8cm or something when it happened and having to do a transfer then.

So we all just looked at each other, took a deep breath, and gave up on our homebirth this time.

I went and finished packing my 'emergency' hospital bag - I had done a half job on it, thinking I wouldn't need it at all. MW headed to hospital to get set up, and DH emptied the pool.

Away we went. Contractions getting closer together and more intense, but manageable for the 15 minute ride.

Once we got there I was stubbornly walking thru the hospital trying to figure out how to get to L&D - I hadn't read those instructions carefully nor had I preregistered, so there was a bit of paperwork to do. Contractions were making me stop in my tracks and breathe, breathe, breathe...I didn't want to be the laboring mama in the wheelchair though a number of people offered me one.

Got upstairs by 9pm and had to be monitored for 20 minutes to make sure baby was okay. That was miserable - I HATE monitors - but I refused the internal and tried to stay as still as possible. I think it took close to 45 minutes for them to get a good strip on that thing. Baby was fine! So I headed to the tub.
It wasn't as good as I thought it would be, since it wasn't much bigger than my home bathtub. It had jets though, and I loved the noise more than anything else . This labor was different - all I wanted was to hold on to DH for dear life. I got out of the tub after a little while, maybe a 1/2 hr or so. I was getting into transition, in my head anyways, and not getting much of a break between contractions - half a minute at the most.
Crawled into the bed and held dh's leg (he's tall) to get me thru them. Had a check at 11:15pm and was just 5 cm. I cried a bit at this point and started to feel like I couldn't handle it. Contractions were about 10 seconds apart at most, and the pain was in my bones. It was just weird. So my mw (still the only person there, that was great) took out the nitrous oxide and I had a few puffs. She offered me a sterile water injection for the back labor I was having, but I didn't think I could take the pain of a needle on top of the other pain. I was getting noisy by this point, really noisy, poor dh! I was feeling like I was going to panic, but I knew if I lost control they'd have to peel me off the ceiling. I felt like screaming but managed to keep my voice low. I was basically just growling away I threw up a few times and was happy because I knew - that's it - had to be good for a few centimeters!
Stood up, held on to dh and FELT the baby drop down a ways, suddenly.

Then it was time to get back on the bed and work my way thru the last bit of dilation. I had no more cervical checks but knew I was close. Got pushy close to midnight and got onto my side to push, because it felt right. Dh was confused because I didn't want to squat like I did with ds#2 - he kept asking me if I wanted to get up. I didn't because the baby felt like it was in a weird position, almost stuck, to me, and I thought if I get up, I am going to push too hard and tear really badly.
Pushed her out slowwwwly. She never flexed her head, but came out holding it straight up, which explains the back labor and my feeling of her being stuck. No tears!
That was 12:05. So I went from 5cm to delivery in 45 minutes : it was wild, and I'm not sure I want that quick of an active labor ever again!

They gave her to me right away and I just held her and couldn't believe my eyes. DH checked to see 'what it was' and wasn't sure so the nurse told him those were girl parts! (MW had to call in a nurse at the last minute because her secondary didn't make it in time).

I had a lot of trouble getting the placenta out so instead of no oxytocin, like I had planned, I had a double shot to help me and to control some fairly major bleeding that was going on. They got it stopped and I didn't need anything else, thank goodness.

I love midwives - once I was okay, they got me tea and toast, and took me over to the shower to help me clean up. Let me start nursing on my own, and then tucked us into bed. It was wonderful to be taken care of like that - with my previous hospital births the nurses were fine but not nearly so thoughtful. I needed some mothering and that's what I got! I also appreciated the complete calmness of my main midwife throughout everything, meconium, monitor, and Jungle Mama, and bleeding. She was totally cool, asked me before she did anything, and just supported me beautifully.

Went home at 8:30 the next morning!

I'm not terribly disappointed about losing my homebirth, for some reason. I guess I felt that the situation warranted it, and the birth was great anyways, so I am totally happy with it. I don't know if we'll try again next time, or if we'll do this run to the hospital and home early - I liked it a lot.

Baby is sleeping peacefully so off to bed I go!
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Congrats!! Welcome Erica!

Carrie, mom to Johnathan (7-02), Brodie (2-04), Kate (12-06), Jordan (9-08), (4-09) & Maggie (3-10)
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Yeay for you mama and congrats!


PS- wrote on your xanga
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Thanks for your birth story. I enjoyed reading it.

it is interesting that you mentioned the anxiety you had before with your other kids. I got hit with that this time. Wow. But I am dealing with it. I am glad you are feeling well this time around.

Take care, ND

Mama to 3 daughters, expecting #4chicken3.gif

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Wonderful story and I am so glad you and Erica are doing well. Congrats again!
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She's really beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story. It's good to hear about hb transfers that turn out just fine. I've been reading too many that didn't lately and it's freaking me out just a little.

Couple of questions, if you don't mind. I thought mainly breech babies had meuconium, not vertex babies. And for some reason I didn't realize it was okay to still birth vaginally with thick meuconium. Set me straight, please.
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She's beautiful!

I noticed that you had her at the Statford Hospital... is that in Connecticut? I'm in Bridgeport... so was just curious
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: thanks everyone!

ND: I had a lot of trouble with it, actually...I had really thought it was normal after #1 but the second time around I knew I was on the verge of needing some medicine for it...didn't do it though because I was afraid of getting addicted to an antidepressant, and I was *okay*, just barely though. I think more sleep would have helped, but it was definitely partly due to my thyroid being out of whack as well. Take a peek at the natural remedies thread in the ppd forum...there's some good stuff on there. I really feel for you. It's hard, especially when you are dealing with other kids and trying not to totally freak out.

Shenandoah, I know! This was just not an emergency, just a situation where we knew it was smarter to be close to a pediatrician.
Meconium is more common in overdue babies, and mine was definitely over - I was sure of my dates with her. It can also happen when there is some fetal distress. The meconium was old-looking, according to my mw, so something had happened a few days prior. I have no idea what that would be, though. I have thought it over and can't remember anything specific, except for a homeopathic induction I tried a week prior that did not work.
Breech babies can poop on the way out because of the pressure. But vertex babies definitely can pass mec while in there.
You can definitely birth vaginally with thick mec- you just should have access to someone who can suction the baby if necessary. She didn't need any suctioning at all - they even skipped the bulb suction.

minicooper - Stratford, Ontario :d Far, far away, I'm afraid!
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