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indie's Avatar indie 02:51 AM 02-11-2005
If you could read only one book on gentle discipline and toddlers what would you read? I'm having such a hard time with my 22 month old since I got pregnant. Yesterday I was throwing up every 30 minutes and I totally lost patience with dd a number of times.

Girl Named Sandoz's Avatar Girl Named Sandoz 06:52 AM 02-11-2005
Playful Parenting

(Not just for toddlers, it's a GREAT book, with lots of insight but also practical games and instructions that can be put straight into use and have immediate effects! )

Hope you feel better soon!
FreeSpiritMama's Avatar FreeSpiritMama 07:01 AM 02-11-2005
*hugs* It is so hard to always be patient, I hope you feel better soon

I LOVE 'How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk' Adele Faber

Playful Parenting recommeneded by eternalgrace is also a wonderful book
crunchyconmomma's Avatar crunchyconmomma 11:59 AM 02-11-2005
Are "Playful Parenting" and "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen..." books that give guidance on living a more GD lifestyle? The title of the first doesn't really say, and the second SOUNDS more like it will be for when my son is older (he's 2) and I am in the same boat that I think Indie is - needing some advice without having the time to sort through the myriad parenting books out there.
Thanks! Kate
Girl Named Sandoz's Avatar Girl Named Sandoz 12:44 PM 02-11-2005
Yes they both give a lot of advice & insight on GD .

If you read through the reviews on Amazon you can get a pretty good idea of the topics they cover. Both very inspiring and full of practical advice that really works. My son is 2.5 and I have found them both tremendously helpful already.
monkey's mom's Avatar monkey's mom 01:18 PM 02-11-2005
Originally Posted by indie
Yesterday I was throwing up every 30 minutes and I totally lost patience with dd a number of times.
I just have to say that I finished a lovely 5 month spell of "morning" sickness and pregnancy exhaustion and irritability. I don't think I have ever been so impatient and downright nasty with my toddler than I was during some of those darkest days! But, somehow it has passed and my patience is returning and we've apologized and talked and hugged and remained attached and moved on.

Don't beat yourself up and just try to hang in there! Playful Parenting might be a nice perspective shift for those days you just want to run away from home! s