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VroomieMama's Avatar VroomieMama 10:42 PM 03-24-2011

My twins have been taking their pull up diapers off and would play with their poops during their nap/bed time. We do have video monitor and watch them closely but when I do some household chores that's when they'll become "mischievous". Tonight was the 3 days/nights in a row that I had to clean their beds, sheets, blankets,toys, floor and walls.  It is their 8th times in total from the first time they started doing this.


We have started potty training them but one of them have not yet peed into the potty yet. They're constantly taking their diapers off once I or my DH put them on.  During the day, we noticed that if they used overall, it'll prevent them from taking their diapers off but we are not sure if its safe for them to go to bed in it.


Anyone who has BTDT, how do you teach them to stop doing that?

mom2grrls's Avatar mom2grrls 06:48 AM 03-25-2011

At this age it's fun for them so it's doubtful you can "make" them stop.  I would make it so the diapers are difficult to get off and make sure I change a poopy diaper right away.  If you're using pull ups change back to regular diapers and put them on backwards.  Put a onesie or one piece top(that snaps at the crotch) on so the diaper is covered.  They may still get to the diaper to play but it will take longer and you can check on them frequently until they fall asleep.  Then as soon as they wake up get into the bedroom before they get to trying the diaper again.

mamazee's Avatar mamazee 06:49 AM 03-25-2011

My dd was doing this and the only thing that worked was to keep a onesie on her becasue she couldn't unsnap it.  Actually, I had to do the same with my older dd.  They are way too curious about what that feeling is, and they have no impulse control at that age, so it isn't really a discipline issue as much as an issue of taking away access.

pianojazzgirl's Avatar pianojazzgirl 12:15 PM 03-25-2011

Yup, I agree with the pps.  Basically you have to take away access to the poop!  Onesies under pjs are great, or one-piece pjs if they aren't able to get them open.  Even over-alls might do the trick (but less comfy for nap time I guess).  I would get creative and try to make whatever they're wearing poop-access-proof.



redvlagrl's Avatar redvlagrl 10:57 AM 03-27-2011

Take away access or potty train. I have even heard of  duct tape if using disposables.

Bird Girl's Avatar Bird Girl 10:54 PM 03-27-2011

If they wear one-piece zip-up jammies without feet, you can zip them up backwards, so that they can't reach the zipper.


Frankly, I wouldn't hesitate to slap a strap of duct tape on over the tapes of their diapers, if they wear disposables. What an unpleasant experience for you!

coffeegirl's Avatar coffeegirl 10:09 AM 03-28-2011

Ditto to putting them in onesies or sleep-and-play outfits. Also have you thought about cloth diapers with snaps? Some of those are pretty hard even for parents to snap and un-snap. Otherwise, duct tape sounds like a good temproary band-aid thing if you can't put onesies over them.

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